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Author has written 3 stories for Majesty, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy I-VI.

My name is Eileen. Mostly my fanfiction is of computer/video games. I don't really go in for writing book fanfiction because, well, I don't. My main fandoms are Knights of the Old Republic and II, Final Fantasy V, and Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.

Current Stories

The Lost Knight: The Exile's former companions and Padawans set out to rebuild the order. Mical, Visas, and Bao-Dur journey to the Telos Academy and find the Last of the Handmaidens. I always wondered what happened to Brianna with a female Exile. I also think that Mical and Visas would make a very interesting couple. Yeah, I know they didn't talk to each other much in-game. (It's not crack. I swear.) KotOR.

Grimoire: An adventure story. A year after ExDeath's defeat, Sage Ghido is murdered. His Grimoire, containing the knowledge of all the world, has been stolen, and whoever studies it will have knowledge not only for boundless good but boundless evil. The Warriors of Dawn must save it before another ExDeath can rise. But it's been a while since they've saved the world, and not all of them want to save it for the sake of goodness. FFV. Also BartzxLenna.

Upcoming Stories

Lost Knight Companion Story: Yeah, I don't have a title or a plot for this one yet. It takes place the same time as Lost Knight, and follows Atton, Mira, and HK-47 as they search for Revan's former companions. Expect to see Jolee Bindo; don't expect to see AttonxMira. KotOR.

Stalled Stories

The Scrylian Wars: It got bogged down when I read the History of Ardania that was in the Prima guide. Some of my characters can't exist in that story, unfortunately. I have to rework it.

To all idiotic Legolas fangirls: Boromir son of Denethor was NOT:

a) evil
b) mysogynistic
c) a rapist

If y'all didn't notice, he REDEEMED himself at the end by trying to save Merry and Pippin from the Uruk-Hai. And for the record, Tolkien wrote in Unfinished Tales that out of all the Fellowship, Legolas accomplished the least. And by the way, Elrond picked the number nine for a reason. Enough with your ridiculous "Tenth Walker zomg!!!11marysue!!2" fics already.

I realize not all Legolas fangirls are idiots, but plenty are, and unfortunately they have keyboards.

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The Exile's departure for the Unknown Regions has left her companions at a loose end. They begin on the road to restore the Jedi Order, and find at the Telos Academy one strong on the Force, but more than they can handle. Postgame, plus some MicalxVisas.
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A year after ExDeath's defeat, the world is at peace. Sage Ghido is murdered, and his grimoire, the Grimoire of All the World, is gone. The Warriors of Dawn must find it, before its knowledge can be turned to an evil as great as ExDeath. Final Fantasy V.
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