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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Final Fantasy XII.

Im riona 18.

Im a girl that is in her teens.

There is not much to know about me.

As you can tell i like the Final Fantasy series. 8 is my favorite. In fact i like the final fantasy chain in general. I also like Kingdom Hearts though i hate what they did to names. I mean they changed Squall to 'leon' and Areis to 'Areith. I felt so gypped playing KH2...I mesn..they really went down hill when they made that game and they are supposed to be coming out with thrid one...Hope the redeem themeselves...I loved KH1.

New: FF12. Addicted. Love that game. Has some let downs, but i still enjoy it. GAMBITS!!!! I finished the game. I feel empty again..Like i did at the end of KH2. Bought Revanant Wings. Its alright. Im at the end of chapter 6. Very confused...

My favorite animes are Naruto, Inuyasha, FMA,adn S-CRY-Ed. The anime I dont like are Chrono Cursade and the Host Club. I like to read the Fruit Basket, Bleach, and Rurouni Kenshin. I like some others but there is not point in putting them all.

My feelings on the Baltheir Ashe pairing: I do NOT sipport this pairing. Yes, they share a few moments within the game but there is no romance that has sprung up between the two. Ashe is just desprete, she should go with Basch who has actually poteinally shown intrest in her. It is so much more apparent that there is more of a relationship between Balthier and Fran than him and Ashe. Yes, that is my spiel. Now that you know my feelings...

I decided that i dont like it when people mash names together, i.e. Squinoa... It just erks me. They have their own names. It is as if they mashed mine and my boyfriends name together...last time i checked i was still my own person..anywho...

Sasuke's Dead Pets is currnetly on hold until i find some other pets to kill...

Smell ya


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Under the Elements reviews
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