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Caution: information in this profile may or may not be out of date, depending on how recently I've last remembered to update it.

I enjoy writing (duh), reading, playing video games, watching anime, watching TV shows, watching movies, listening to music, etc.

As far as writing fanfiction, I am currently limiting myself to the Naruto universe, though I do take ideas from other places and read fanfics from several other sections of this site. I may eventually branch out into other areas, but likely not anytime soon.

As you can see, I have four stories. My first story has been placed on indefinite hiatus, as there are many issues I need to work out before continuing it. The second story was one I started before letting it fully develop in my head, with the end result of me not knowing what to do with it; it is now up for adoption, please PM me if interested. My third story is the one I am focusing on at the moment, and the fourth has been pushed to the side for the time being.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy my writing, and be sure to check out my favorite authors, as well.

story ideas

I decided to add this section as a place to put whatever ideas I think up that feel interesting. Since I have neither the time nor the focus to write more than one story at a time, anyone who wants to can feel free to make use of them. If one of these does inspire you to write a story, please let me know, as I'll likely enjoy reading it.


In canon, when team 7 is learning tree climbing, during the part where just Naruto and Sasuke are there, Sasuke relents and asks Naruto for help. Naruto shows his bratty side by choosing to be annoying.

But what if he hadn't? Thinking about it, this was probably the first time Sasuke had ever asked for help in anything, only to be met with rejection. Had Naruto accepted him instead, the immediate differences would have been entirely inconsequential, but the long-term effects could be drastic. For example, maybe their teamwork wouldn't have gone through a complete breakdown, instead becoming much closer. Kakashi, seeing this, would have been willing to teach them more in time for the chunin exams, and things would just keep snowballing.

I know there are a lot of fics like this, just ordinary team 7 getting along, no super- or timetravel- characters pushing them together, but I've never seen one use this as the starting point.


This one is a much more basic idea. I was thinking about the flashback scene where Gaara asks Yashamaru what pain is, and my brain transplanted it over onto Naruto, asking the Hokage what it means to be tired. Basically, take the concept of him having limitless energy completely literally. Would he still need to do things like eating and sleeping? Would he do them out of a psychological need, rather than a physical one? And of course, how would this affect both his personality and his ninja skills?

I'll probably add more later.

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