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Hi, I'm IsisMollyO. (Like my avatar? Wish I really looked that sexy. But I really did make it look as much like me as possible). My name Isis was decreed by my friend AquaAneko, who has a FanFic character named Isis who is a computer geek. Yup, that's me! Underneath the News section, there's more about me, if you care to take the time to read it.

New News:

April 29th, 2008 Holy cow have I been busy! But I'll have to talk about all that later, since I've got other stuff to do right now, I just stopped by to see how things were going.

September 18th, 2007 Wow. I can't believe so much time has past since I've last written on here! Well, I haven't made any new stories because I've been incredibly busy and will be until I'm all the way through high school and college, so any story will be slow in coming. I do way too much stuff but I love it all! I just checked and I now have 7,711 hits. That's incredible! So anyways, I've officially declared myself a 'super-nerd' because I do all of the 'nerd'-qualifying things. I'm in debate and marching band and orchestra and Knowledge Bowl and Leadership and Spanish Club and Girl Scouts and I get straight A's and I'm in AP! I don't think that the straight A's will really happen this year with AP, I'll probably get a B, but as long as it's a B, I'm okay with that, since it is AP, and a B in AP is like an A+ in any other class. Wish me luck! I'm doing both AP English and AP US History. Next year, I'm doing AP Calculus, but that shouldn't be too hard because I love math!! And I'm doing AP Physics too next year! Yay for science!

February 26, 2006 Okay, I know, one more piece of news to clog this page up with. . .but I'm so excited! I got three reviews in one evening! (of course, one was from my sister, which I watched her write, but still. . .) and all of my reviews are good! And I have over 4000 hits! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :):):):)!

February 25, 2007 Well, it's finally all done and over with. I've finished Chapter 8, and that's the end of the story. For all that have been reading, thank you so much! And thanks to all who left reviews as well! I hope I can write more good stories in the future. And just to let you know, Dreams is officially the longest story I have ever written--38 pages! And I have tiny margins! That feels really good _. The longest story before that was 25 pages and can be found on FictionPress, but since I wrote it back in middle and elementary school, it's pretty cheesy. But hey, writing is all about getting better, and the more I write, the better I get! I even keep a diary and practice in it--it's over 500 pages long now! Exciting!

February 6th, 2007 I have been extremely busy with Debate and simply haven't had time to make changes and figure out how I'm going to format Chapter 8. I don't remember if I've said this, but it's already written, or at least, the climax scene is written, but I don't know what's going to happen after that yet. More will come! Just give me some time to cool down. I've got one more tournament on the 21st, it's state quals, and that should be about it since it's my first year and I'm still a 'novice'. Again, I apologize for the wait, but it will be well worth it! I promise!

PS--happy birthday to me! I'm finally 16! I can donate blood now!

January 17th, 2007 Wow, I didn't realize that I posted Chapter 6 so long ago! Well, here's some good news: I just posted Chapter 7! Yay! Happy reading!

December 19th, 2006 Here it is! I decided to just end the chapter where it was so that you all could read it. Now that it's Christmas break, hopefully I'll be able to work on Chapter 7. Wow! Chapter 7!

December 19th, 2006 I'm so, so sorry to everyone who's been reading Dreams. Dragonseeker55 and I haven't been able to write in the past ever, and, quite frankly, I don't think she cares about the story anymore, seeing as she just posted a new story called Fallen. So I've been having to hold down the fort here, and with school starting and everything, I just haven't had much time. I did cross country, and now debate and Knowledge Bowl, and I've actually forgotten about the story until I was on Quizilla updating my homepage and suddenly it came to me! I am so sorry, if you have been waiting with bated breath for Chapter 6. I did make some progress on it, though. It's so hard to keep it interesting without making it short! This is the longest thing I've ever written by a longshot. Please keep waiting and don't leave me!

August 30th, 2006 Good news! Chapter 5 of Dreams is here! Have fun reading! And can you believe it? 1027 hits! That's amazing!

August 28th, 2006 I just submitted Chapter 4 of Dreams a few days ago, and I already have reviews! Keep an eye out for Chapter 5, coming soon! Also, I submitted a new short story called Serena's Dastardly Deed, and it's just a short little 1-chap that's pretty funny. Happy reading!

Here are my hobbies: Piano, cello, writing, reading, cross country, doing stuff with my graphing calculator and computer. Debate and Knowledge Bowl have now been added! I do Student Congress and Extemp, for those of you who care. Change that, 1-2007--I don't do extemp anymore, I do Dual Interpretation with my sister. I decided that I'm not very good at extemp since I don't know all that much about politics. To tell you the sad truth, I couldn't tell you who Ralph Nader is. I know, don't kill me. . .oh yeah, and as of August 2007, I'm officially in the marching band too. I play the vibraphone, which is like a big xylophone with metal keys and a pedal.

I'm really good at both of the instruments I play, and I'm also trying to teach myself guitar, and I'm good at recorder too. I have a pink (wish it weren't) see-through recorder that sounds pretty, and I'm struggling to be able to play the pan flute. I can't get my lips to go right! Also, I just bought a ukulele from Disneyworld. It's cheapo, but kind of fun! My favorite pianist is David Lanz. I love his music! It's so pretty, and very fun to play. I'm hooked on it! I'm also working on Maple Leaf Rag and Bohemian Rhapsody--though that'd be fun. This will be my 7th year playing piano and cello, and my 8th playing recorder. I love it!

I'm not really into the whole anime/manga stuff, and I don't know hardly anything about it and the mangas are hard to follow for me. But I've gotten better All I know about is Sailor Moon, and I started reading Hikaru no Go back in April or so, and I really like that one. My friends have tried to educate me, but I'm just more confused. So most stories I write will be on instead of here. But the one story I have posted was written by me and my best friend, dragonseeker55. So stick around for a while, and another great story might come. Oh, and for a short, funny story, go to my account on and look for 'The Vicious and Territorial Prince'. It's cute! Or check out my 'Serena's Dastardly Deed'. It's funny.

About me:

Age: 16

Eyes: Brownish-hazel

Hair: Dark brown

Skin: medium-light--you should see it in August! I get so dark!

Height: I think I'm done growing, so I've toppd off at 5'9".

I couldn't decide, but I'll tell you my weight: 145. It's all muscle, I swear! You should see my legs! I used to be 120 before I started running, and my weight has climbed since then (I've been running for 2 1/2 years now) so it must be all muscles because I don't have any more fat than I used to. (well, not that much. . .)

Build: Ectomorph (my friends call me beanpole, but I've got some leg muscle from running and a bit of tummy fat! But then again, who doesn't?) (by the way, in case you don't know, ectomorph is a somatotype, which has to do with the way your body is constructed. There're endomorphs, who are 'round and squishy', mesomorphs the muscly type, and ectomorphs, who're skinny beanpole people like me, and there's lots of mixes of the three)

Country: USA Gotta love it!

POB: I was born in Baton Rouge, LA, but I don't live there anymore.

Favorite foods: Italian! I also love Mexican, Cajun (you know, jambalya and gumbo and shrimp etouffe and stuff) I also like Chinese sometimes. You could call me a carboholic; gimme bread, gimme noodles!

If any of you care, I'm Catholic and proud.

Side notes: I have glasses (but not a very high perscription)

Have fun reading my (oops, I mean mine and dragonseeker55's) story!

Maybe someday more to come!

By the way, this is Bunny,

Technically I stole this from MuppyPuppy, who stole it from Death By Squishy, who stole it from Iname, who stole it from EarnestinBerlin, who stole it from Sohma-Kitty-10-14, but how can you say no to a bunny?? If you like it, it's up to you for grabs. Copy paste it in your profile, the bunny will rule someday

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