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9/22/17: We live!! Or is it I live? 'I' being this webpage. Oh well. After much talking, me and the others decided to make an internet presence here on Fanfiction. It's like they always say: "Necessity is the mother of invention". So let's get busy inventing!

10/12/17: The first chapter of our collaboration story is up! Check out our new story A Falling Hourglass!

11/11/17: It's come to our attention that some people are worried about our lack of recent updates to the story. Worry not, everybody! All of us are compelled to see this story to the very end. Expect the next chapter update before next Tuesday.

11/13/17: After some thought and reflection, we decided to update the story with a brand new post today- but instead of a new chapter continuing Round Two, this new upload is actually a prologue for the story. You can check it out by going to the first chapter, and as always, let us know what you think!

11/26/17: There's a new chapter for A Falling Hourglass called "No Colors Anymore". Also: we have a poll here on the profile, be sure to vote and tell us what cast member interaction you are most excited for.

1/4/18: The eighteenth chapter, "Adaptation" has been released. Many apologies for the delays! The holidays were a hectic time for all of us. The next chapter will be the last of Round Three and after that we will undergo a short sabbatical, until we are done with Round Four.

1/16/18: Great news, everyone! We have finished with Round Four faster than predicted. The story has been updated, go check out "I See the Line"!

1/19/18: Just wanted to let all of you know, new chapters will be released every Tuesday and Saturday until the end of Round Four. After which I will let you guys know when we will resume posting. Here's a little hint for tomorrow's chapter: It's called "Late Lives".

2/9/18: Many apologies for the long wait, everyone. There were a couple speed bumps that came up in the last two weeks. I can promise that after Round Four comes to an end we are going to be much more timely and efficient with our updates. We have another post incoming later today or tomorrow, called "I See People Turn their Heads"!

2/18/18: Due to arising complications tomorrow we will release a summary outline of the next AFH chapter, "An Ending Beginning". Once the author finds the time to wrap up the chapter- we will go back and edit the post in and notify you all right here on the profile page. We are concerned about updating the collaboration in a timely manner, and don't want to keep all of you waiting forever to read the story. Round Four is done, so expect the rest of the chapters within the next six days, and then we will undergo a short sabbatical until we are completely done with Round Five.

2/24/18: The final chapter for Round Four has been released. Go check it out, everyone! Please let us know what you think.

3/1/18: I am pleased to announce that starting on March 3, The next round will officially begin. Expect new chapters every Tuesday and Saturday until Round Five is finished, after that we will again go on hiatus until we are completely finished with the following round of posts.

3/9/18: Guess what, everyone? I have two surprises for you all. Today you are getting not just the latest R5 chapter- "Fractured Mirror" by Ander, but the previous Ander post from R4- "An Ending Beginning" is now finished and uploaded to the story in place of the WIP for Chapter 25! Check out the two new posts and please let us know what you think!

3/31/18: And just like that, Round Five is over with the surprise guest appearance of a former author. This past month has been filled with turmoil and long stretches of uncertainty behind the scenes. In short, due to time constraints it is with great sadness to announce that the authors of Cups, Sorel and Tope will no longer be writing for the story. We hold no ill will against them and wish all of them the best of luck in any future endeavors they take part in. To any of those who are worried on what this might mean for the story, have no fear- their characters will still be involved in the story, to varying extents.

Only three more rounds remaining. The story is coming to the home stretch. If any of you find the time please leave a review and let us know how you feel about the story thus far! We love getting feedback from all of you.

5/2/18: Round Six has officially begun. Check out our latest chapter, "The Long Defeat" and let us know what you think! Expect a new chapter every Tuesday and Saturday until the end of Round Six from here on out.

5/15/18: Many apologies for the delays, just moments after starting up the round we decided to write up a crucial in-between substitute chapter for Round Six called "Don't Shoot Me Down". We hope you guys enjoy it! Expect the rest of the round to follow as normally, new chapters every Tuesday and Saturday until the round is finished.

5/22/18: Remember the WIP chapter by Tope called "Turn a Deeper Blue"? Well, it's finally finished and has been added to the story. Chapter 31- go check it out!

6/1/18: It is my great pleasure to announce the start of the Seventh Round on Tuesday, June 5th! The first post of the round will be called "Sowing Season!"

6/12/18: As we grow ever closer toward the end of the collaboration, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read through our story and review. It means the world to each of us when we hear everybody's feedback! Not much longer now- only six chapters left in the story!

Collaboration Authors on AFH:
-Laurence Copeland
-Tope Benwrath
-Drugaen Vikkars
-Cups Rendai
-Sorel Rendai

(A special thanks to Vin! for his proofreading and concept design in the early stages of the story)

About Us:

Formed in July 2017, we are a group of collaborators with a love for writing.

The Writing Process:
Most of you are probably wondering how the collaboration works, right? Well it's very simple. Each writer takes on the role of writing an original character and writes a post from their point of view. After every writer has written at least one chapter, a round comes to an end and the next round begins. Each author is working in tandem with one another to create a living, breathing story. The point of the collaboration is to hone our writing skills so that one day, when we write our own works we can use the talents we learned from this project.

How to Contact Us:
You can send us a PM here on Fanfiction and we typically respond within a few hours! If you enjoyed our story and would like to read more stories like it you can go to redwallsurvivor (dot) com (slash) forums (slash) index.php

A Falling Hourglass reviews
Far north of Mossflower, a settlement has taken hold in the ruins of Marshank. Here, the Crucible determines the righteous and the guilty- with a fight to the death between the two parties. One wildcat took advantage of this and turned the fortress into a deathmatch arena. This is the story of five wayward souls, trapped within a brutal culture.
Redwall - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Drama - Chapters: 48 - Words: 190,732 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/17 - Published: 10/12/2017 - Complete