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( How are you Everyone?

All your laughs are belong to us.

You are on your way to hiccups

You have no chance to have a straight face make your time

Hahaha! )

The following phrase up there contains very poor english. Now, I hope that most people on here are native speakers, so make sure we dont see alot of that in fanfiction. :)

Anyways, This is my actual fanfiction profile. Now newly updated, and not so kiddish. I will try to update as soon as I can, I just am not on here as often as youtube. Feel free to contact me on Youtube- the username is Yuna53. I really haven't been writting fanfiction lately because of my ameture voice acting work, but I will write once I have a break. Feel free to look around, despite how small this is.

Another update: I've been quite enthralled with Sonic the hedgehog games lately. Knuckles needs more love, sadly he's always alone.

Pairings I support

Sonic pairings

Knuxadow (or shadknux, whichever one Knuckles is the uke)







Tailsmo (love this pairing)

a little sonamy

sonadow (the pairing that got me into sonic yaoi in the first place)



Shadilver (SO ADORABLE!!! I played through Sonic '06 and how they worked together was just EEEEEK! XD)

Mario pairings

Mario/Peach (my fav)

Luigi/Daisy (adorable)

Luigi/Peasly (yes because yes)

OC Hiroshi/Mario

Sgt. Frog Pairings

KuluGiro(HUGE FAV)

SabuGiro (for the lulz)

KeroGiro (leadership stuff)

KoyuNatsu (one of the few lez pairings I support)


KeroTama (another adorable one)


DoroGiro (Or GiroDoro which ever one works)


Current Fanfics in the making =3

(Currently working on chapters 6,7,8,and 9.)Life at Mobius High A nice sonuckles yaoi with adorable shadilver mixed in. Rated M for chapters later on. -Main focus as of now-

(will be uploaded soon) The special bond we share. -Plainly, this is KuruGiro fluff/smut. Will be rated M, but not too explicit so I dont break the rules. -On hiatus.-

I'ma number 1- A work in progress, will reveal summary when I get there. Its mario, and rated T. :)

Truth or dare 2 - On Hiatus at the moment.

--Character Bios (OC, of course)--

These are just in case they show up in a random fanfic I write. Don't worry though, they don't show up often.

Yuna53: the ultimate random weapon ~kyo!

Personality: UNKNOWN??

Yuna53 is as random as she can get. She loves to make people laugh, and also loves to write funny/romantic stories for the masses. She currently has a Keronian partner named Reizozo and she uses him as a comic relief person while she can. She is a total Mario fangirl and loves Giroro alot. Some of her friends blame her randomness sometimes as a form of self expression, or just cause she loves yaoi.

Kris: Just someone who has alot of sense

Personality: Laid back somewhat, also a pervert sometimes

Kris is Yuna53's best friend. He is occasionally sleeping and usually playing video games. He loves to take walks in the summer sun, and loves to lay under his kotatsu(is this how you spell it?) in winter. His keronian partner is Feruru, and whenever kris praises him, Feruru's facial expression was like this: OwO. He also likes things that can explode. He often plays FPS. He speaks japanese and english. He has a secret crush on Yuna53 (Not revealed until way later).

Zach: I may be cute now,but when we are alone, I will kill you w

Personality: So cute, you could squeeze him to death. So evil, you could just make him go away.

Zach is the cute person in the group, and he is Bilingual which is an added bonus. He speaks spanish and english. Yuna53 and Kris both respect him because of his witty decisions and of his spanish capabilities. He helps them learn spanish as Kris teaches them japanese. His keronian partner is Hapipi, and looks as cute as her owner. He loves to eat tacos and listen to Reggaton. He has a secret crush on Kris and Jaqui, and is Bisexual.

Harmony:yes, thats her name

Personality: Extreemly Modest

Harmony is the genious of the group. She loves to use the computer and would get irritated if someone would try to kick her off. She is a renowned hacker and has assisted Rikiki sometimes too. Her keronian partner is Yumimi, and she helps out with her platoon. She is on poor terms with Kris because of what she calls 'his indecent gestures'. She has a slight crush on Soruchi (will be explained later)

Jaqui: better her than me

Personality: happy-go-lucky

Jaqui is a cool and just loves to eat fine cuisine. She is friends with Yuna53 and Harmony, but has some slight rivalry with Kris. She runs alot to train herself to flee. She is a major Sonic fan and would often go against Yuna53 in random robot battles with thier favorite video game characters. Her keronian partner is Norara, and she is the assasin in the group. She has a slight crush on Zach.

--Keronian Bios--

Yumimi: The cute leader of it all.

Gender: female

Symbol: ipod?

Millitary rank: Seargent

Yumimi is the leader of the Yumimi platoon. They were sent to help thwart EXOR's plans to take over the universe. She reads alot of Manga and books, also she writes alot of original stories that are page long. She helps out Harmony alot and knows how to speak italian because of Harmony teaching her.

Feruru: Meh, just another target.

Gender: Male

Symbol: the anger sighn

Millitary rank: lance corpral

Feruru is a veteran of the war and supports Yumimi all the way. Corpral Giroro taught him as a recruit, and since he has looked up to him. He sometimes is at ends with Reizozo, although he somewhat is in love with him and Yumimi. He knows Japanese because Kris taught him, and he knows of Kris's secret crush. He always makes this face when he is praised by anyone: OwO.

Hapipi: YAY!! w


Symbol: a happy face

Millitary rank: Recruit

Hapipi is the cute one in the platoon and looks like it alot. Although she is cute, she loves sour stuff more than anything. She hates sweet and bitter stuff with a bloody passion. She knows Spanish because Zach taught her. She usually plays with nives to show her dark side.

Reizozo: Hell yes

Gender: Male

Symbol: the yen sign

Millitary rank: lutennant

Reizozo is best known for his usefullness on the computer. He speaks teenage english stuff because Yuna53 taught him to. He really likes Feruru but keeps it to himself. He makes himself feel like a domminant male and joins Yuna53 on missions, hacking, and looking up pictures coughyaoicough. He also speaks as much as the other languages as Yuna53, which is very little.

Norara: Do not get in my way

Gender: Female

Symbol: A sword

Millitary rank: Corpral

Norara is a veteran, just like Feruru, and has alot of respect for him. She has a lot of swords that she uses to take EXOR goons out of their misery. Not alot is known about her now, because most of her past is hidden. She has a crush on Rikiki.

--Other Bios--

Hiroshi tatsura: I was a taco once.

Gender:Male (duh)

Purpose: Make sure Shiraru does not destroy the main 5 worlds, and to protect the guardian phoenix

Hiroshi is a Prince, and he fights The evil Shiraru that wants to take over the world and the guardian phoenix. His majestic life turned abnormal just 3 days after Shiraru wanted to take over. While upon investigating a abandoned castle in a kingdom far away, he discovers a prisoner locked up in the jail quarters just under the castles main floor. The prisoner turns out to be a severely injured Mario who was captured and was going to be offered as a potential 'partner figure' for Shiraru. After Hiroshi freed Mario, his troubles soon got a little worse as he figured out that the guardian he was supposed to protect was closer than he thought...

More to come later...

I have alot of work to do, considering school is getting harder. I will allow PM for this time, I am curious of how many people liked my first stories.

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