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Hey everyone:

I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in my stories over the course of time I've been writing on Your reviews, your messages, and your input have been tremendously encouraging to me. Hold tight for an update on what's going on.

General Stuff:

Gender: Female in case you couldn't tell by my more mushy stories

Age: 23 and holding. I refuse to get any older and I sure as heck wouldn't go back to the years I'm done with. So there. Now everyone knows.

Occupation: I'm job deficient right now. Occupation lacking. In short, I am unemployed and looking for work. I have an AA degree but I found out it's not good for much...

Favorite activities: Writing, TV watching, listening to music, biking, playing PS2/DS/PSP/XBox, reading mangas, drawing (though this one is more working than relaxing), travelling, cooking...the list goes on and on. Let's just say I love life and leave it at that.

Little about my fics:

Obviously, given what I've stated above, I only write romance fics. Some are than others but they all have some kind of romantic leading couple. I prefer pure fantasy but occasionally I'll have the characters stick around in the real world just because it's fun to play around with the setting. Sci-fi's a good one for that. I can get into writing almost anything once I find the story's rhythm so I don't stick to any predictable setting.

Dark Djinn: This one is an Ichigo and Rukia central fic with lots of other Bleach characters thrown in. Ichigo, as in the description, is an otherworldly being called a djinn--like a genie only cooler. Ichigo has served many masters in his long lifetime but none quite like the very secretive, distant Rukia Kuchiki. Ichigo is bound accidentally to Rukia but hey, who doesn't want a hot man with a sharp wit serving them 24/7?...apparently Rukia. This story has a mature (M) rating.

A Fate Unbecoming a King: Hitsugaya is the king of a kingdom called Atemoya. Hinamori--the princess of the neighboring kingdom Hokinsai--steals a sacred orb from under his nose and he's less than pleased. At the very least, it doesn't help the blood fued between their two kingdoms. When Hinamori is gravely injured during her entrance into the orb's resting place, Hitsugaya finds something out about her that makes her more than an enemy. In fact, it makes her an unexpected asset that he has to make a great sacrifice to keep. This story has a mature (M) rating.

Eyes of Love: This would be my first Sinbad and Maeve fic. My first fic in general actually. Sinbad goes off on a routine trip and disappears. Maeve, feeling something must be wrong, goes to find him but there's an all too common complication in her plan that leads to a not-so-common twist: She's preempted by another hot man on the way and can't escape so easily. What's more, she begins to see something in this new man that appeals to her. How will their relationship change the quest to find Sinbad? For those of you who are checking in on this one, I've taken down all the old chapters and I'm just replacing them as if new since they have new content. Chapters 1-12 still exist, but just exist in limbo since they need to be adjusted. This story has a mature (M) rating.

Little about the RATING of my fics:

I'm a firm believer in books and stories carrying an accurate rating. You should know what you're getting into when you start. So, just as a reminder, "T" or "M" fics often include things like coarse language, violence, and sex scenes. In other words, they're best suited for people 16 and up. My fics will never rate below a "T" and most often will be an "M" just because I'm trying to prepare people for what MIGHT be in them. But here's the thing: I hope not to disappoint anyone in this, but if you came looking at my "M" fics for specific explicit things, you may leave feeling jilted. At the opening of each I let everyone know that I can but will not definitely include things like coarse language, violent/bloody/gory scenes, drawn out sensual moments, and sexual scenes. Meaning that if you're concerned about those elements being in there and not sure you can handle them, you may want to steer away. It also means that if you're looking for specific, detailed, in depth scenes of those kind you may also want to prepare yourself not to get that. This is a round about way of saying that what I choose to include or exclude is left solely to my discretion and I cannot and will not be pressured into changing my mind just to make specific people happy.

All you need is love:

I'm an avid romance fanatic and can find it in almost everything I watch/read/play. (Or is it that I'm drawn to things where it's already there? Hmmm...) I don't have fics for all of them but the ones I feel the most strongly about, I've written about. My favorite couplings are as follows:

Ichigo and Rukia: Yes a lot of people think I'm smoking crack when they hear I like these guys together romantically. That's okay though because I don't smoke crack and I can say this with a clear head: Ichigo and Rukia make a fantastic romantic pairing. In the manga/show, their unique existing bond is what drew me initially (literally from the first episode on) and their continuing relationship that has the great potential to become romantic is what keeps me going with them. I love how easy their relationship is in the sense that they're so comfortable with the other person yet their emotions are raw and crazy when you bring up how they actually feel. In fiction, you don't have to stretch their personalities much to make an addictive leading couple: they just naturally flow together and compliment eachother. They're like this unpredictable, explosive, fantastically right combination.

Cloud and Tifa: I'm a very proud Cloud and Tifa addict. They're a wonderful combination of a woman who is the epitomy of courage, beauty, and love and a man who embodies strength, tenaciousness, and a deep seated sense of loyalty. Both of them were severely screwed over in the beginning of their lives and all that life left to them was a lot of heartache and hate. In spite of this, they continued moving forward, living the best way they knew how and as a reward found their road to peace and to eachother. There is an unshakable sense of trust running between them but more than that, there's a long harbored love that weathers years of separation and hardship.

Soul and Maka: If you're looking for a very devoted leading man and a very compassionate, powerful leading woman you couldn't do better than Soul and Maka. Once I saw the bond between them was solid and secure I couldn't look away. How deeply they care about eachother is what really gets to me. There's never any question about how fond they are of one another: it's easy to see in their eyes, their expressions, and in their voices. It's more than just friendship but how much more is yet for them to decide. ;)

Sinbad and Maeve: Lol. Most of you probably don't know who these two are. That's okay. They're left over from my days of watching shows like Hercules and Xena. Terrible special effects in the show but Sinbad and Maeve almost made all of that seem bearable. Maeve is a fiery Celtic sorceress and Sinbad is a handsome, ambitious sailor. Their teasing and mocking is all done in fun since each one regards the other with a strong sense of respect. Through travelling together toward the common goal of finding their lost mentor and father figure they discover they have been wounded in similar ways that they assumed other people couldn't understand. Yet, with all their reservations about falling in love, they can't change what's naturally happening.

There are more couples that I was into while I watched those shows but these are my current interests. In general, I like independent women who are fighters (both literally and figuratively) paired with equally adept men. I love hot tempered, cold blooded, sarcastic, witty, intelligent, passionate people in shows and I'm most likely to want them with a person with similar characteristics. The one thing I almost NEVER go for is the whole damsel in distress paired with the strong, muscular knight sort of thing. The only time I'm okay with it is when there's no other clear competition for the man's heart. Otherwise, I usually root for the woman with a quick tongue who puts him in his place, who's beautiful in her own non-conventional way, and who can stand up and defend herself when all Hell is breaking loose around her. In general, I can't handle useless women and once I've deemed them useless it's nearly impossible to change my mind. (But I'm all for putting said useless woman with someone else so that she can be happy too.)

New Favorite Manga/Anime: If you're looking for a manga or anime and like some of the same stuff I do, I have a few recommendations for you. They're ones I've read or seen recently. These ones are especially good if you don't want to dive into another seemingly unending series (ahem, Bleach) and you just want some fun stuff to enjoy in your free time. All of the things I attach to, or almost all, are fantasy with the romantic twist so you can count on those two elements in anything I recommend. (I'll mention it if it doesn't have those points.) They usually have a lot of good humor too.

Short Series:

-Beast Master - Author and artist: Kyousuke Motomi.

-Kieli - Author: Yukako Kabei Artist: Shiori Teshirogi

-Meru Puri - Author and Artist: Matsuri Hino. (You may recognize this author/artist as the one who created Vampire Knight.)

-Bloody Kiss - Author: Kazuko Furumiya

-Black Blood Brothers

-S.A. (Special A) - Author and Artist: Maki Minami

-High School Debut - Author and Artist Kazune Kawahara.

Longer series:

-Black Bird - Author: Kanoko Sakurakoji

-Kekkaishi - Author and Artist Yellow Tanabe

-B.O.D.Y - Author: Ao Mimori

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