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If your reading this it's probably because you got a review from me. I do want to start writing fanfiction but I am very limited in time and pretty shy when it comes to my writing.

Things you might wanna know:

Title- Leo

Sex- Female

Sexuality- Lesbian

Hair and Eye color- Long blonde, blueish grey eyes

Grade- Senior, (21 in college)

You wanna know more just ask for it...

--Did this to be able to review again. I hate not making some kind of difference so until I starting posting myself I would at least like to be able to review...I have post anonymously under this name before felt only right to use it. A name is everything, it should show everyone who you are. Always more than what I seem.

"I am almost gone, then I think of you."

"I'm always afraid I'll disappoint you; that when you finally get a good look at me, you'll see the real me, and you'll leave."

"In heaven they found me. Brought me back to where they thought I belonged. They were selfish; I know it. They tore me away from my perfect world. When I was really lost, they couldn't see it. She tells me that I should be thankful. If it didn't happen, then I wouldn't be with her. She tells me that I saved her. I just smile and nod, knowing that I could never have survived without her. She saw what was there the whole time. Until now, I was to blind to see it. I think I've loved her since the beginning. Just took me longer to realize. She tells me now that she'll never leave me, that she'll protect me, and that she'll never quit believing. She can't know how much that means to me, and she doesn't realize that now, she's my air."

Love Me, Hate Me, Fuck Me, Kill Me
Just don't leave me here alone
I can't stand it anymore
My senses are out of control
I know I need you here with me now
Breaking down, no hope left
Remember I never stopped loving you
I wish things could be different
But they won't change without you
Time is all we have and I'm not a patient person
But for you I'd wait
You leave me left wanting
And I'm Yours


Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing here. Have this girl in my life right now... You see, she is the only thing that keeps me sane. The amazing thing about writing is this neat thing they call "backspace". See, as of right now, I have yet to find the right way to tell this girl she is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. That between distance and me fucking up, she never once left my thoughts. That my life is better when she's in it. Maybe its just late... Maybe it's me over thinking things... Maybe I'm being emo... but I'm here, and I'm hers. Good or bad. I'm all hers.

I meant every word of what I said. I struggle now to find if I still mean it. If I am letting the distance grow because I am too afraid of how much it really hurt and how I'll react if I ever really face it. We have gone through more together than the things that happen when we are apart. When I'm hurting you are the one person I think of to run to, and when I am happy you are the first person I want to tell. Idk what I am doing most of the time or why I do it. Knowing that would make life too simple...

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