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Author has written 5 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Fruits Basket, and Inuyasha.

Hello guys. I am slowly coming back from the dead.

Update: "Shadowed Past" shall be REWRITTEN. I can't leave a story unfinished, now can I?

Update #2: "Shadowed Past: Truth Within the Darkness" is now up with several chapters! Progress is slow, but getting there.

Here's my main characters for my story, Shadowed Photo, Shadowed Past, and Shadowed Past: Truth Within the Darkness. Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ruby Gemmon

Age: 11-12

Hair: Mixture of light and dark brown, shoulder length. Parted in the middle in Shadowed Photo. Slightly longer and parted to the left in Shadowed Past: Truth Within the Darkness.

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Personality: Ruby tries to seek the goodness in everyone with a kind and polite nature. She is mature in some ways, yet because of her innocent quality, appears to be juvenile in other ways. Ruby loves to help out people in any way she can, and is known to run off into situations with good intentions, but results into getting herself into trouble. When Ruby sets her mind on something, she can be stubborn. In cases of extreme stress or frustration, she will go into "fits" (not in a spoiled brat manner, but more like yelling, ranting, and pointing angrily). She rarely gets angry, which sometimes makes it difficult to express her anger, which can end in disaster.

Skills: In Shadowed Past: Truth Within the Darkness, Ruby contains an unusual and alarming amount of Chaos Energy inside of her body, but does not know how to use it. Right now, it is not known whether the energy is harmful to her or not.

Leo Richards

Age: 11-12 (as few months older than Ruby)

Hair: Short, messy blond hair. Grows it out more in Shadowed Past: Truth Within the Darkness.

Eyes: Light blue

Personality: Leo is a fun-loving goofball who has been Ruby's childhood friend since kindergarten. Despite Leo's laid back, goofy nature, he is very intelligent with computers and other small gizmos. Despite this, Leo has average grades in school, which implies that Leo masks his smarts by slacking off. Or, he is just lazy. He can become confused sometimes when he is thrown into a situation he has no knowledge of, which causes him to jump to conclusions. Leo is a trustworthy friend, and considers Ruby family.* He can have a quick temper when pushed into a corner, and can react violently if and only if when it is necessary.

Skills: Does not have any unusual powers. Great with computers, though.

*Ruby and Leo do love each other, but it is a PLATONIC-BROTHER-SISTER-TYPE-OF-RELATIONSHIP.

These are my OC's for my Inuyasha fic, Intertwined Destinies. This story has been DISCONTINUED. Sorry, ya'll.

Name: Mikeada

Age: 14

Hair: Brown, with blond highlights

Eyes: Brown when human, amber when in cat-demon form

Hobbies: Collecting, watching Inuyasha stuff, and drawing anime

Skills: Has a ring that can transform her into a cat-demon and has cat demon like powers

Personality: She's like a cat most of the time, she'll be right behind you one minute, then trying to kill a demon the next. She's a little shy around guy (except for Inuyasha and Miroku), and can be startled or scared easily. But, what ever you do, DON'T tick her off or consider yourself a scratch toy.

Motto: "Hey! That's MY fishie, Inuyasha! Mine! -Hisssss!-"

Name: Lucile

Age: 14

Hair: Golden brown

Eyes: Aqua, turns more of a greenish color when in avatar form

Hobbies: Collecting Inuyasha stuff, listening to music, skiing

Skills: Can contral air and cause wind storms or tornados with her necklace

Personality: She's a little more energetic than Mikeada, and has a positive attitude all the time, but can be stubborn sometimes. Likes to tease Inuyasha a lot. Is a little more comfortable around guys, but don't try anything funny with her--her powers will blow you away! Literally!

Motto: " LYLYAS!" (love you like a sister)

I guess you can say this is me "coming back from the dead." Oh! But just to clarify, I never stopped writing! I just stopped writing fanfics for a long time. Life happens. I'd like to think my writing is--to some extent--a lot better. I'm in college now, and have taken a lot of writing classes, which also helped. So far my only plan is to rewrite "Shadowed Past," and that's it. I don't even know if you guys care or not (wow, that's depressing), so I'll write a couple of chapters and see how it goes. We'll see what happens.

'Til then!

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