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Hello Everyone,

As for my personal information:

Ambrant Arandel (Not my real name)

Age: 39 (My wife however insists I'm still twelve.)

Hobbies: Role-playing, writing, collecting odds and ends (Magic Cards, Swords, DVDs, Inuyasha figures, Dust).

Reason for joining : I want to hone my skills at writing to the point that I can publish an e-book. I've already written the first novel of a trilogy that I'm working on and I am currently working on the second book. I also have ideas for a second trilogy based on the first. It just takes a really long time to write everything I want to write. I'm hoping that if I can get some really good constructive criticism it will give me things to look for in my novels as I am currently in the process of editing the first book before I send it to a publishing company. Publishing for money has never really been a goal or dream of mine, I simply write to express myself and for the enjoyment, but if your going to pour yourself into writing a three book story, you might as well get paid for it.

NEW: Fanfiction Story Illustrations

My friend and fellow fanfiction author, Avetre Maevrin, has been kind enough to do some illustrations for my works. I will be adding these to this section as she completes them.

The Chosen, Chapter One - Cuddle Time: http:///art/Cuddle-Time-72504785

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Negima: AWESOME! I'm reading the manga, can't wait till the next issue...

Naruto is growing on me. I've seen all the anime episodes, and have read the latest manga.

Inuyasha. Miroku rules.

Rurouni Kenshin. Nobody watches this one much anymore. Their loss.

Last Exile. Worth buying the DVD. It came on Tech TV's anime unleashed. I wish AZN would air something this good.


Teen Titans. Primarily becuase of Raven. She's one of my favorite characters. (I would say she looks hot, but then people would call me a pedophile...)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Iroh is my hero.)

Favorite Pairings:

Rurouni Kenshin:

Soujiro/Misao: Two of the most interesting characters in the series in my opinion.

Kenshin/Kaoru: So sweet they make me want to take insulin.

Yahiko/Tsubame: Young love is a wonderful thing.


Most standard pairings especially Sango and Miroku. I relate to Miroku really well. And in case any of you are wondering, yes, my wife acts a lot like Sango. (Rubs recent bump from getting whacked.)

Teen Titans:

Robin/Raven: Only viable couple in my opinion. Starfire gets to be too annoying.

Last Exile:

Klaus with just about anybody female. Most of the girls jump all over the fly boy during the show. Heck, even the grown women practically molest him. Which brings up an interesting point. With what little fanfiction I've read on Last Exile, the pairings are always with the young girls in the cast, whereas the only one of them who ever made Klaus blush was Sophia, and was likewise the only one who ever kissed him, or had him showing any sort of recoginition she was a woman. (Flashback to Klaus looking down her dress.) However, I've never seen a pairing for the two of them. I wonder why?


Naruto/Hinata: I'm sorry there's just something about shy blushing young girls that make men go bananas. If Naruto doesn't end up marrying her, then I'm quite certain he's gay. (Wife smacks the author.) OK, agressive women like Sakura are OK too, a little, I guess...

Avatar The Last Airbender:

I'm sorry, I just don't see the Aang/Katara pairing. I can see the Zuko/Katara pairing from the standpoint of the old enemy becomes ally thing. Katara simply doesn't notice Aang. She DOES notice Zuko. True, its because she fears him but I can't forget the famous lines from Phantom of the Opera that says 'fear can turn to love'. I see a real beauty and the beast possibility here.

Mahou Sensei Negima:

Negi/Nodoka: Nodoka reminds me of a more courageous version of Hinata (Naruto). I pretty much like all the other girls, but Nodoka is the top candidate in my book.

Dislikes: Don't know, I ignore anything I don't like.

Works In Progress: (on Hiatus)

Neguto - Mahou Sensei Negima/Naruto crossover.

I was going to make this a chapter of 'A Day Indoors', but it was going to be too long for that format so I decided to expand it into a short four to five chapter story. Basically, what happens when Chisame's artifact malfunctions while Negi and Kotaro are watching TV...

Sick Day - Mahou Sensei Negima

This was the original concept for 'Under One Roof'. Will probably be another short story format. Negi and Nodoka are infected by a magically enhanced virus and end up quarantined together. Things would be a fluffy dream come true for the pair if it weren't for Chamo also getting infected in the process. Will the two young people survive the perverted familiar's attempts to amuse himself at their expense?

A Day Indoors - Mahou Sensei Negima

A collection of one-shots, loosely based around a central theme. These are mostly romance oriented with different pairings throughout.

Under One Roof - Mahou Sensei Negima

Another Negima story. Negi's grandfather buys him a house to live in and the girls try to endear themselves to their teacher in order to escape dorm life.

Control Freak Rerun Teen Titans

I thought I might write one last Teen Titans story featuring my favorite villain Control Freak. Don't expect drama, this one is purely for the chuckles.

Charm School for Ninjas II: Birth of a Ladykiller - Naruto

I would put this under plot bunnies, since I don't know if I'll ever actually write it. Naruto has to be trained to be a dashing young gentleman in order to pose as the body double for a young prince. Can Naruto pull of his most difficult mission yet, being a suave and sophisticated gentleman? Can the kunoichi of Konoha really make it happen? What happens when Naruto starts getting suitors himself?

Not yet titled - Full Metal Panic

Just watched this series and didn't think the ending, well, ended very much. Seemed to leave a lot of loose ends that I'm more than willing to play with. I've started a prologue, but I'm going to do a LOT of research before I press into this one full time.

Plot Bunnies: (The stuff I wish I had time to write)

The Prophecy: An Avatar: The Last Airbender Plot Bunny

"When darkness shall cover the land, then it shall come to pass that the power of Agni shall shine through the Earth, and it shall shine through the sea also, and the Fire Lord shall unite the nations as one, then shall the face of Agni smite all his enemies, and shall banish the darkness, and the Avatar will not stand against him."

This plot bunny centers around this prophecy as the reason the Fire Nation decided to wage war on the other nations. The Fire Lord Sosen was given this prohecy by the greatest seer in the Fire Nation and believed it foretold of his eventual success at conquering the world. I might try to use this in a third story following the same story arc as my two previous Avatar stories and make it into a trilogy.

The Cup of Spirits: An Avatar: The Last Airbender Plot Bunny

(This plot bunny has been officially adopted by that-british-guy, Author ID 1007992 on 5/16/06)

Aang is jealous of Zuko, and tired of everyone relying on him as the Avatar. Roku tells him about a mystical cup created by ancient benders that can solve his problem. Aang goes and finds the cup, and Roku tells him to drink from it and then to have Zuko drink from it. Aang and Zuko switch bodies. Aang then tries to woo Katara as Zuko and Azula starts chasing Zuko because she thinks he's Aang. Naturally, I plan on this being a comedy. In the end, Aang and Zuko switchback and are a little wiser for the experience, just as Roku had intended. The moral of the story being something about walking a mile in some other guy's moccasins.

Some other ideas with this include:

What would Zuko do as the Avatar? What if Azula and Katara accidentally switched bodies? What if Aang and Zuko didn't realize it? What if Aang gained Zuko's firebending and Zuko, well you get the idea.

Naruto and the Demon Hunters - Naruto

I've been kicking around this one. Maybe someone would like to try it. How about a Hinata-centric story where a demonologist arrives having heard about Kyuubi and convinces the Hokage and Naruto to help him banish the beast for the safety of all concerned. Naruto leaves with this demonologist, and later demon hunters arrive at the village looking for the same demonologist and everyone discovers that this guy is actually out to release Kyuubi and kill Naruto in the process. Hinata, Sakura, and anyody else who gives a flip about Naruto could go to try to save him.

I haven't really thought about it past that point. I just like to see more heroic female characters in anime. I kinda get disgusted with Sakura for that reason. This plot bunny is up for adoption on Songbird21's forum: The Naruto Plot Bunny Orphanage. If anyone would like to write these stories, please just let me know and I'll reference your work here. I would also be happy to beta read them.

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I've decided to make this oneshot into a series of oneshots based on a central theme. Anyway, the pairings change from story to story so please enjoy.
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