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Feb 26 2014

Well... it's been what, three years since my pitiful attempt at finishing anything on here. Doubtful that anyone still reads my work but... here's a random update.

Beautiful Indifference

After seven years (finally!) I think I'm going to finish this. No seriously. I think this is vaguely what Isobelle Carmody must feel like, you know, having an idea and knowing how it will end but not being able to write the in-between to your satisfaction. Though I hope that I don't take a quarter of a century, like she seems to be doing. I love her, I really do, but, as a commercial author I think you owe it to your fans (especially when you promise not to complete another series until you finish the first one), to birth that book!

... and that's it for today's completely irrelevant rant!

7th March 2011

Ok so after looking through my old folders a bit more I found some unfinished things which I decided to publish (also found the plan I made almost 4 years ago now for Beautiful Indifference so yeah. Might actually end up finishing that). Newest stories being The Last Cardcaptor and An Untold Story, which I may or may not continue and The Wolves of Memory.

5 March 2011

Wow. It's been almost two years since I last updated this profile. I updated with a one shot called The Goodbye. I only recently finished it after having it sit in my documents for a few years. The rest of the stories will unfortunately, never be finished because it's been too long since I thought them up, and I no longer have the same mindset I had when I knew how they would end (if that makes sense). Maybe one day, I'll figure it out but for now... whatever.

Thanks for reading.

29th july 2009

Well I don't think I'll be continuing any fics for a while. Sorry. Write to me. Thanks for reading and reviewing.


4th May 2008

Well I'm (temporarily) back. BI updated. Posted a silly drabble titled The Counselling Session.


An Untold Story

Yet another story I began years ago, inspired by the quote on Juliet Marillier's site (FAQ page) about Sorcha's mother, Niamh. I find it really intriguing how Colum's character could change so much from the person Father Brien describes in the books. Anyway, I know how I wanted it to go in my head at the time. I just never got it sorted out and decided I might as well put what I had up here.

The Wolves of Memory

Sorta wanted this to tie in with a chaptered story I was writing about Niamh and Colum. Maybe if I ever get around to doing that it'll make more sense. Might revise.

The Last Cardcaptor

One shot (at this stage). Though I guess I might try writing it as a full chaptered story. Not that anyone really appreciates OCs.

The Goodbye

One shot/drabble about Simon and Red. I was always interested in their relationship as siblings. Probably didn't do my idea justice with this but I felt like I had to finish it after years of sitting in a dusty folder, or I'd never be able to.

The Counselling Session

A drabble for which I will lose all credibility, written before I actually learned the finer points of writing and before I developed a hatred for Mary Sues.

Lonely Assassins

Story based on Dr. Who episode of blink. Written during an interim of extreme paranoia and illogical fear.

Living in the Shadows

One shot made in response to a challenge by a friend :P. More on the way. Gets progressively worse though.

Cataclysmic Silence

Obernewtyn fic, inspired by a comment made by Min on about Futuretellers.


Spur of the moment story. Right now I've only got a vague idea of where it's going. Updating will be slow. And scarce.(I know, it's incoherent and what not. Oh well)


More drabble. Written at 2.30am with insomnia, similar to a poem I've written for another site (and yes, tis an Angeline Drabble).


Another impulse story. Quotes from the Opal Deception won't be exact. (I actually like this one).

The Journey's End



This was a story written immediately on pure impulse. I'm certain that there are a few mistakes in relation to the plot line, so please correct me if you're going to review. Criticisms are currently being taken into consideration.

Malfoy's Routine

Working on the third chapter, though my humour is slowly ebbing away.

Muggle School

Every time I look at this fic I balk. It's such a bad story (ah well. What more do you expect of a ten year old illiterate).

I don't expect I will finish this.


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