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Hello, my name is Ixazncha0six . Ilike to read and write fanfiction. When I first began to read fanfiction I liked cannon and stories on the "Golden TRio" but nowadays I hate Ginslut, and Ron. I also hatestories which feature apussy!harry and the goody 2shoes Harry. My favoritekind of stories are stories thatfeature a independent,shrewd and dark Harry.

My opinion on HPB: The Half Bake Plot which I believe is by far the worst of the series. . This is a sign that she is selling out since it seems like she looked through all the crappy Harry/Ginny stories and she decided to take cliches from it. She also turned a good character like Hermione into a whiny b. Some things I did like was the horcrux idea and learning about Voldemorts past. Professor Slughorn had potential to be a great character but she had to make him into a pedophile. Any one notice that when we learned Slughorn was a Slytherin his character went down. What is J.K's problem with being shrewd and ambitious? Without those kinds of people the world will still be in the stone ages. Next the H/G is so terrribly written. J.K is terrible at writing romance. How did Ginny go from putting her elbow in a dish to becoming "spunky" like what Ginny fans say? I believe that Ginny gave Harry a love potion but J.K does not have the guts to post it. Another thing I hated is how much of a b Harry was in that book. I mean he just learned the prophecy yet he still wants to slack all day? Shouldn't he be training and getting prepared for Voldemort, but nooo Dumbledore says that he can beat him with "Love." Well I can say alot more on how J.K sold out to please fangirls but I'll stop there.

My opinion on cannon pairings.

Harry/Ginny: I HATE this pairing but I can read it when it is written well. I hate the way stories these days pair these two up with that whole "soul mate" crap, it is do annoying. What made me hate this pairing is the way that 99 of fanon out these days are written terribly. I consider this pairing slash in most stories since most authors like to proclaim Ginny as the man of the relationship, in those stories Harry is usually a bitch and Ginny slaps him around.Why do authors portray her as"spunky"whenin her 1st year shewas putting her elbow on a butter dish."Idecided on Dean" what a slut.

Harry/Hermione: Idon't mind thispairing to much but I prefer Hermione as a sister figure.

Ron/Hermione: All I have to say is that Ron is way to stupid for Hermione.All Ron likes to do is play chess and quidditch.

Pairings I like:

Harry/Rare pairing: I like pairings that are rare likeHarry/Parvati or stuff like that. I know it will never haver but it is still interesting to read.

Harry/Bella: This is a great pairing but I hate the way that authors always redeem her in the end. I prefer that Harry/Bella are involved in a love/hate relationship.

Harry/Tonks Is a great pairing.

I have one fanfic out called Harry Potter and the Tainting of a Soul. It is basically when Harry defeated Quirrell, Voldemort tried to escape but he end up being stuck inside Harry's scar. Harry and Voldemort both agree that they need to cooperate to survive. Harry will eventually become darker and more powerful as the story progress.
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