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Hello and welcome to my profile. I can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since I updated this profile. Well, I'm back and hopefully I won't mysteriously vanish again. "Digital Displacement" is still currently on hold, but I should hopefully update it soon. I think it may be time to bring back the Meg's Family character bios. Also, don't forget to visit my deviantart for news, info, and updates. And beware of trolls:

Zack Murdock- A former convenient store clerk at a local 7-11. He met Meg after she was abandoned once again and fell in love with her. He's quite sarcastic and has some anger issues, especially when dealing with Peter. Recently revealed to be the son of Satan but has no demonic powers due to being baptized.

Madeline "Maddie" Murdock- Zack and Meg's 1 year old daughter. Maddie can be either playful and innocent, or a troublemaking brat depending on her mood. She shares a very close bond with Stewie and sees him as more of a brother than a real uncle. Although he won't admit it, Stewie feels likewise.

Christopher Reeve "CJ" Russel- Jillian and Chris's son and older twin brother to Tilly. They were the end result of a ski trip disaster. CJ is much like his father as he is fat and dumb. He also serves as Tilly's guinea pig, Igor, and best friend. His full name is Christopher Reeve Russel/Griffin Jr.

Matilda "Tilly" Russel- Jillian and Chris's daughter and younger twin brother to CJ. They were the end result of a ski trip disaster. Tilly is only like her mother in looks as she was born with an IQ of 275(they say she cut her own ibilicle cord). She has a knack and passion for inventing things. Some work, most don't. Her favorite hobby is splitting atoms.

Valarie Murdock- Zack's mother and local Quahog hippie. She often attempts to spread the message of peace and love only to get insulted for being a hippie. She's been Lois' friend since childhood and even lived in the same rich neighborhood with her. She was also in a relationship with Brian and has a passion for art.

Jack Russel- Zack's identical looking cousin who has the skills of an assassin. He was responsible for the death of Mayor West's adviser, Mr. Ray. He was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Phoebe until a recent breakup. He currently lives with Lois' sister Carol in Texas and is starting a relationship with her.

Cody- Zack's estranged son and half brother to Maddie. He had not seen his father in 2 years since his birth and held a deep hatred towards him because of it. However, a camping trip changed all that and now he's more open towards his new family. Cody has however been shown to be annoyed by Stewie and Maddie's antics lately. Is now official part of the Murdock clan.

Lobster- He used to be an ordinary lobster, but fate lead him to a young man named Zack Murdock and later Carter Pewterschmit where his life was changed forever. After some steroid abuse, he had become a humanoid lobster. He is often seen hanging out with the giant chicken and even joined tag team fights against Peter and Zack.

Lucifer- The lord of darkness and pure evil itself. He is the Devil. He once bought Meg's soul, but lost it lost it in a number game to Maddie. He's been plotting revenge to get Meg to become his bride until recently. They are now in better terms as it has since been revealed that he is Zack's real father.

Corvette- She was once a computer car with an AI flaw. She fell in love and became obsessed with Peter. So obsessed that she tried to kill Lois, but ended up being destroyed in the process. She is now currently an evil robotic Lois and is somewhere plotting her revenge.

Sasha "Raven" Blackenski - A gothic Russian-American teenager who currently attends James Woods High. She befriended Meg, but not without initial tension from her parents. Like Meg, she is considered and outsider and a freak by her peers. Unlike Meg, however, Raven does not seek acceptance and appears to have had a past friendship with Connie D'amico at one point. How their friendship ended is currently unknown. She loves psychological horror movies and finds gore overrated. She is the daughter of female pro-wrestler Olga "Iron Maiden" Blackenski and mercenary Boris Blackenski. She is also an only child apparently.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Williams: A 16 African American male currently dating Roberta Tubbs. He's a freelance DJ with a mysterious past...

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