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Hi, KittenofShadows here! Most profiles are pretty boring, and I'm sure this one is no exception. I mean, why would you all care about my personal life? But oh well. I might as well give some info. Because I hate it when profiles are empty.

NOTICE: Daughter of Earth and Sky now has a cover! It's at .

NOTICE: Son of Wrath and Fire now has a cover! It's also at .

NOTICE: the AMAZING lyokolady coloured me a picture of Rune. It's GREAT. She's an amazing artist, so check the pic out here:

Fourth Noticey thing: There's a lot of art from my stories on my deviantART account. it's got LINK up there...

Real Name: None of your buisness. It's a stupid name anyways. To everyone who knows me, I'm Kittie.

Age: old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyways.

Personality: Not really a poser, though some people might say otherwise. I'm outgoing and not afraid to say what I think, which sometimes gets me in trouble. All in all, I'd say I'm a pretty nice person, but I have my dark and dangerous moments. Some people hate me, but to tell the truth, I don't really care.

Looks: You won't be finding a picture of me, since I'm not interested in stalkers, so I think I'm fairly safe describing myself. I've got dark hair and green eyes with long lashes. My eyes have grey rims around the irises, which in the middle ages supposedly showed you had second sight. Unforunately this has yet to do me any good. I'm pretty enough, but not in an obvious way. You've gotta look at me a while to notice it. I've sort of got an elfish look (minus the pointed ears, unfortunately), with a solemn face and paleish skin that doesn't burn but takes forever to tan. Kinda vampiry...And short. Definately short.

Likes: Stuff that isn't dumb, really sharp pencils, the color black, cute guys, fics with lots of drama, and really long reviews. I also have a strange attraction to the Disney Princesses.

Dislikes: When people dot their i's with hearts or smiley faces, people who get in my face, people who add your story to their favorites list but never review.

Guilty Pleasure: Singing with a hairbrush in the mirror when no one's watching. I'm actually getting rather good.

Pets: Three cats, Lilyblossom, Spiceleaf, and Sugarheart

Fictional Guys I'm Crushing on:

Fang (Maximum Ride)

Alex Rider (Alex Rider Series)

Scipio (Thief Lord)

Link (Legend of Zelda) (Did you ever notice the initials to Hero of Time spell hot? Hero Of Time)

Farid (Inkheart)

Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil (Animorphs)

Axel (Kingdom Hearts II)

Murtagh (Eragon)

Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II)

My Sundavar. (my series)

Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Movies: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Peter Pan (both the cartoon and the real one), Theif Lord, and numerous others. I'm hoping to get a job in animation at Disney, so I often study their movies and practice drawing their characters. The Little Mermaid style is my favorite, followed closely by Peter Pan.

Favorite Books: Um...too many to write here. But for starters I like Maximum Ride, Alex Rider, Thief Lord, Inkheart, Eragon, Uglies and Warriors

Favorite Quotes:

~"Sometimes you have to take off your mask, or it will overflow with tears, and you'll drown in your sorrow." ~ ?

~"She's just jealous. All girls get like that around me." - Peter (Peter Pan II ; Return to Neverland)

~"Don't think; it doesn't suit you." - Sissi (Code Lyoko - Teddygodzilla)

~"When you drink too much from a bottle labelled 'poison', it's bound to catch up to you sooner or later." - ?

~"We are a little weird sometimes. When we find those people whose weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them and fall into a satisfying weirdness and call them our best friend." - Boy Meets World

~"See? We have like, the same mind. Except yours is twisted." - Lmo Repke

~"Wow you're heavy. What have you been eating, rocks?" "Why, is your head missing some?" - Fang and Max (Maximum Ride)

~"Why are you here?" The Shade looked at him with contempt in his red eyes and smiled. "To gloat, of course. What use is a victory if one cannot enjoy it?" - Eragon and Durza (Eragon)

~"There's a reason why we're born with brains in our heads, not rocks." - Brom (Eragon)

~Note to Self: Crack up later. -Max (Maximum Ride)

~"...This is my phone. She has no right to call it!" - Vincent (Final Fantasy)

~"The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective..." -Max (Maximum Ride)

~If at first you don't succeed, Skydiving isn't for you. -Someone Else's Profile. Sue me.

~"All toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads. Well, no frogs are toads." -I think Angela said this (Eragon)

~The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with. -ME! (and numerous other people who choose to remain unmentioned.)

~When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and create an army of SUPER lemons! -?

~The brightest light casts the darkest shadow -Unknown

~Love is more than a candle...Love can ignite the stars. -Unknown (Probably the author of the novel version of Star Wars Episode III. Uhm...I think it's a Sith saying...)

~When life gives you lemons...sell them on eBay! -?

~When life gives you lemons...ask for a diet coke to put them in. -?

~Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company -Mark Twain

~Be happy for me, and all who fly free - Tobias (Animorphs)

~ I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life? -?

Current Stories:

Daughter of Earth and Sky: Finished! This is the first story I've ever finished in my entire life. Boo ya! Cookies for me. I like it, but I think my others are better. I improve as I go along.

Son of Wrath and Fire: Finished! Second story I've finished. Better than DoEaS, but not the best. Not much to say on this one...other than the fact that I've developed a crush on my own character. hugs Sunboy (That's my pet name for him :D)

Child of Trust and Betrayal: Finished! Much better than the first two, if I do say so. Although I've gotten some reviews saying "I know who the Child is" and I'm like "Whaa?" cuz there is no Child. The 'Daughter' was Rune and the 'Son' was Sunboy, but I didn't actually plan on there being a 'Child'. This one's mostly about the whole group, more so than a single main character. Slate and Saphira are going to be more frequent in this one too. And Matrix. I love Matrix. Also, this one is in between T and K, since all the characters are growing up and getting to know one another -- in more ways than one. Definately some Eragon/Runeness in here, and Sunboy/Rune too. To tell the truth, I had planned on ending this series with this one. But I didn't want it to drag on, and a major plot twist popped into my head that deserved another story. So I ended this one a bit abruptly.

Kingdom of Hope: Finished! And not a minute too soon.

Using the Gift: Just started...yep. About Rune's children.

That's about it. You can insult my stories all you want, flames don't bother me. Just don't swear too much in your reviews, that bugs me. I love PMs and LPR's (Long Pointless Reveiws) so feel free to leave either.

~Hearts to all,


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