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B.hoodlum here!

I've been semi-casually writing fanfiction since I was fourteen, and that was fourteen years ago!

My AO3 account is the same username. My old FFN account is: starfairy14s (beware of the cringe over there. Teen me was oof.)

Back in 's infancy, I read Sailor Moon (UsaMamo), Ruruoni Kenshin (KenKao), Tenchi Muyo (RyoTen), Pokemon (mainly AAML), and lastly Naruto (NaruHina).

This is my second account, and on my first account (that I have distanced myself from), really only exists maybe 5 bad Naruto fanfics, eheh. When I wrote an Alt-Con Sailor Moon fic back in 2006, I ended up deleting it because I wasn't going to continue it and it started to get weird and gross. It looked good in my head and felt good to daydream about, but it was trash.

Sadly I'm not a prolific writer. I haven't finished anything I've started, but under this account I'm hoping to change that.

I want to write four or five stories for NaruHina, and one for Legend of Zelda, and then quit fanfiction for good. Maybe. Also even though I started out as a shipper, I don't focus on shipping from the starting gate anymore. Rather, with these four stories I still want to start out with world-building and friendship before easing into any sort of romance. The only story that will jump right into the (slow-burn) romance is my fourth story. My one LoZ fic idea would strictly be friendship/action/adventure.

Story 1: Powerless - Urban AU - Currently being retooled as a long-fic with two distinct parts. First third or half: Naruto and Haku's friendship over time vs Naruto and Sasuke's friendship over time. Haku was recruited into Yakuza at a young age. Naruto inherited a trust fund from deceased author (and national treasure) Jiraiya. Sasuke is the son of a Police Superintendent. (Fugaku was originally a detective, but again this story is being strongly retooled after much thought.) Hinata is the kidnapped daughter of the Yakuza head of the Hyuuga Syndicate. Second Half of the Story: Hinata returns under mysterious circumstances and on three separate occasions she meets Sasuke, Haku and Naruto, becoming inextricably intertwined in their lives. (Ends in NaruHina).

Not sure if I should actually post as two separate stories. I suppose I should, though.

Story 2: Hidden From Sunlight - Alt-Con AU - I suck at writing Canon and IDK why. Ongoing. Want for a Nail. What if Hanabi was the first born heir and Hinata was born second? (Loosely Slice-of-Life, in the sense that I care more about writing character interactions and evolving relationships during the normal/calm parts of their lives. All Naruto charas have enough angst that I feel more adequate in my ability to draw on that than make the source of their problems being strictly their missions and the villains they face.)

Story 3: Untitled - Medieval Fantasy AU - Very much in concept stage. Naruto has failed to become a knight. A particular incident has forced him into exile from the Kingdom of Konoha. Minato remains a beloved Captain of the King's Royal Guard. The Uzumaki people have been integrated into the Kingdom's society for the past sixty years, but still face some level of discrimination. As a result, when Kushina gets mad and her hair floats up, everyone treats her like a witch who is about to curse them. They also believe, due to Naruto's unstable magic, that he too is a curse.

Sakura is a human raised in a Dwarven Village on the base of a mountain. Kizashi has debt, so he took up a mining job in hopes of paying it off and earning enough to buy acres of land for his family. Mebuki is a shrew who gets on his case, wanting to escape these 'stubby, sweaty people' once and for all. Sakura was discriminated against for her intellect, until she realized she needed to show brute strength to fit in. She pulls it off (or does she?) and the community finally accepts her as their own. She goes from being a Hermoine to a Melissa Mao overnight. (she's still smart and likes to be a scholar, but in public she tones that part of herself down).

But then the Wood Elves show up. Only three of them. All boys. The youngest is her age and she is instantly smitten.

But Sasuke picks on her: Is she human? Or is she a dwarf? Or is she neither? And her identity issues get thrown for another loop.

The Wood Elves are descended from the High Elves (the Hyuuga), and are distinct in appearance: They have evolved to be efficient, nocturnal hunters, so their ears no longer point up towards the heavens but down towards the earth. (I know, I got inspired by Twilight Princess. Also making Minato a Captain is very much like Link's dad in Hyrule Warriors and BOTW. I love LoZ more than you'll ever know.) There is also a secret connection between the Uchiha Wood Elves and the Kingdom of Konoha.

Kakashi served in the Royal Guard (sorry, he's not a Merlin-esque Gray Wizard, and this isn't LOTR). He resigns his position to watch over Naruto. So the story begins with them.

Eventually the alliance resembling 'Team 7' stumble upon or are pulled into the realm of the High Elves. Thus, Naruto and Hinata's romance begins there.

I have no actual plot yet. Just pretty pictures in my head.

My OTP is NaruHina, but if no legit Medieval AU like this exists, I could always forgo romance and keep it a fantasy/adventure story with a Rite of Passsge premise.

Story 4: Never Take Your Eyes Off Me - Suburban AU - Heavily family drama-focused between Naruto, Minato and Jiraiya while NaruHina has a slow burn development that takes off right away. First, I have a confession. I have a deviantart page that I have abandoned: momoko-kawase is my username. My fanart is old and trash. That said, I had a incomprehensible sketch dump from... 2014? 'Vicarious S'.

This is that story: Hinata was a hikkikomori for much of Junior High until she worked up enough courage to re-attend High School in person. Part of her 'defect' is that she is an otaku of Kankei S literature (proto-Shojo Ai lit from the Taisho Era and I think some of the Showa Era). Naruto is Person Non Grata in their small, coastal hometown. This is all because of an underaged drunken incident just occurred shortly after their Junior High graduation. As a result, he and Sasuke are no longer friends. In fact, Naruto hates Sasuke for his betrayal. So Naruto is all alone. Jiraiya is a failed novelist in this AU, and he mainly pens scripts for AVs and hentai. He was the chosen caretaker of Naruto up until the drunken incident, where Minato dropped whatever he was doing in another city and returns 1000% sure that this was all Jiraiya's fault for not doing a good enough job being a responsible godparent, so Minato cuts ties with Jiraiya and tells Naruto not to visit him anymore. But Naruto often rebels and visits Jiraiya anyways. Why? Duh. Naruto became attached to Jiraiya who did the best he could (Naruto does have plenty of personal moments where he is let down by Jiraiya and pissed the hell off, but that's nothing compared to Minato being voluntarily absent from his entire life until now).

Also Kushina died when Naruto was young or born, IDK, and her parents blame/hate Minato for taking their daughter away from them. And they want nothing to do with Naruto, as well. So yeah... Lots of fun family dysfunction all around!

Hinata has a lot of family baggage too, and she and Naruto may come off as co-dependent during their burgeoning romance, but it's supposed to get better towards the end. They need each other.

Legend of Zelda, My one and only story idea: A prequel to Wind Waker. Back when our beloved Robin Williams passed away and BOTW hadn't released yet, I was among those hyped people desperately wanting a cameo, reference, or supporting character to be him on some level. And then I had envisioned him a hybrid between Genie and Fi. And then the genie idea made me recall Ganon's tragic words about the Gerudo's poor quality of life and how he had longed been jealous of Hyrule's prosperity.

So here is my LoZ story: Ganon has effectively ruled over the land of Hyrule. But resources are depleted and lawlessness reigns. It's a desert dystopia. Here, we have the reincarnations of Link and Zelda as... Gerudo, or they are the third generation of a Gerudo/Hylian couple. (I think Mudora has OCs like these). Anyways... So they are childhood friends. They live the rough and tumble lives as thieves and scam artists. Then they hear talk of a reward. If they retrieve a magical item for King Ganondorf, they will move to the upper echelons of society. But of course thousands of others -- more experienced treasure hunters -- are after this item, too. (So yeah, you can see my Aladdin love has bled into this heavily). They work together to get the item, beating down and dooming many competitors to their death. Once they get the item, heeeere's Genie! (Obviously his name wouldn't be Genie, but he is 100% a giant blue Gerudo-looking fairy. Let's make him non-binary to bring in that sweet, sweet Mrs. Doubtfire reference). And yeah, he becomes their fairy companion. But now they have become wanted criminals for keeping the treasure that rightly belongs to Ganondorf. (I think if it were an inanimate treasure, they wouldn't care. But because it's actually, to them -- a person -- they care.) So now it's Gerudo!Link and Gerudo!Zelda vs The Forces of Ganondorf.

This is their last chance to save everyone before the Gods' fulfill their final prophecy: A Great Flood.

I think you know how that's gonna end. But tragedies are a genre, too. ... Oh, I just realized this echoes Rogue One's plot. Hahaha! Nothing's original anymore! XD

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