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Hi I am Kabato

My favorite anime...



-Yuyu Hakusho


-Ben10 (i even wrote a poem, good poems)

Right now I am working on a story or maybe a bunch of stories that are half finished.

I know i shouldfinish "unwatered space" as soon as possible (since it was the first story I started working on, but i am justso slow in writing a fics. I read the story again its really good, this week i had a breakthrough so I am working on the next chapter pronto

My story Ideas

(xioalin showdown) Jack got tired of building the same robot over and over so that the xioaling gang can beat them up, so he builds a robot named Rake to do that. Rake builds the robots but they are just as useless as before and Jack yells at him and calls him name. (you know how Jack can be very abusive)A robot doesn't mind usually mind anything but takes failure pretty seriously, so Rake goes all out out on making his next robot which is Chase. (Chase Young)

(Yugioh) Pretending to beYami
You know how the eyes are the window to a person's heart, well when Yugi and Yami switch places Joey can't help but notice the sex appeal radiating from his 'young friend' and the innocence behind Yugi's glaces make Kaiba feel a certain attachement towards who he thinks is Yami. This is a good plot if you think about it.
-Yugi loves Tea
-Tea has eyes only for Yami
- Yugi goes to this store and sees these high heel that make him tall.
-Yugi decides to pretend to be Yami and goes to see Tea
- Tea falls for this fake'Yami'
- The next day Yugi goes to see Tea and goes into her place without knocking
-There Yugi finds Tea is with Keith
-Yugi runs out of there crying and goes to a park
-At home the phone won't stop ringing
-Yami is thinking on how much he likes Joey, but can never get the blond to notice him
-Yami picks up the phone and Tea is busy mumbling about how she is sorry and begs Yami not to tell anyone
-Yami of course doesn't know what Tea is talking about
-When Yugi gets home Yami realizes What happened. comforts Yugi yada yada
-Yami begs Yugi to switch places with him
-Yugi is hesitant and Yami reminds him he can get back at Tea
-The switch happens
- Joey being the good friend he is takes 'Yugi' on a daytrip to comfort him about Tea breaking up with him last week.
- Yami takes that opptunity to edge his way into Joey's pants in the name of 'friendly playfullness'
-Back at home Yugi is bored and goes for a walk
-He meets the CEO who challenges him to a duel that he loses
-The CEO can't get over this new 'Yami' who is constantly blushing and just looks so innocent
He begins to wonder if Yami has done it yet and has naughty thoughts.

well what do you think, is this a good plot?

(Ben10) Raised as cousins
The good guys found a way to free Ben from the Omitrix. (Ben isn't exactly feeling it since the Omitrix made him cool and without it he was a loser.) After being treated like a kid Ben stole one of his grandfather's beer and got drunk. He spied Gwen and Kevin together and heard Gwen saying he was a dope...yada yada. Gwen and Kevin tried to do more than a little kissing but stopped when they noticed Ben. Ben got yelled at, called names. you get the idea So now Ben is all deppressed and tries to commit suicide but the watch won't let him. The omitrix started playing direct role in Ben's life. enough with that

(Dragon ball Z) service interrupted
Bulma being the genius that she is realized that It would take Dr. Gero more that 3 years to build the androids, the future Trunks talked about. That said, She convinced Gohan and Krillin that it would be better if they stopped Dr. Gero before he actifated his androids or finished making them. ( hello these were the android that killed everyone in the future, It was better to catch them when they were weak) Well they found the androids allready completed. Bulma considered having them blasted untill she realize the androids were not given any objective. Everyone decided to grab an android for themself. Bulma got #16, Krillin #18, and Gohan #17 Now they have to keep it a secret from everyone that their new friends were androids. Of course Dr.Gero having his androids stolen and getting injured in the proccess is busy building cell with #19 (the fat one) at his side. he he

I NEED a beta

I have good story ideas but need just a little help

i have more details to the stories ideas above, like the entire plot but there isn't room enough here to write them.

let me know if you are interested. Don't even mind co authoring

lot of love later

wait, Now if your going to steal my story idea don't make it too obvious
Let me know because there are more details to the stories. -I am the one who came up with it and can tell you where its going so you don't screw it up- plus there are certain rules you have to follow
I will help you with the story, all you will have to do is give my credit.
It took a lot of guts to put my story ideas for people to see, knowing some people think there are stupid.
And it would be good to know someone don't think they were dumb.

also if you didn't guess I am female

and if you like any of my stories make sure to review. That way i will know to update. I am really a novice writer who needs alot of encouragement.


I am a beautiful girl who loves to read
I wonder how the world would be if everyone followed the rules
I hear angels singing outside the window at night
I see the things I am reading coming to life
I want to read all the books in the world
I am a beautiful girl who loves to read

I pretend I am an angel reading books
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
I touch the sky the moon and all the planets in the universe
I worry about homeless people
I cry for all the death and poverty in the world
I am a beautiful girl who loves to read

I understand the meaning of respect
I say we are all equal
I dream of flying around the galaxy
I try to be the best reader in the world
I hope to read all my life
I am a beautiful girl who loves to read

This is my I am poem I don't know if you guess have done yours yet. It was an English assignment that i did a long time ago.

bye everyone

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