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Hello! I am 16 years old and I love writing. I am a very...different human being, at least around my area. I love shows like The X-Files, Psych, Moonlight, Bones, CSI: NY, SVU, CSI, CI, Lost, Friends, Monk, Ghost Whisperer, The Simpsons, Angel, That 70's Show well you get the point. I love music Green Day, Blink-182, Snow Patrol and Maroon 5 can always be heard coming from my room. I love writing FanFics but I don't really have the time anymore. I love coffee and reading a good book.

I love Moulin Rouge!(The movie) and watching X-Files after a long day.

I got my screen name from a song. Whatsername by Green day, and I just threw on the 007 for fun. I think that it is a really cool name, and that I have established myself with it (at least in the EO department and maybe the MeLty and Lassiet). In case anyone actually cares.

Senior year of high school!! WOOT WOOT!! Yeah, gonna graduate and go to college and learn how to be a better writer and how to teach high school English. Bet your jealous. =)


Did I mention I love the X-Files? 'Cause I do!!

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