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well, ive been cumpletly swamped with not doin hw that i still havnt been abl 2 update.i promised 2 write 2 new chaps, and they'll prolly b 4 im related 2 u, but ive started anuthr nu story so ill prolly rite more then 2 chaps 4 that as well.

hihi ppls!i jus got the 7th chap of im relatd 2 u up,and im sooooooooo sry bout my delay.ive been wickd bisy,but ill try 2 get mor chaps up still mad at u ppls tho cuz mor then 1060 ppl hav read it and yet i still hav only 20 fuckin (yes,i sed fuckin) revus!god that pisses me off.ciao

ok!i feel like giving all u ppls a challenge!its called the ELAVATOR CHALLENGE!conditions r below:

~Harry has 2 b 1 of the main characters!

~The story has 2 have at least 2 stops on the elevator in the story and as many more then that as you want.

~u haf 2 say that its the Elevator challenge in the summary,and send the story name,link,or author 2 either me or sataygre.

~voldie has 2 b mentioned!even if its just 2 say hes defeated,never was,or is in hiding,just say it!

~one of your floors has 2 involve our story,there is and its gunna b sooooooooooo awsum.we coudnt stop laffin!

~MAKE IT GREAT!(end of

UPDATE!I have finished the next chapter of Last Six. I'm having it beta'd at the moment, but it should be up once my aol starts working again. I'm about a 1/3 done with the next chapter of I'm Related to You. It will probably be up by Sunday. After i'm done with them i'll write the third chapter of Black & Blue, unless i'm working on the other story...

the reesun i havnt been updatin is cuz ive been on made a quiz!but its only 4 gyz...if u went lookin 4 the story,nun of us has dun the 1st chap yet,so thats will deffinitly b dun ova the weekend.if its not u can send me 50,000 flames,and i wont get mad.kk?

YAY!my frends tay sari and i r gunna rite this rly randum and funny story on sataygre!remembr that story idea i mentiond a lot erlir?well if u dont,i sed i had this idea and that u ppls could make up ur own versions.well,im not sur if i can still sa that,but ill try 2 get my frends 2 agreee.if they do then im gunna set up a challenge.mwah ha ha!ill post it on here and sataygre.ill hav them do it on theirs as well (aphroditebabii3 & GoddessQueenIsis)

sry 2 those few losrs hoo actually read my stories...i kno i havnt updatd in a wile...its jus ive been completly obsesd wid quizilla,patrick,and world domination...can u blame me?

Labonita means beautiful one...jus so ya kno...tho u prolly hav no clu wut im takin bout since the nu chapp of last six isnt posted yet, but hey, wen it is,ull kno wut her name means...stop lookin at me like that!runs off cryin

jeez.i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid.i thot i posted the new chapp 4 im realted 2 u,but i didn,and i was waitin 4 reviews 4 like 2 days,then luckily, my frend told me she hadnt seen it,so i checkd, and now its up!sry fans,ill b bettr next time.2 ny fans of last six,i am still writing it,but the chapp is wicked long and im only 2 draco.its gunna take a while,so hang with me and read im realted 2 u or black and blue while ur waiting,if u havnt alrdy.

OMG!happy st. patty's da!and specially 2 a certen so gunna call u that 2morro...hmmm...deffinitly.oh yeah!revu ppl 2 boost my ego and 4 my st. patty's da present!

note 2 tay-thx 4 the revius!sry,i kno i didn take off the part bout u not revuin but i dont kno where it is...sry,im extremly unorganizd.mab if u cood giv me sum thinkin the evil pengins hav dun summtin 2 my brain...thx sarah

lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off-2 sodapop, i think thats my fav, but i lik i write sins not tradgedies and The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage a lot as well dad gave me a rly great and funny idea.i cant tell ya now, but if i write and finish it,then ill b willing 2 let the rest of u bums make up ur own version.jus,if u do,plz mention my genius?

o shit.i alwas regret wut i sa.there is goin 2 b hermione/draco, and i 4get the uthr thing i sed, but theres prolly goin 2 b that as well.i actually had 2 mak a chart on excel 2 get all the cupls rite.its not perfected yet,but itl get gunna hav literally evry woman in england paird wid 1 of them(yes,umbridge,trelawny,mcgonnagall,lestrange,malfoy,weasley.all of them)help me pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

iv changd the name of last six.since theyr story is goin 2 tak 5 yrs i decided 2 do a volume for each yr.1st is oviusly volume 1,so the title is Last Six:Volume 1

anuthr chapp of im related 2 u is up ppls,or will b aftr my frends beta it 4 me.i did it on the site,so there wasnt ny spell check or nythin,so i need the beta.tell me wutcha think,or else ill buy a killer mini pin and sick him on you!lol

yay!i got up 2 nu chapps in 1 evnin!happiness and joy!

hey gys!tay,sarah, and i will b creatin a nu account, called Sataygre (its a combo of our names)hopefully well hav sum stories up soon.

dont u hat wen u lik sum1 and ur almost positiv they lik u 2,but ur both 2 afraid 2 ask the uthr nythin?i of cors had 2 mak it wers by actin lik i hated him evr since the midl of last yr.god im such an imbasill!fuck!im pritty sur i could go out wid him if i tried, but im lik afraid of chang or summtin shitty lik that and so i jus look at him most of la,readin, and science.fuck!i piss myself off so much sumtimes.

oh ya!thx 2 the 2 nuest membrs of the"weare good ppl hoo will review greta's stories!" i luv u ppl even if ur stories suk:)

im writin the next chap 4 last six.its voldies turn 2 get sum camra tim. next chapp i think will hav mor evolving gunna ask u ppl agen if u can help me with pairs.b creativ.also,iv changed the slash thing,but it can only b femme,cuz im thinkin of doin a lik tribe of wimen that r lesbos and dont wanna b in the guys "harems"if u can think of ny good charactrs that cood go into this tribe,plz send me a messege or reviu.i kno that gav a ton awa,but no ones tellin me 2 stop, and if u gys don giv me feedbak then im gunna act lik no ones readin.

u ppl r rly pissin me off now!17 fuckin ppl hav viud my story(or about that meny)and only 1 has fuckin reviewd!and shes a frend of mine!i expect her 2 review,even tho shes alrdy beate'd it 4 me,she revus nywa!god!reviu!its not hard!ill gladly tak a good,bad,fuck u,or wow,or ummm...sriusly!i dont care!i jus want sum input!iv revud 21 times!sumtimes mor then 1ce 2 the same story!god fuckin damn it!revu!

ok,i kno ppl hav been viewin this piece of crap.y dont u ppl send me stuff?an email wood b great.or u cood atleast read 1 of my stories.if ure a wundrful persun then u cood revu as well.if ur the best persun in the werld then u cood put me on all ur lists! not askin that much gunna keep writin even if u don revu,but im lost on the cuples and rly need help.sara thinks i shood put calvine wid nev,but im not sur.and wut bout cho,Mrs. weasley(wuts her 1st name?), and tonks?o shit!that gav awa soooooo much of the story!fuck!oops.sry 4 my potty revu or email me 4 gods sake!

all the names i choose for my own characters mean something. Aislinn means vision or dream,Jacinda means beautifel, Orea means mountains (lol),and Sari(based on my frend sarah(hehehehehehehehe)) means princess.All of the meanings hav summtin 2 do wid the charactr,cept 4 Sari, cuz that and sara mean the sam thing and evry1 knos saras nythin but a, jk sarah,Keegan means small and fiery/bright flame,Vian means full of life,Calvine means bald(lol),and Damek means man of earth.if they dont make sense now then they will.

p.s.the reesun i don jus get rid uf the shit blo is cuz im lazy and i dunno,i jus think there rnt enuff wierd profiles on this site, and i kno i luv readin em,so i figured id lik 2 mak a profil id lik 2 read

i want 2 sa hihi 2 sara (GoddessQueenIsis)(i dunno if thos r all capitalizd)hoo hasd a rly great story (if u lik depressin cutter&suicide stories that is)up, and im so jelus cuz i cant get my story up!f!


im gunna write sum of my fav shit down, so bear wid me, and if u hav comments on my profile, pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz send me an email( or im me(vikingirl7)

fav muvs:Dirty Dancing,lord of the Rings Trilogy,Spiderman&Spiderman 2,Chocolate,Scary Movie 1,2,&3(omg!theyr so hilarius!),Last holiday,Pirates of the Caribean,Silence of the Lambs(im gunna c the uthr 1s soon!),Aeonflux(ok,so i havnt seen this 1,but i want 2...stop lookin at me lik that!),Monster-in-Law,Hitch,The Fifth Element,School of Rock,Harry Potter movies 3&4 only,In Her Shoes (jus saw it!great!),and way way way way more.

fav bands,singrs and songs:Greenday,The killers,Ne-yo,Ray J,Rhianna,Destiny's Child,Vertical Horizon,Nickelback(did i spell that rong?),Alisha keys,Usher,Chris Brown,all-american Rejects(my fav at the moment),Fallout Boy,David Wilcox(u prolly hav no clu hoo that is, and i rly don car),Ciara,Missy Elliot,Mary J.Blige,Sean Paul,Daddy Yanky,PANIC! At the Disco,Akon,My Chemical Romance,Natasha Bedinfield,Will Smith and like,a hole lot mor that i cant remembr cuz theyr on my list on my cumpoopr,but i cant get on it sux?i mean LIFE SUX!ummm...pent up anger...

fav tv shos:CSI,CSI Miami,Lost,24,Next,Date my Mom,Parental Control,America's Next Top Model,Web Junk 20(god thats funny),American Idol,Survivor,Real World, a tv junky and there r lots mor, but im kinda brain dead frum all the hours in frunt of it, so i kinda 4get.sry

fav books:Eragon,Eldest,The House of the Scorpion,The Harry Potter Series,The Ear the Eye,and the Arm,A Girl Named Disaster,Song of the Lioness Quartet,The Immortals Quartet,Protector of the Small Quartet,The Claidi Journals,Inkheart,The Thief Lord,(i hate Dragonrider!total bad versiun of Eragon),The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series,Singer in the Snow,Ella Enchanted,The Two Princesses of Bamarre(did i spell that rite?),Daughter of Venice,A Northern Light, and so many more than you can even imagine.i read soooooooo much.

my fav culr:lime green

y my fav authrs r my fav authrs:Fred's bride =despite her horrible grammar,i luv her story.but sriusly!she rly needs a nu beta-r or summtin!

GoddessMoonLady =shes witty,insane, and her stories rock.her ideas r great and very origional!and of cours i luv her disclaimers!

GoddessQueenIsis-shes a rly good frend of mine and tho her stories r depressin, i think im hooked.

Kross =iv only read 1 of her many stories,but it was so good i actually cried at sum points!thats how u kno theyr a good writr,cept if ur cryin frum the cumpletly horriblness of the story that it maks ur eyes burn.iv unfortunatly read a few stories that bad,but hers was deffinatly not 1 of them.

nonjon =this persuns stories are great!i luv how each 1 is so different.evry1 has 2 read Lovegood,Boob Gooders!i was laffin myself off my chair!god!the origionality is so freakin unbelievable!

pplhater2493=iv only read 1 story,but i c potential.nywa,ny1 hoo can write bout 'mione bin a hookr has 2 b crazy,and i lik crazy ppl.also,she put her friggin info on her profile!nuts!

Renasence-Midnight-Ash=agen,only 1 story,but i wanna c where its goin.the story seems kinda kool,despite the retarded beggining.i think i mention blo how much i wanna b an editr.u prolly couldnt gess that frum all the shitty mistakes iv mad,but that dusnt fukin mattr.nyway,u can hardly tell i wrote my stories,the grammar and shit r so much bettr,and i did most of it here,not word/i swear.

Rorschach's Blot =this writer is like,my hero!harry havin his own harrem!thats like the greatest idea since carmel filled kisses!i rly got2 read their uthr werks!god i hate that lil thing called time!

teshara=ive only read 1 story and it was so great!Snape wid 'mione is a cute cuppl.kinda reminds me of this great story on adultfanfiction,tho with a lot less lemons.this is the 1 with the coughcoughvines in the bed...rite?

Atlanta Enchanted=i havnt finishd readin 1 of her stories yet,but its lookin good.also,how cood i not put her on my list wen she was the 1st persun bsides sarah 2 revu 1 of my stories?u ppl disgust me

kk-all the uthr stuff down there is rly wierd,so ignor it if u don lik wierd and dumb shit

ooooookkkkkkk,i think thats enuff.if u think i shood add nythin els,lik fav heroins,hottest actors,changes i wood make 2 myself,or shit bout the ppl in my headshut up Chad,then plz ask,tell,or ordr me 2

OMG! TAY! Dont 4get i c u evry effin day!


i luv u grl, ur the best, but u shooldnt blame me 4 ur own scru-upy natur(lol)

i mean seriusly, evry1 on this site is crazy, so dont blame me 2 make urself seem less so cuz ur so not un-crazy-or howevr uwanna sait

Hey-um i jus wanna sa hi 2 tay (Aphroditebabii3) 1 of my best frends evr

and i wanna sa that ny1 hoo reads this bettr try 2 find her so they can yell at her 4 not ritin a story

cuz shes a great ritr and i'll do mor then threaten her wid a knife if she dusnt rite summtin-and soon


if ur readin this then i need ur help,cuz at the moment i hav noooooo clu how 2 get a story on here!tho if ur readin this iv prolly written a story by now

that ma sound dumb 2 most ppl,but not 2 me cuz i hav no effin clu!

Nywaz-im brunette,blu eyed,thin(or so my frends keep screamin at me...)pale-ish,luvr uf Fred weasley!

SHHHHHHH!dont tell ny1

i wooldnt rly sa im lik ny uf the charactrs-i mean i am smart, brunette, and not that in2 sports (cept soccr cuz it rocks!) and lik tall guys (cuz im tall(speclly wen i wear my new biker heels)and short guys jus rnt as cut as tall 1s)LOL)all lik hermione, but i still dont think im lik her.

I mean seriusly, she has no fasion sense and as in meny storys, she cood hav gotten rid uf the friz, but w/e im not sain i dont lik her-cuz i do!-im jus sain im not lik her

O Ya... my great talent is singin and if u kno me(my namz greta in case u didn kno) then u kno im tellin the truth

o-my dream is 2 liv in taos, hav 10 kids, bcum a great singr, and publish mor then 20 books, sum wid 1 uf my best frends Tay, and travel the world(africa !), and i also wanna rite sum great stories on this websit bout the unbelievably awsum J.K.Rowling's characters. And bout a ton of othr authrs charactrs.(Christopher Paolini!)

Much Luv 2 thos hoo read this,


~im not greek in case u wer wundrin, nor black, or itallian

~im potugese,german,swedish,norwegian,czeco-slavakian,danish, and dutch

~if u wanna gess my age ur welcum

~ill giv u a hint-im yungr then16

~o, and if ur wierd and crazy and rly wanna kno, im a sagittarius-hehe

ik ik ik!im a TOTAL bitch 4 keepin u waitin 4 chaptr 8 4 soooooooooooooo long, but im sry.i hav a bisy life and im a lazy loser.i cant help it.ill try harder 2 update quicker.

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