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Thee Slushee: Hey everybody! It's me.

Hibeki: And me!

Thee Slushee: If u wanna know more bout us, chek out our profiles.

Hibeki: Yup, it's listed under favourites! Go me!

Thee Slushee: AHEM! (taps foot expectantly)

Hiebeki: Oh yeah...and NAMCO!

Thee Slushee: Fine then!

Hibeki: and Thee Slushee...(coughNOT cough)

Thee Slushee: (glares at Hibeki) Anyway, chek out our new fic, Clash of Fists n Swords...wen its up :P

Hibeki: Anyways reviews are welcome but flames eh...no

Okay theres been a change to whos writing this

Hibeki: hello and um yeah hi today I have sad news

Shinipami: SUp??

Thee Slushee: it’s not that sad

Shinipami: What is it?!

Hibeki: anyway thee slushees is soooo busy with school she has decided to stop co-writing with me on this.

Shinipami: Huh...??

Shinipami: What’s the sad neeeews?!

Shinipami Ohhh, is it that Shash isn’t writing this anymore=[

ShinipamiJa, that’s sad =[

Shinipami: She’s better at it than me =[

Thee Slushee: thank you

Hibeki: yes yes but wait for ur que!

Shinipami: There shall be a tear in our hearts as we write this fic as we think of our fallen comrade.



Hibeki: so after a trough process I have found a new co-writer let me introduce...

Shinipami: ...Oh, so NOW it’s a convenient time??

Hibeki: yes

Shinipami: Well that’s just tough!!

-Drum roll-

Shinipami: Shinipami

Hibeki: Nanao hits wait4sleep on head

Shinipami: Nanao from Bleach?? If ANYONE from Bleach is gonna hit me, its Kaien Shiba =

Shinipami: But uhm... -Shinipami bitch slaps Nanao-

Thee Slushee: ...

Shinipami: HEM ANYWAY

Hibeki: get on with it

Shinipami: Hokay =

Thee Slushee: well...

Shinipami: Well

Hidehi thar=B

I've been chosen to co-write this fic w/ Hibeki, since Shashi is so absorbed in school work -_-''

She was better at this than I am: / hopefully I'll do okay at this.

Basically, I'll be writing the fight scenes and more =)

My individual ff.net account is Wait-For-Sleep

I have a bazillion Tekken fics up, working on a Bleach fic right now = Check it out, yknow ya wanna.

Hibeki: still don't get where u got shinipami from

Shinipami: Mhm??

...Its very obvious that you do but you're asking this question for the reader’s sake, so...

Pamela + Shinigami = Shinipami

As in Shinigami from Bleach =

For all you n00bs out there =B

Hibeki: also as a side note my own penname has also changed to xianghua 4 kilik so yeah

Hibeki: I’m no noob baka

Thee Slushee: ...

Shinipami: See, even Shashi agrees.

Hibeki: glares

Thee Slushee: I’m just gonna stay quiet here

Hibeki: okay and feel free to give ideas to us on but please note my msn hates me

Shinipami: I’m sure the list doesn’t end at msn.

Thee Slushee: ...

Shinipami: Well, see yaaaaaaa!! Happy reading people!!

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