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Author has written 7 stories for Devil May Cry, Gravitation, Final Fantasy VII, Bleach, and Final Fantasy XII.

Name: Aubre-Chan

Age: 17

Sex: Female.. I think.

Grade: 12

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lbs

("Why did you tell me those things?" you ask. "I don't know", I answered.)

Yay! My name is Aubre Rae! I am a 17 year old girl living in someplace West Virginia... and I hate it. I'm orginally from Florida, but I moved! Yay! I love to write yaoi fan fictions and occasionally I'll write some het. And maybe someday I'll write some yuri... Well, I've been writing fan fictions ever since I was 13 so that's about 4 years of writing! I have definitely gotten better than I used to be. I wrote some of my fan fictions back in 2006 such as That Can Wait, Happy Birthday, Brother, and Stubborn Demon and I wrote them when I was about 14. I'm not exactly happy with those stories anymore, but some people might like it so I'll keep them posted. I update almost never (sorry!) because I am the king (or...queen) of procrastination. I'll write it out on paper when I'm out somewhere with nothing to do or at school when I'm supposed to have something to do but I write instead (lolz) but then I'll put off typing it out. I have pretty much a bagillion and two unfinished documents in my ff folder that I just can't finish, I don't know why! T_T

Contact Info

AIM: ReapTheTears

Yahoo Messenger: ARRSkyPirate

MySpace (Everyone's got one, yo):

And if you add me, please tell me who you are and why you're adding me... because I generally decline random friend requests)


Requests are welcome.

Constructive criticism is always very much welcome.

Flames, however, are NOT welcome. Take them elsewhere.

Fav. pairings:

Inuyasha: SesshomaruxNaraku

Fullmetal Alchemist: RoyxEd, RoyxHavoc, HughesxRoy, EdxAl

Devil May Cry: VergilxDante, DantexNero

Bleach: RenjixIchigo, GinxKira, ByakuyaxRenji, GrimmjowxIchigo, AizenxGin

Final Fantasy VII: SephirothxVincent, SephirothxCloud, SephirothxZack, ZackxCloud, VincentxCloud, SephirothxZackxCloud xD, gasp! SephirothxVincentxCloud, CidxVincent, RenoxCloud, RudexReno, RufusxReno

Gravitation: YukixShuichi, HiroxShuichi, TatsuhaxRyuichi yay.. incest pairings! -- TatsuhaxYuki, YujixHiro

Kingdom Hearts: LeonxCloud, SephirothxCloud, SephirothxLeonxCloud, RikuxSora, AxelxRoxas, ZexionxDemyx, AxelxDemyx, XigbarxDemyx

Death Note:LxLight(Oh em GEE! Light is so friggin' SEXY!!), MattxMello, MikamixLight, LightxMikami

Zelda:LinkxSheik, Dark LinkxLink

Things That Aubre Rae Will Write

Yaoi lemons

Incest between two brothers or two sisters.


Rated T Yuri

Possibly heterosexual lemons

Humorous stories



Things That Aubre Rae WILL NOT Write

Yuri lemons - I like to read 'em, but I just can't write it. xD


Incest between father-son, mother-daughter, brother-sister. Only between brothers or sisters.

Poems - Incapable of it. I've tried. Lol


Switching of genders... nothing against it... it's just... I dunno XD

Currently Working On


Pairing: LxRaito

Rating: M (NC-17)

Summary: 'It all had to be started with a god damned song!!'

Raito is complaining how quiet it is, so L happily graces him with a little music that Misa had recommended. (And we all know she's a huge yaoi fan deep inside. xD)


Pairing: Maybe a little VergilxDante X3

Rating: T for the implied twincest

Summary: Vergil wants to differ himself from his twin brother but doesn't exactly know how to until Dante gives him a new style!


Pairning: DantexVergil ( yes... seme Dante...)

Rating: M :D

Summary: This fic is based on a picture that I found browsing the galleries on


Pairing: VergilxDante

Rating: M

Summary: Sequel to "Skip" (Finally, ne?) The twins are in a rush to get home to finish what they had started at school and neither of them have the right mind to think things through. Will they be caught this time?

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