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Hey, thanks for clicking on me!

It's probably obvious that I love Pokemon. And when it comes to writing, something about the little creatures just makes the words flow easier for me than, say, people. I'm a particularly big fan of the Mystery Dungeon series. Those games, their storylines and their music, are what provided the bulk of the inspiration towards writing my first story on here, Fractured Elements. I also wrote a oneshot, Forbidden Dreams, based in the same world. Though these stories are now long finished, I will always hold them dear to me, so if you have any thoughts on them, I'd love to hear about it!

My new, ongoing story, Fighting Nature, is a bit different. It began with the idea of writing a Pokemon-centric story in a more modern, urban setting than the traditional fantasy-type thing used in most PMD stories I've read. Then I came across another idea: what if Pokemon fighting each other, that cornerstone of virtually every Pokemon story, was outlawed? What would it mean for this modern Pokemon society? From there, the planning of Fighting Nature began. It's still about Pokemon, but set aside from PMD.

As for background on myself... my interests are pretty eclectic. I love music, partically electronic stuff, piano instrumentals and video game OSTs - they tend to create the strongest emotions for me, which is what music's all about! I also attempt to play piano myself, with dubious success. I enjoy a bit of climbing and mountaineering, which may or may not have been influenced by my experiences of playing PMD. And I adore Pokemon fanart! It makes me sad that my own drawing ability is so diabolically awful, but at least there's plenty of hugely skilled artists out there for us to savour.

Some of my favourite Pokemon are Quilava (unquestionable no. 1), Ivysaur, Arcanine, Salamence, Lucario, and Nickit. Many others that I could mention too.

Thanks to my beta readers Will1231, Talgoran and Shadow of Antioch for being amazing. Thanks Namohysip, Tal again, and Zion of Arcadia, among others, for being fantastic reviewers! All these people write, so go check out their works if you haven't.

Finally, my PMs are always open if there's anything you want to ask, story-related or otherwise. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use a less-dysfunctional medium, I'm pretty active on Discord too - you can find me at Cynsh#0818 :)

Here's links for all the cover art I've used in my stories (remove the spaces and 'dot's - FFN doesn't allow actual links):

Fractured Elements, by Amaryllis: www. deviantart(dot)com /amaryllisno/art/Cynsh-Commission-805058788

Forbidden Dreams, by Nyuwa-59: www. deviantart(dot)com /nyuwa-59/art/Bagon-s-Dream-215963349

Fighting Nature, by AarowTheBlacksmith: www. deviantart(dot)com /aarowtheblacksmith/art/Fighting-Nature-Cover-849946616

And my profile image is by Windskull, a fellow writer on here!

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