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June 11, 2017

Working on Chapter 11 for The Mask Maker. Hopefully I will have it up in a couple days.


Reading: Words of Randiance by Brandon Sanderson

Watching on YouTube: PBS Idea Channel, Angry Joe Show, Cinema Sins, How It Should Have Ended, Nostalgia Critic, Honest Trailers, Jeremy Jahns, Last Week With John Oliver

Playing Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Playing Tabletop Games: Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Dark Heresy 2E

Listening to: Evermore by Dan Stevens

Anticipating: Dunkirk, Spiderman: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Working on: End of the Spear (Part III of The Spear Trilogy) and The Mask Maker (sequel to Forbidden Alliance)

Path of the Spear

Yautja Names

Yautja are given birth or intimate names that are only known by close kin, friends and sometimes mates. (Ex - Soruk)

Over time, a yautja will earn more names depending on his personality, skills, path and accomplishments. While growing up, particularly in public or around guests, young yautja will be often referred to by a common name or a nickname. These names are usually short, nonsensical and/or descriptive. (Ex - Suka)

The nickname is replaced by their warrior/blood name once they complete the coming-of-age ritual, the chiva. This is the name that most will know them by and it will often refer to their martial prowess in a particular area in which they excel. A blood name can be chosen by the newly blooded warrior or bestowed upon him by the pack leader. (Ex - Athende (Mighty))

Over time, a yautja will gain and sometimes even lose additional names based on title, rank and profession. Names are dropped or combined depending on the situation and the speaker. (Ex - Ul’juska (Bloody Spear) Athende Soruk (Translated: Soruk the Mighty of the Bloody Spear or The Mighty Spear that Runs With Blood)) The modifier or second name (Ul’juska) would be used by inferiors, such as students or slaves. The blood name (Athende) would be used by equals and friends. Friends and kin may also shorten the blood name (Ath’de) to express affection while still protecting the yautja’s true name. A combination is often used by respectful superiors (Ul’thende). For an inferior or superior to refer to the blood name without permission is a great insult and is rarely tolerated.

The Dhazar’yin System

Galactic Arm: Unknown

Sector: Unknown

System: Dhazar’yin

Suns: E’ron, Garakhen and Naitha

Main Sun: Garakhen

Planets (Moons): Tharek (0), Res’kelu (0), Ayana (1), Dhazar’yin (3) and Q’tira (34)

Dhazar’yin Moons: Guren, Itara and Narak

Dhazar’yin Cities: Djalah, Gol Ra, Izul’khandra, Saleish, X’karr and Yarran


Although there are roughly 28 hours in a day, the yautja of Dhazar’yin view time as a complex machine, each celestial body a part of a dynamic framework that is carefully monitored by their priests and priestesses. At the nadir of its orbit, when the planet is shielded by its sun from the rays of the central binary stars E’ron and Naitha, Dhazar’yin enters the first cycle. The second cycle begins at the zenith of its orbit, when Dhazar’yin is exposed to the light and heat of all three suns. The intense heat induces ovulation in the females, while instinct draws wayward males back to their world and clans to mate. The two cycles are sub-divided into longer tri-lunar cycles that determine important religious rites and even hunting schedules. Each time Dhazar’yin, its moons and the home star align a new age begins -- each time the system completes one rotation around the two main stars a new era begins.


Yarran is one of the six great cities of Dhazar’yin and is chiefly ruled by the Fire Spitters, Thunder Fists, Wayseers, Faceless and Blood Drinkers, although other clans hold various positions of authority and influence. At the height of its golden age, Yarran controlled the entire southern continent and the city stretched from one horizon to the other. Today, a great, crumbling wall is all that remains of its old borders, the remnant of an ancient inter-planetary war that few remember.

Pronunciation Guide


Aish’katal - AISH-kah-tahl - Quick Grin

Avorra - ah-VORR-ah - Proud (Unbreakable)

Djesharu - jeh-SHAH-roo - Disciplined

Djokani Kacheru Asaiya - djoh-KAH-nee kah-SHEH-ruu ah-SAI-yah - The Storm of Beauty and Power

Draktha - DRAAK-thah - Sharp Blade

Ekanu Shangar Ikunde - eh-KAH-nuu SHAHN-gahr ih-KUUN-dei - The Great Spear that is Thrown Swift and Perfect

Fazira Henadhi Itara - fah-ZEE-rah heh-NAH-dee ih-TAH-rah - The Fallen Star of Wisdom

Garangar Dakuur Oyune - gah-RAHN-gahr dah-KUUR oh-YUU-neh - The Long Saber of Honor and Justice

H’darak Ichande - hih-DAR-ack ih-SHAHN-dei - Fearless Shadow

Isskela Sjeikende - ih-SSKELL-ah sjei-KEN-dei - Lucky Fist of the Gods

Kachande - kah-SHAHN-deh - Enduring

Kachente - kah-SHEN-teh - Steadfast

Kaya - KAI-yah

Khaigra Raknar Urgath - KAI-grah RAAK-nar UR-gaath - The Fiery Wrath that Burnt the Sun

Nakande - nah-KAHN-dei - First Blood

Nayadhi - nah-YAH-dee - Treasure (Beloved)

Okute - oh-KOO-teh - Cunning

Raheta - rah-HEH-tah - Wise Leader

Seyeiru - seh-YEH-roo - Loyal

Taikonde - tai-KON-deh - Strong

Taitarrok Cegorrak Nyrante - tai-TARR-ock SEH-gorr-ack nai-RAHN-tei - The Righteous Sacrifice that Obeys

Tuchonde - tuu-SHON-deh - Agile

Ul’juska Athende - ul-JUUS-kah ah-THEN-deh - The Mighty Spear that Runs with Blood

Xanadi - zah-NAH-dee - Bright Star

Yechandu - yeh-SHAHN-doo - Strong Arm

Zaru - ZAH-ruu - Swift

Zaiyende - zai-YEN-deh - Valiant


arrakai - ARR-ah-kai - arbiter, judge

aseinan - ah-SEI-nahn - slave, lit. "of nothing"

ashaila - ah-SHAI-lah - princess, lit. “of the ruler”

c’jit - kih-JIT - shit

c'sekjit - KIH-seck-jiht - equivalent to bullshit

chiva - KEE-vah - test or trial

Dhazar’yin - daa-zar-YIN - Black Fang

feyari - feh-YAH-ree - translation unknown

giyat - gih-YAAT - expression of disgust or surprise, no literal meaning

gokhra - GOHK-rah - creature with large jaws native to the swamplands of Jasska

h'kelak - hih-KEH-laak - lazy, good-for-nothing

h’ko - hih-KOH - no

h’seiya - hih-SEI-yah - brother

huunan - HOO-nahn - human

huunan'de - HOO-nahn-dei - plural of huunan

j'kaiye - jih-KAI-yeh - later (slang), lit. till we meet (again)

kalei - kah-LEH - whore

korvakra - kor-VAAK-rah - bad blood, lit. “tainted, dark one”

n’jelok - nih-JEH-lok - mechanic

rakhari - rah-KAH-ree - the firebirds of the planet Rakha

rashai - rah-SHAI - eldress, matriarch, queen lit. “the first ruler”

saa - SAA - yes

sanja - SAHN-jah - teacher or master

sejak'narat - seh-JAHK-nah-RAHT - art of the sword

sekfet - SEHK-feht - bastard

shaikal - SHAI-kahl - elder, lit. “second ruler”, sometimes translated as “male ruler”

sivkna - SVICK-nah - type of alcohol

sjaaran - SJAH-raan - equivalent to damn

suyet'de c'jit - SOO-yeht-deh kih-JIHT - worthless coward

taun'gra - TAWN-grah - true words

threiyan - THREI-yan - unblooded, lit. “not blooded”

yancara - YAHN-cah-rah - a game reminiscent of chess and mancala

yautja - YAHT-jah - people of the light

zaki'ytei - zah-KEE-ih-teh - rough translation (depending on symbols used) 'eyeless crawler' or 'mouth raper'

Son of the Spear

The Ixion System

Galactic Arm: Sagittarius

Sector: 2783

System: Ixion

Sun: Ixion

Planets (Moons): Pindar (1), Kinnaras (3), Nephele (18) and Andravida (27)

Nephele’s Largest Moons: Navarra, Galicia, Aragon, Andalusia and Murcia

Navarra’s Cities: Tau Sigma IV, Derrigan, Eladoro and Havensberth


44 hours = 1 day

11 days = 1 week

3 weeks = 1 month

12 months = 1 year

While Navarra only takes 44 hours to circle Nephele, the gas giant takes roughly 396 Earth days (198 Navarran days) to orbit its star Ixion. A week on Navarra consists of 11 days, the new week beginning with the alignment of dawn on Earth and the moon world. This cycle repeats itself, an extra day added every two years to make up for the half-day created by Nephele during its journey around Ixion. Because humans adapted to the 24-hour day/night cycle of Earth, they continue to follow it when they colonize other worlds. This cycle is often referred to as Terran Standard Time (TST). This means that on any world, it could be sunset when a person wakes up or dinnertime when the sun is rising. Like Earth, Navarra also has its own time zones, with Tau Sigma IV located in the first time zone known as Navarra Standard Time (NST). Eladorans are four hours behind and follow Isador Standard Time (IST). Farther behind are the Derriganites, who fall under West Islands Time (WIT).


The third settlement created by the interplanetary corporation Nebular Enterprises, Eladoro is located on the central continent Isador, named after the patron saint of ranchers. The main settlement is nestled between two mesas with a river winding through the small valley. Like the ranchers, the townspeople carve their homes into the towering buttes and walls of the orange- and white-striped mesas. These natural skyscrapers retain warmth in the winter and remain cool in the summer, and shield settlers from the often violent spring storms and tornadoes. The settlement is surrounded by wide, rolling plains that are home to an abundance of xeno wildlife. Scraggly hangmen groves, towering uwanu trees and exotic rock formations dot the vast, golden landscape. Farther south, the lush plains give way to scorching deserts, high mountains and sub-tropic jungles. To the southwest are humid marshes that stretch towards the western ocean. Thick, verdant forests and low mountains stretch from the southwest to the north and northeast, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls hidden within these untamed wilds. To the far north, a thin stretch of land bristling with impassable mountains separates the continent Isador from the eastern lands of Sentaria.

Tau Sigma IV

The research facility is the fourth science exploration settlement established by the company Tau Sigma in partnership with Nebular Enterprises over a century ago. It acts as a central base for the teams of scientists who live there, often for several years or longer. Satellite research posts have been established across Navarra, including within the other settlements (due to Eladoro's restrictive visitation "policies," the research station has been largely neglected). The facility was constructed inside an extinct volcano on the southwest coast of the Sentarian continent, it's multi-level complex filled with tens of thousands of samples taken from the both moon and surrounding celestial bodies. The facility, also known as the "hive," or Agayu, also maintains research burrows in remote corners of the world. In recent years, several scandals have rocked the normally quiet facility, most involving sexual liaisons, unsanctioned pregnancies and refusals to leave after employment contracts have expired. While uncommon, there has been a noticeable rise in illegal immigration from Tau Sigma IV to other cities, particularly the youngest, Havensberth. Tau Sigma and Nebular Enterprises are currently examining company policies to address these issues.


The second colony established on Navarra, the city and massive volcanic island chain were named after Paul Derrigan, a young entrepreneur and adventurer who'd lead successful enterprises across the sector. Derrigan was instrumental in discovering the rich veins of natural gas, gold and the rare, newly discovered element, rosarium. Named for its brilliant red hue, the element is greatly prized due to its conductive properties as well as strength and durability. Tragically, Derrigan was killed, unwittingly poisoned by the very thing that had made him so wealthy. The city soon became a bustling sector of industry and mining. The citizens of Derrigan, once transient and mostly male, hail from across the galaxy and reside on the islands permanently (aside form a few unsavory outsiders who keep to themselves). Despite the Tiberian Council's proclamation, Derriganites have never coexisted very well with their surroundings, the jungles filled with poisonous insects, large predators and sheer cliffs hidden by mist.

Forbidden Alliance

Pronunciation Guide

Updated October 23, 2012


Ahandra – ah-HAHN-drah – corruption of Tyler's birth name "Alejandra"

Ajenke – ah-JEN-keh

aseinan – ah-SAY-nahn – slave/neophyte

Ashan'ii – ah-shah-NIGH – people of the world Ashann, named after the slain warrior-priest

Ashann – ah-SHAHN – Blood Predators’ home world

Asjatar – AA-sjaa-tar - the largest of Ashann's three moons

Auran – AW-ren


chaza – KAH-zah – a carnivore with huge eyes - it secrets pheromones that slowly sedate the prey while its large eyes change color and pattern like a kaleidoscope, inducing a hypnotic state, allowing it to consume its prey without a struggle

Choranthi – koh-RAHN-thee

Chrovauk – KROH-vawk – large, reptilian pack animals

Churong – KOO-rong


da’kade – dah-KAH-deh – a variation of daka meaning a fool that is ignorant or oblivious

daka – DAH-kah – insult meaning idiot

De'then-de – deh-THIN-day – founder of the Singing Blades clan

djaiden – DJAI-den – sword

Djaidenasil – djai-DEN-nah-sill – the sword that thirsts

Djaidesh’erin – djai-DESH-eh-rin – Midnight Swords

Djas'iya – DJAHS-ee-yah

draken – DRAA-ken – blade

Drakenatharr – draa-KEN-ah-thar – dark blade or blade of darkness

Dralus – DREY-luss


E'kru – eh-KROO

E’rraya – eh’RAI-yuh

Eshe – EH-shey - hush


Firak – FEER-rack

Firendi – fih-REN-dee – wild one


Ganja – GAHN-jah – the leaves of this plant are smoked and induce a mildly relaxed state

Ga’oul – gah-OOL

goran’lok – goar-RAAN-lock – equivalent to asshole

Grall – GRALL


Harsan – HAR-san

Hath – HAHTH – day/days

Heqsa – HECK-sah – a potent alcoholic beverage

Hesra – HEHSS-rah

Hessla – HEHSS-laha large, snake-like creature with two arms that end in razor sharp claws and possesses a large mouth containing several rows of jagged teeth. It can inhabit a variety of environments and is known for playing dead after suffering grievous wounds, only to snap up its hunter-turned-victim at the last moment.

Hetarrak – heh-TAUR-rack

H’ksa-la – hek-suh-LAH – a powerful drug

huunan – HOO-nan – human


I'aqin – AI-ah-kin

iyan – ee-YAHN – no/ never - respectful, used for emphasis

Iyeiden – ai-YAY-den


Jalan – JAH-lan


K’chiya – kih-chee-YAH

ka'ii – kah-EE – plural of kai (high priests/priestesses)

kai – KAI – high priest/priestess

kai'cha – KAI-chah – priesthood

kai-ra'cha – KAI-rah-chah – high priesthood of Ashann

Karakan – kair-RAH-kin

keskes – kess-kess


lak’shura – LAAK-shoo-rah – apologies/ I’m sorry


N’tharralis – nuh-THARR-uh-liss

N’varak – ne-VAAR-rack - yautja homeworld, ruled by the Hunters

N’varak’ii – ne-vaar-rack-KAI

nadak – nah-DAHK

nak'ta – NAHK-tah – a semi-feline predator residing in the northern and western jungles of Kuuroch

Najan’wi – nah-JAHN-wee

nasil – nah-SILL- extremely thirsty

Natharrak – nah-THAR-ack

naxa – NAHKS-ah

Nazek’ri – nah-ZECK-kree

Neyenthul – nay-YEN-thull

noksha – NOCK-shah – a potent drug used by priests and priestesses to gain vision – also used for taboo recreational purposes

novaji – no-VAH-jee

Nyrendi – nigh-REN-dee


o’nana – OH-nah-nah – grandmother

Orune – oh-ROO-neh

Ouroboros –The serpent/dragon eating its own tail - represents infinity or wholeness. In this case, I've created a "double Ouroboros", in which two serpents form a circle and eat the other's tail.


Raienthril – rai-EN-thrill

Rrek’ne – RRECK-nay

Rrourk – RROARK

Rusjia – ROO-sjee-ah


Sa’arezan – saa-EIR-reh-zahn

saa – SAA – yes - an affirmative

Saask – SAASK

sekfet – SECK-fet – impure – a derogatory word implying a tainted or undesirable bloodline

sevkra – SEV-kraa

sha'oul – shah-OOL – the first three nights after the ceremony during which the bonded pair are expected to mate

Shaidra – SHY-drah

Shan – SHAHN – an honorary title meaning "Lord"

shan-ra – shahn-RAH – lady or queen; the bond mate of a shan

shan-rai – shahn-RAI – shan-ra plural; refers to all the bond mates of a shan

sharin – SHAH-rin – stalk or pursue

sharin'atharr – shah-RIN-ah-tharr – Shadow Stalker

Sharrak – SHAR-rack

Shurrun – SHUR-run


sjauk’la – SJAUK-lah – derogatory curse word – akin to f*ker – literally means corpse screwer

Sorruk – SOAR-ruck

Ssesserik – SEHS-seh-rick


Talac – TAA-laak

Taqar - tah-KAAR

Tcharr – CHAR

Tchath’ka – CHAATH-kah

Tchiyo – CHEE-yo

tharr – THARR – dark or shadow

The God's Sword – A weapon of righteousness judgment. Some warriors believe a part of their spirit is transfused into their swords and connects them to the God. It is occasionally used as an innuendo.

thras’ka – thrahss-kah – shifter - refers to those who purposely alter their genetic make up to change appearance

threitak – THREY-tack – fire blood/bloodfire – the inner rage that possesses all yautja, especially males, that is suppressed and unleashed in a variety of ways

thrilendu – thri-LIN-duu – literally the "time between time" – it encompasses four days (four is considered unlucky or an ill omen) at the end of the Ashan'ii calendar. It is a time of remembrance during the four years the people fled from the yautja homeworld after Ashann was slain. The New Year is celebrated afterwards with sacrifices, fights, contests and feasts.

Tor'ekru – tor-ECK-roo – a northern territory inhabited by several clans noted for their pale skin and blood red eyes – a rebellion ensued when a city state lay claim to the land based on the argument that no formal claim had been made by the mountain clans and that the city needed the minerals residing beneath the icy mountains, one of which of was considered highly sacred. Without allies, the Tor'ekru clans were crushed and its people scattered by slave traders.


u'laude kalai – oo-LAO-day kah-LAI – “LAO" rhymes with "ow" – female/ child maker - Since the Ashan'ii broke away from the Hunters centuries ago, language differences have arisen. "U'laude kalai" comes from the original word "lou-dte kale." This evolution of language is also the reason for the unique spelling and name differences of many characters and cities. Example: Since De'then-de (see above) was part of the first generation who settled on Ashann, his name would resemble those of the Hunters.

Ulochna – oo-LOCK-nah

Uskenthsa – oo-SKENTH-sah


Va'yithya – vah-YITH-yah – High Clan of an Ashan'ii city-state. There are dozens of cities across the world, the burden of battling the serpents rotated each hunting season so the city can repopulate and recover


Xashi – ZAH-shee

xora – ZOAR-ah – plural and singular form for a huge reptilian-like bird – their images are often seen decorating clan symbols and monuments


yak’sallah – yahk-sah-LAH – shut up/be silent

yan – YAHN – no - informal

Yura – YUU-rah


Zara – ZAH-rah

zazin - ZAA-zin – to be centered within oneself, usually achieved through meditation

Zeyin – ZEI-yin

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