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Hi this is Ghostio I really don't have much to say without making me sound like a loser... not that that's hard to do. But me and my friend Daigona have finally got off our asses to start this account.

We write the stories together or separately doesn't much matter. We should be able to update at the max a month anymore and we should be hanged by our toes by a high powered fan turned on and let loose on a plank above a tank of man eating sharks and then the WHACK OWWWW. Sorry it's seems I have gone off topic. mutters Daigona you stupid ingrate didn't have to hit me. AH eh oh hehe heh. I thought I was going to get hit there WHACK I spoke to soon @~@

Ghostio: no Ghostio is not my real name, but if it was it would be really sad.

Fav. music: ...don't know I have one to many. If there are any bands that you like do tell me, I'm always willing to listen.

Fav. food: ICE CREAM... that and a few other things.

Fav. anime: Let's just leave it at I have alot but one of my favorites is HunterXHunter; it's great.

Fav. parings:

Naruto pairings




SasukexOC and SasukexSakura (But I like OC better) and the SasukexSakura parings I like in very rare circumstances. I mean these circumstances are so rare it's like offering someone a trillion dollars and have them reject it. Yeah it's rare.

for Sakura in most cases (look at Jaken's)

Inuyasha pairings

InuyashaxKagome (It's really weird I like that pairing but I don't really like either of them Kagome's voice annoys me and Inuyasha just bugs me)

SesshomaruxOC and SesshomaruxSango SesshomaruxRin (I know Sesshomaru and Sango a little weird but I'm weird so ha)

Jaken is meant to be alone; I don't care which sick weirdo thinks he should be with anyone, but he is meant to die alone. ALONE! Did I mention he's supposed to die alone? Well let me repeat it for you ALONE!

MirokuxSango (one of my fav.)



The Wallflower/ Perfect Girl Evolution/ something else I can't remember (but this isn't really an anime) ...but it will be soon!


RanmaruxOC or that other character that gets brought in.

TakenagaxNoi or that other translation of her name


Fruits Basket pairings is the same as Daigona's pretty much.

And that's that. No more. Game over man. Game over. User WWHACK OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW

Now Daigona will write hers when ever she gets off her stupid ass and gets to it.

Daigona: HEY! I WAS SICK! You can't blame me for that you know! (Ghostio: Actually I can) SMACK!

Oh. Hello I am Daigona and by the way just so you know I am constantly getting sick but that usually doesn't stop me from doing the things I want.

As you all can guess my name isn't really Daigona and my real name shall stay a mystery. hehe and my 'friend' got the nickname Ghostio from me and well it just stuck to her so yeah!

Favourite foods: Vegetarian Pizza, Vegetables, stir fry, rice, Sim dum, and all Japanese foods. Oh and anything I'm allergic to. Yup, my bad.

Favourite music: I generally like heavy metal, rock, punk, goth, and anything that is not English.

Favourite Anime: Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Brigadoon, Inuyasha, Naruto and etc.(the list just keeps going so i'll end it there.)

Favourite Manga: Wallflower (Perfect Girl Evolution), Fruits Basket, Crescent Moon, Princess Ai, and there are too many more to name so yeah lets just stop there.


Favourite Pairings:

Kakashi x OC

Sasuke x OC

Itachi x OC

Neji x OC

Sakura x Alot (I know I changed from hating her to liking her, let's just say that I hate her UNLESS its in fanfiction, if its a story on here then I like her)

p.s - as you notice i really like OC pairings.

Most Hated Pairings:

Naruto x Hinata

Naruto x Anybody

(I kinda just don't like reading naruto pairings, it's like seeing some kind of romance thing as Ghostio being one of the two getting paired, its just wrong to me.)

(oh and by the way for some reason I REALLY LOVE yaoi pairings in mangas and anime but I CANNOT stand it in Fanfic. Strange huh?)



Sesshoumaru x Kagome (They just fit for me)

Kouga x OC

Miroku x Sango

Naraku x Kagome (don't know why but I love the idea of kagome leaving behind both inuyasha and Kouga and going with the bad guy.)

Hated pairings

Sesshoumaru x Anybody but Kagome

Inuyasha x Sango (Gross!)

Inuyasha x Anybody (He irritates almost as much as anime sakura! thats bad.)

Fruits Basket


Momiji x OC

Yuki x Tohru

Kyo x Tohru

Momiji x Tohru

Shigure x Tohru

Ayame x Tohru

Hatori x Tohru

Akito x Tohru (In the anime that is. Where Akito is a guy not a girl.)

(If I think of any more I'll tell you.)


(Same as Ghostio.)

By the way. Since nobody here besides Ghostio knows who I really am I can admit to the readers that yes! I Am A Closet Pervert! Meaning the I am like Kakashi and I DO read those kind of books hehe and I love Black, dark colours, darkness, and depressing things, but yet I am not considered Gothic, nope not a goth. Anyways Adieu to you! Have fun!

- Daigona

NOTE: I, RIGHT NOW, AM IN A VERY BAD MOOD! JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO READS A FANFIC AND THEN FLAMES IT, I WILL KILL YOU! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY THEN JUST STOP READING! (In a small mouse-like voice) Hehe, did I just say that? Oops, well just ignore my other half and continue with whatever you were doing. Au Revoir!

Ghostio: Do you see what I have to put up with A FREAKING TIME BOMB! Although I usually know what I'm going to say will get her upset with me... all well it's fun before she pops me one. I also kinda have to agree with the whole flamer thing; but if daigona didn't threaten you I would be even more afraid. REALLY REALLY AFRAID I'M NOT KIDDING SHE IS NOT SOMEONE TO TRIFLE WITH IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF! ...or if you seem to be painless like me.


Daigona: Hello everyone! I just finished editing chapter 20 of Reiko and Sai Rhymes with Pie in your Eye and have uploaded it! This might be the only update for a while as Ghostio has gone beck to her city via bus yesterday morning, I miss her already! I am quite proud of her for getting this chapter to me despite the odds against her, to understand what I mean read the authors notes in the new chapter. Good luck to all those othe college and university students out there that are starting or have started the new semester! I know I need the luck!

Also, I have just gotten a livejournal account so if anyone wishes to add me as a friend the feel free, I will post any new updates and news about us and the story on there. The link to my livejournal page is just the homepage at the top, stop by for a visit sometime! Ja matta!

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