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Hey i have just one question to ask you. Do you like Harry Potter? Coz if you don't then you are absolutely crazy!

Anyway here is sum stuff you might like to know about me!

What they call me: Nicole

How long i've existed: 13years

When i first came into the world: 24 June 1993

What i brush: Blode/brown hair

What i look through: blue eyes

M8ts 4 lyf: Jessica, Amy, Sophie and Stacey

Status: Single

Ambition in life: To be a marine Bioligist.

Well there is sum stuff about me and i hope you like me.Anyway i luv Harry Potter and i just don't know what i wud do if i just didn't like it. Anyway here are sum of ma fav couples

!MA FAV COUPLES.! (I hope you agree)

Harry/ Ginny

Hermione/ Draco

Hermione/ Ron

Draco/ Me!

I hope you agree with me on them. (Apart from da one which sez me n draco) I am currently working on 1 story called Snow White Christmas which has sum Hermione/Draco romance and maybe, i sed MAYBE it will have sum Hermione/ Ron Romance in there.

Anyway the only way i can find out if you agree with me on the couples and if you like my stories is if you send me a private message or if you review! Oh and if you wud like to c ma website all about Harry Potter and his mates then go to ma futigo website called:

I also have other websites on Piczo called:


(don't ask me why i called it this!)

Anyway visit them if you want to they are there for you all to see so hope to hear from you all soon and i hope you like my stories.


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