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So let's see... My name is Angelique and I live in Wisconsin. My age is completely up to you, but if you pass 20 there's gonna be a throw down. My birthday is September 1st. I used to be able to write like 5 chapters in a day but for some reason i just can't seem to write like I used to. It took me half a year to actually have the guts to post a story on here but at least I have. I stick to Harry Potter, ASOUE, and anime when it comes to fanfic. I like Naruto, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Ayashi no Ceres, Love Hina, and Bleach so far not that I exactly have the best resources to read my beloved manga. My specialty is coming up different pairings that aren't exactly normal but I love them. Yaoi, yuri, and SOME incest I don't mind it depends on the situation. Fruits Basket for example is full of incest since most of those people in love ARE ALL IN THE SAME FAMILY!

Favorite Pairings


ShikamaruXTemari, GaaraXSakura, NarutoXHinata, NejiXTenten, KakashiXSakura, KankouroXTenten, InoXShino, InoXKiba, ShizuneXGenma, IrukaXAyame, KakashiXRin, KurenaiXKiba, KurenaiXShino, AsumaXIno, NarutoXSasuke, NarutoXGaara, ShikamaruXNeji, ShikamruXGaara, GaaraXSasuke, KakashiXIruka, KibaXShino, KankouroXKiba, TemariXTenten, KinXIno, SakuraXHinata, TemariXIno, innocent ItachiXSasuke


IchigoXRukia, OrihimeXUryu, ToshiroXMomo, IchigoXUryu

Fruits Basket:

TohruXKyo, YukiXKagura, SakiXKazuma, MomijiXMomo (don't ask it just popped into my head one day), HiroXKisa!!!, and YukiXMachi, YukiXHatsuharu, HatsuharuXIzumu(Rin), HatsuharuXKisa, MomijiXHatori

Ayashi no Ceres:

YuhiXAya/Ceres, AyaXAki

Harry Potter:

HarryXGinny, HermioneXRon, LunaXNeville, CharliexHermione, LilyXJames, DracoXPansy, SeamusXParvati, ChoXCedric, FredXGeorge, RemusXTonks, RemusXSirius

ASOUE (A Series Of Unfortunate Events):

VioletXDuncan, VioletXQuigely, VioletXKlaus, KlausXIsadora, KlausXDuncan


HidekiXChi, ChiX Dark Chi, that one friend of Hideki's and his teacher XD

Three Ways:


NarutoSasukeSakura, ShinoHinataKiba, TemariShikamaruIno, KankouroGaaraTemari, KakashiSakuraGaara, NarutoHinataSakura



Fruits Basket:

KyoTohruYuki, MomijiHiroKisa, HartsuharuKisaYuki

Ayashi no Ceres:


Harry Potter:

HarryGinnyCho, HermioneRonHarry, FredHermioneGeorge




I should probably read a bit more first

I am currently working on a KakaSaku fic which I really need to get working on because I only have the epilouge up XD My LiveJournal is random_luv which is a place I recommend ALL to sign-up for cuz it just kicks that much ass.



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