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Updated on July 10, 2009: Okay. I'm starting to get it back and after a rather busy college year as well as slowly gathering back my motivation like pieces of dry bread crumbs that I got to rehydrate before remolding into a fine bread, kinda like in that yakitate japan chapter where... nevermind.

I need to get back to writing. Starts to undust the old typewriter

Guess that means I'm kind of back... But that won't be official until I update.

Greetings, the name is... Well, I suppose I'm going to have to withhold upon that information for the time being. In any case, call me Paradox for short, or anything else that you wish. Truth to be told, I would have rathered simplify it to Paradox Knight, but it seemed as if that pen name had unfortunately already been taken.

In any case, I would hope to avoid the confusion if ever there would be one, in advance. I have some difficulties and whatnot, but I hope to be able to add and contribute to the already large library of literary work that seems to be spread about upon this site. Though, I have some doubt that my contributions may be good, as I, like anyone else, is still learning, I will nonetheless do my best.

It's been a while since I've written, so try not to be too harsh on my first few work. Though feedback would always be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
-Yours Truly, The Knight of Paradox

Greetings everyone, once again... I've decided to keep my first message up and simply expand here. I'm back from the month of March (Even though March departed us long long ago). Being absent due to the various games to be played or to be witnessed being played (Such as Kingdom Hearts 2 played by a friend of mine, better that way since I don't mind being a backseat gamer).

In any case, let's go to business. I decided to reveal a few things which were floating around in my notepads and also in my head. So here goes.

Author's Notes:

Oh, I make author's notes at the end or beginning of my stories, I notice... Basically because I enjoy the idea of talking a bit to the people who read. Even if it is just a one-way discussion, it allows me to add a few things or make them consider a few details they would probably never notice. Never hurts doesn't it?
In other news, I'm mostly done with the bounty of March, so I have more free time and will now less concentrate on the PS2. I'll be getting back to writting what I can.

Current Projects:

The Chronicles of the Wicked: A story of Albel's life. I know that there are probably a lot of people writting about Albel, but I don't really mind. I want to write about him, I am a fan of his, so I will write. At the moment, this story's my little baby so it's pretty precious to me. When I look at it, I fear two things. 1: That I'm writting too much since I notice that in 3 chapters I have more words then many other stories. 2: That my writting style or what I've written may not fit or go well since it has been a while since I wrote for the last chapter.

She Fell from the Sky: A love story between KOS-MOS of Xenosaga and Albel Nox from Star Ocean. Again, I write about Albel, and this coupling is, from the best of my knowledge, completely new. Try to keep an open mind when reading, and I will try to get back to writting a bit more.

Projects to be:

Oh, I'm going to have nightmares... I will reveal no titles since for some, I wish not to disclose the title before it's launching time, and others because I haven't decided that the title is to be the one. I will mention a few things though.

-I will be creating more fanfics for Star Ocean. About three more I think.

-A fanfic for Princess Maker is also kept in mind, though I'm interested in trying to actually alter the story so that I could perhaps publish it in real life... But I never actually considered the idea of being a novelist all that much.

-A fanfic for Ephemeral Fantasia. Betcha many of you don't know what the game is.

-A fanfic of Azure Dreams... Oh, I'm sure not a lot of you know about this either.

-A fanfic about Monster Rancher, the videogame. This again I doubt a lot of people are going to be all too interested in.

I've got quite a few others planned, but none pop to mind at the moment, nor does one of my notepads seem to shed much light to this. Guess it's my fault for writting this at 3AM, when my mind's a bit tired, a shoulder in pain distracting me and with the sound of a cynical comedian playing in the background. Wonder what I wrote... looks up for a moment Bah, I'll check and correct whatever I wrote another time. Off to bed I go now, hope I didn't write anything useless or dumb.

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