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As of June 14, 2007

Wow... sure made a lot of changes.

How incredibly odd.

Hmmm, since I am bored and have absolutely nothing better to do (except chase my dog around which is tiring so I wont- for now), I will write here. Yey!

I haven't watched an entire anime series in a very, very, very long time. I keep telling people the last anime I fully watched (all seasons and all) was Slamdunk. But that's not entirely true- I watched the whole entire season of Cowboy Bebop (and the fantabulous movie) after I watched Slamdunk. =D I don't know why I'm typing this- And if you're reading, I don’t know why you are. Seriously... I'm just bored.

Still with me..?

Damn, you must be bored as hell too!

Oh well, I shall humor you and myself!

I cannot tolerate girls/women/anyone of the female species who constantly talk about their man problems, their bad hair days, how 'so out of style' her officemate/classmate whom she hates is, the new 'in colors' for this season, the cute guy next door, or anything generally the like. Does that make sense? Well, to me it does- and it's the only explanation why I don't have many girlfriends.

I love GORE. I love watching people bleed, and I absolutely love it when they show surgeries and such on tv. Gawd, I live for those moments.

I also love watching people hurt themselves on a maniacal bull/horse on a rodeo. I love it more when the clown gets pummeled by raging bull/horse. Yey

Still here?

Awww... come on

Ok. Hmmm...

I'm Filipina- And yes, it is spelled like that, please get it right. It is not Philipina, or Felipina- it is FILIPINA. That means I'm from the Philippines. You know that country by the equator... The land of the rising sun- oh wait, that's Japan. Well, see Japan? Look a bit lower... ah-ah-aa... warmer, warmer... OK! You're hot! Yey! YOU found my country.

Right... not bored now.

If you're still here, why, thank you for your patronage. I'll be here all week.

Oh, and if you have the time and if you are capable of reading (I’m sure you are), please do read my stories and leave a review, a flame or better yet, a critique.

Oh, you know what? If you want to flame me, I suggest you write it down, mail it to me (print your address legibly, please) so I can go to where you are and shove it down your throat. No, flames are not helpful- critiques are. Learn to understand the difference, okay? And yes, I ask for review/flames/questions in my fics... but seriously, who wants a flame? A critique is much more useful.

But hey, if you want to flame, go right ahead- but please, don't be a chicken. Don't flame anonymously. =D

Err… My parting shot:

‘Their’ and ‘they’re’, ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ cannot be used interchangeably- EVER.

‘Your beautiful.”

‘My beautiful what?’

‘You, your beautiful.’

‘You’re a retard.’

See what’s wrong there?

Ok, I’m done.


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