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"Let me tell you what a writer is. A writer takes comprehensive views, holds large convictions, makes wide generalizations. A writer's not English, Mexican, or American. A writer's not a woman nor a man. A writer's not Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, nor snake worshipper. To local standards of right and wrong a writer's civilly indifferent. In the virtues, a writer's concerned only with general expediency. A writer doesn't waste time focusing on fixed moral principles that aren't yet before the court of conscience. Happiness discloses itself to a writer as the end and purpose of life, and art and love are the only means to a writer's happiness. A writer is free of all doctrines, theories, etiquettes, and politics. To a writer, a continent doesn't seem long, nor a century wide. And a writer has ever present consciousness that this is a world of...fools and rogues, blind with superstition, tormented with envy, consumed with vanity, selfish, false, cruel, cursed with illusions, and frothing mad."

--Ambrose Bierce


I must first start out by making a confession: I am not normal. I frown upon normalcy. So the odder you are, the better off you are in my book. Therefore, 'twould only be a waste of your time to tell me there is something wrong with me. I've known that for years...

My favorites!

Favorite Book(s): HARRY POTTER! Yes, go J.K. Rowling! I think the quote at the beginning of this rambling fits berry much with her. She's stuck through some pretty stuff tough. I would fish-slap those ebil people dissin' me gal if I could round 'em all up. My theory is they'se all jealous! Yep. So applause J.K. ROWLING! You are my hero!

Ok, coming off my soap box now...

Right... Well, I also like the Lost Years of Merlin series by T.A. Baron. And Meg Cabot is cool, for chick-flicks and stuff. Oh, and Anne McCaffrey's books are good, too. Let's see, what else? I REALLY love Lord of the Rings, too, but I can't really say I like the books as much as the movies. Come on, people. Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan... They have to be better-looking than words on a page. No offense. I usually prefer the books to the movies, too. But then... Heehee, um, sorry?

Moving on...

Favorite Movies: Dundundun... Well, obviously the Harry Potter movies, that's a duh-given. LOTR, too. So that leaves... PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! Heck yes! Raise your hand if you can't wait until July 7th! Woohoo! Let's make shirts! Oh, wait, there ARE shirts... CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, then! Oh, they have shirts for that, too? Dang...

Ok, this is getting pretty dang long; I don't want people falling asleep or anything. That, like, so totally has to violate the 'TOS' on ff.net somewhere. Uber long profiles and the like.

So I'll say my likes/dislikes as far as fanfiction go...

I mainly do Harry Potter fanfiction. To me, it has the most malleable story plot and characters, etc. Maybe you don't understand me, or maybe you do, but whatever. As far as ships, my fave is D/G. Maybe because it is sooo unlikely, I dunno. But I do know Draco+Ginny= Crazy, Passionate, Angry, Funness! I must admit, the latest book kinda disturbed me, Draco-wise. He's soooo unbelievably MEAN in the books. But he's also so very OOH-LA-LA! Let's just forget that book six, eh? Nasty book anyway, what with...eh hem, that special person"dying" and all. Teehee! Anyway, Ginny, I think, would be good for him, Draco, if circumstances permitted it, which, of course, they don't. Which also makes D/G ffiction all the more fun and challenging to write!

Secretly, I want them (Harry and Draco) all to MYSELF!

Ginny/ Harry is okay, but I find it can be sort of dull because it is, well, canon. I can also handle Ron/Hermione and Luna/Blaise, but I don't really read stories with them as the main ship. Mostly I like them as sub-ships to D/G. I know, I don't have much variety, but then... I DO write humorous stuff with a variety of characters, both HP and other books/movies.

I CANNOT stand a Draco/Hermione ship, or a Harry/Hermione ship. DIE! DIE! DIE! Sorry... I strongly think Hermione belongs with Ron. Leave her with him. As for Draco, HE BELONGS TO GINNY! And slash is no-no, unless it is totally meant to be comical...

Ok, that's it for now, folks. Do try to wake up!

Taking over the world, one case of insanity at a time,


!~For updates, excerpts, previews and more from my stories, check out my poor excuse of a Xanga. It's not much, but it IS a spot where you can vent your anger on me and such, and to find out if I'm actually working or not! The link is above, where it says "Homepage". Duh.~!

"We live in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring, and furniture polish is made from real lemons."


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