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A New Appreciation- An important infiltration gone wrong leaves the hitokiri Battousai to do a task he wasn't exactly trained for...

This is not a one shot! This is not a song fic! And this is not a Mary Sue! It will be many many chapters long because I have so much I want to write! It will be Drama/Humor and rated T or PG-13. There will be some cussing by some characters, but nothing obscene. The second chapter will reveal the plot so at least read to there.

I am also plotting out more Rurouni Kenshin fics, but I'm finishing this one first. I might do a one shot during this time when I'm working on A New Appreciation so check it out! And yes, starting on chapter four my chapters will be long! I already pre-wrote the prologue and first three chapters and I'm not going to change them.

Upcoming Stories

These are all stories I have been working on or just randomly came up with the idea. I plan to write all of these, so watch for them!

Pigs Fly and Hiko Sings- Have you ever wondered where Kenshin learned that song about sake? One-shot.

A Series of Random Circumstances- Random drabbles in the time Kenshin was Hiko's baka deshi. Every chapter is a new adventure!

The Higher Grounds- After the battle of Toba Fushimi, Himura Kenshin wanders aimlessly. When he saves the daughter of an innkeeper, he gets involved in a string of hidden ambitions and revenge. What is he to do?

A Memory of You- It’s not easy when everything you see and everywhere you go reminds you of her. One-shot.

My Metaphor- Living in a predictable world with a predictable life, sixteen year old Kamiya Kaoru wishes for something out of the ordinary. But when a ghost who says they were lovers 131 years ago begins to start following her around, she begins to wish for her predictable life to return. KK, AM, SM, YT

The Beauty of Simplicity- Kenshin and Kaoru simply admire the clouds. One-shot.

To Smile As If I Could- Sometimes rain is capable of bringing forth rainbows. One-shot.

Fixation of the Soul- In a town of no more than 300 people, rumors and legends flourish. But what happens when Yukishiro Tomoe, daughter of a deceased fishing family, stumbles upon the man whom the legends speak of? KT

Dare- Okita Souji is put in a tough situation. One-shot.


11/7/06 Muahahahaha! I have my new computer now! My old one blew (literally) so I had to wait since practically July to use it. At first I thought I lost all my stories. XD Scary thought. Oh, and I'm going to Ecuador!!!!!!! YEA! It will be scary, though, since no one knows English. Some of my friends know a little, but I still have to talk to them in Spanish.

6/14/06 Alright, ANA is on hiatus because I have lost all interest in the story. I may even rewrite it. XD


Gender: I'm a girl, thank you.

Height: 5'7

Hair color: Auburn

Eye color: Hazel

Age: Just turned fifteen on October 27th.

Location: Florida

Hobbies: writing, drawing, babysitting, tennis, volleyball, tutoring, archery, Middle Eastern dance, swimming, horseback riding, iceskating, soccer, singing, acting, cooking, cleaning, reading, hanging out with friends and family, sleeping during all my classes...

Favorite dessert: cheesecake, pumpkin pie, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries

Favorite books: Harry Potter (I read HP fanfics as well), Chronicles of Narnia, Memiors of a Geisha

Favorite food: chicken salad, bagels, potatoes

Favorite band or singer: L'Arc~en~Ciel, BoA, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, India.Arie, t.A.T.u.

Favorite anime and manga: Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist,Yu Yu Hakusho and many more but I only read stories from these. (I love Bleach, Peacemaker Kurogane, DNAngel, Gravitation...too many too list!)

I love Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. PotO is a movie, play, and CD, but Les Miserables I believe is a CD, book, and a play only. You have to check them out! They have beautiful music and plots. Here are the homepages for both:

I love to talk to people, so here are a few ways to reach me:

Email- blood_of_vipers@yahoo.com

AIM- PunchBuggyX

Yahoo!- blood_of_vipers

I am never on AIM or Yahoo! (XD), but I always check my email so that is the best way to reach me.

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