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Fondest greetings to you all!

I am a long-time admirer of places like, encouraging so many people like tomorrow's best-selling authors. I absolutely don't mind reviews of any sort. In the meantime, goodluck finding some quality fanfics, some of the ones i've read are simply amazing (check my fav.authors list for some of them).

Return of Master Kei:

Although I've kept a keen eye on my favourite anime, I have been out of action for a while in regards to contributing stories. However, coinciding with the start of 2009, I formally announce my return as a regular member of ~ Italic statements in my profile are updates to the information. (2012) My updates in Bold are from 2012.

Basic Profile:

Real name: Michael Trinh. My pen name used to be Melkor Taehinchi, but nowadays its just Master Kei, or Mikal. My associates are currently under the impression that I am an incarnation of the Master from Doctor Who. I'll admit, I only watched episodes with him featured. To all Doctor Who fans- "Check out my laser screwdriver, no body uses sonic anymore" To set the record straight, I am not a Timelord. It doesn't mean I don't have similar abilities.

Hobbies: I like to philosophise, and play Yugioh or Tetris. I am the best tetris player I know (hint, challange for those of you who are tetris fans), and I am also a regional championships competitor for Yugioh, Western Australia. I hang out with my friend Kiba-kun, a sparring partner in yugioh(irony is that I taught him and built his deck), some martial arts techniques (being rather resilient, he can try out moves without fear of injuring me unfortunately we can't do it vice versa) , anime, and humour.
Nowadays I concern myself with my regular job, my siblings, my house, my martial arts club SOMMA (we are on Facebook) and my Common Room friends. Mahjong (Riichi and Japanese) has been a big development in my more recent life, and I have developed a reputation for trolling. In actuality, I am not trolling, it is simply an interpretation of others as to how I force the reevaluations of social customs. Admittedly, I do enjoy trolling, as I did it before it was an internet fad.

I also like watching certain anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, and Hajime no Ippo and trying to copy their moves, lol, as they inspire my own martial arts progress. I am pretty creative at times, being a part-time genius, although recently I have resolved to restore full-time genius status. I have made many things over the years, wood/metal creations, techniques, stories, Life and Death Training, and most importantly friends =P.

Understanding the concepts of Anti-genius (not stupidity) have allowed me to develop more powerful and refined methods of thinking as I explore metaphysics and Chaos theory.

I joined to practice my writing skills, coz i am thinking of writing a book sometime after i finish school. The book is on it's way, after I brush up on

Curious Facts: I am an extremely picky eater, to the point where a jam sandwich is a delicacy for me. I stick mainly to a glubberwort diet, chips being an all time favourite for me. After dating my girlfriend for several months, I gradually opened up to other foods, and while I still place chips as number 1, I will try almost anything nowadays. To hold a conversations with me, one usually has to simultaneously take everything at face value while disregarding everything I've contributed to said contributions (quoted by a long term friend of mine)

What I do professionally: I am still at school, final year, so that means I am naturally busy with all the school work I get involved in. I am a member of the student executive committee, so I do stuff there, and I do volunteer work, ergo doing a bit for that aspect of my life too. I am also a full time big brother, coz I hav a large family...that should be it, oh yeah, I help facilitate a games club at school, and i play yugioh with friends/apprentices there.

Currently I am at university, though I took some much needed time off in 2008, and I work at a shop to raise funds and add to my life (I am a gift-ware consultant ~).

Relationship Status: Right now I am claimed (sorry ladies!). My girlfriend was the one who helped me find a nickname for myself, and we eventually decided on Master Kei (joke, its pronounced master key, coz her heart belongs to me). She's great, one of those non-jealous, caring and sweet types. She cooks, but coz my diet is strange it doesnt matter, sigh.

We are still together, and she was the inspiration for my earlier NaruHina oneshots. How I do love her, although at times she will say that no one loves me, lol.

We are no longer together, but it doesn't mean that I don't cherish the time we did have together. It has made me think about whether or not Love i something I ever understood, despite being right most of the time. But perhaps the Love that can be understood is not an Eternal Love (Dao De Jing)

Personality: I am pretty crazy, but if i do say so myself, I am a successful weirdo, and i generally get along with people. I am not a tough guy, but I am a tough-enough nice guy which is all i need to protect myself from people who just have to pick a fight with me. Talking is something I am commented on quite often, ie in class, lol, but my friends agree that conversations are never dull with me around.

I have since matured significantly, and reading my past profile is refreshingly nostalgic. Much of my basic nature remains the same, although I now have a greater perspective on everything. I like to laugh, as often as I can for any reason, but recently I've decided that I need to balance myself with sobriety and seriousness. I can say I am still strange, and proud of it too =]

I come to understand that being strange was not something to simultaneously take pride and shame together. I realise that my strangeness is merely a truth that others may come to understand, when they understand that they have come to Truth as I see it. It doesn't stop my sincerity, my generosity, or my genuine qualities of kindness, being nice because it is a good thing to be. I will, however, consider that too much of a good thing is bad, and that sometimes "bad" things are good for people.

FanFics: I know that any NaruHina fan worth their salt would have read Two Halves by Dame Wren. I think it started a cult following or something. Dave-D is a master of Literary Jutsu: One-Shot, and i have sampled his work ever since I joined A really good one that I am unsure is present on is called "Hidden Tactics". Anyone interested can find it on, and it's a complete romance fic worth the time of NaruHina fans. Personally, I stick to just the NaruHina fanfics as the anime/manga is such a tease concerning how they develop relationship-wise. NaruHina will always be my established pairing, probably even if Kashimoto-dono decides to confirm the pairing in canon.

I think I may have developed closure as to how NaruHina has come along, for perhaps all I ever wanted was an acknowledgement from the two.

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