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Author has written 8 stories for Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, Fairy Tales, Inuyasha, MeruPuri, Vampire Knight, and Anime X-overs.

Hello everyone my name as you know is Harpy Sister of the Lights and NONE of you should ever ask how I got that... I don't even know how I got that. However just call me Hisae it's much easier to say XD


New Story Ideas

Shredded Hearts

The jewel has finally been completed and Kagome is finally going home and it's not to Tokyo. She's going back home to Saiunkoku where she will finally search for her father and the little boy she watched over as a young girl. Little does she know that she'll be getting a job as guardian of Ko Shuurei as the woman becomes consort to Shi Ryuuki. And Kagome will finally learn the identity of her mysterious father, the past she can't seem to remember, what true love can really do to a person, and what being evil is really all about.

Bamboo Memoirs

Written on pieces of bamboo, left in an old well, is the memoir of a priestess forgotten by time. Read her stories of life, loss, joy, sorrow, and most of all a myriad of loves that even time could not erase.

Here is some information about me so enjoy :)


Movies: Labyrinth, LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, (Basically any movie that has a bit of magic to it) Cheri, Mao's Last Dancer, August Rush, Second Hand Lions

Books: Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce books, Racing in the Rain.

Manga: Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, Fushigi Yuugi, Saiyuki, Wallflower, D-Grayman, and a whole lot more that I don't think anyone wants to read about

Food: Anything with pasta.

Things to do: Having fun with my friends and writing. (Why else would I be here?)

Saying: Strength is not measured by the amount of muscles you have but how strong your will to live is.

So yeah that's about all I can think of right now. When I get around to actually posting my stories would someone like to review it (stares into the crowd of anonymous people) anyone? Please don't flame me but if you feel that it's necessary you're free to do so. Laters!

Just for those of you who are curious about any of the stories that I've written here are summaries and their statuses.

Desert's Heart: Status In-complete (Fairtytales)

Arianna is a child of the gods that was born into the world of mortals. She has been left in the care of the Pharoah of Egypt where she is taken care of quite well. She does not know about her heritage only that she is different from everyone else. One day she has a dream about a strange foreigner. Thinking nothing of it she ignores it...until she sees him in real life.

Erik is strange. Born in England he has a family of gypsies and magicians who urge him to go to Egypt because they can see his future waiting for him. He didn't think that on his peaceful trip he would find out he has magic, a gaurdian, and get arrested all in the same day! When he is taken to the palace of the Pharoah he thinks he will die until the most unlikely person comes to his rescue. The Pharoah's own daughter.

Both fall in love with each other but there is one problem. Arianna's older brother Isalen who wants her for himself. Both are put to the test when they discover that Arianna is born of the gods and she alone will hold the future of Earth and mankind in her hands.

Two Souls Entwined, One Love Refined: Status In-complete (Phantom of the Opera)

Angellica is a girl haunted by her past. She is under cover and using the name of Rose. Hoping to escape her morbid and dangerous past she retreats to the one sanctuary she knows of...The Opera House. She doesn't realize that she cannot out run her past forever and somethings she meant to leave behind and forget were waiting for her right at the very place she considered her sanctuary.

Erik is alone and furious with the world. Lost in his past he stumbles across a girl that enters into his domain. Intrigued by her musical talent and aura he decides to follow her around. What he didn't count on was the girl's past and his role that he had in it.

Will of the Fates: Status In-complete (Labyrinth)

Sarah finds out that she is not an ordinary human. She is the only living heir to the Fey throne. There is a catch to her being named Queen though. She has to find someone to love and share her incredible powers with or she will lose everything. What will happen when she encounters Jareth again...as well as his evil cousin Tory.

Jareth has been alone for too long. Wanting Sarah and not being able to have her he gets a visit that he did not want. One from his long gone father. When his powers are taken away he must face the fact that he has to admit love to Sarah or never be able to regain his powers.

Pretty Little Chain of Sin: Status In-complete (Inuyasha/Vampire Knight Crossover)

Kagome didn't expect to become a servant to anyone, least of all a vampire. However upon meeting Haruka and Juuri Kuran, that is exactly what she becomes. At first she finds the situation comfortable since the couple treat her more like a daughter and friend than a servant. However after their deaths she finds that being stuck as Kaname's servant is anything but a happy occurence. The pureblood with a million things to juggle soon finds that toying with the girl is his only enjoyment as he waits for the day he can re-awaken his sister. Along the way the jewel is lost at Cross Academy and Kagome needs to find it before it ends up in the wrong hands. However along the way she finds more than she thought she would. The chains wind tighter and the chances of escaping from this twisted game of love and torture are close to zero percent. But does she really want to escape?

Currently I am in the process of going over all my old stories and giving them total transformations as I re-discover my story plots and notebooks. Hopefully I can update all of them soon...if my computer holds up. Till then look back and check them out. Thank you.

An Indulgence (Inuyasha x Anime x-overs)

Just a little harmless crack fiction that is used to bleed the distraction of fanfiction out of my head. Kagome paired off with as many people as I can think of.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Magic by KibaSin reviews
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A collection of Inuyasha centric crossovers. Main pairings likely to be with Kagome and various other characters. A little dash of comedy, romance, angst, and whatever else you'd like to throw in there. Please just note...this is simpley an indulgence.
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I've served you well over the years. All I want now is to be free!" "You know you can't escape...even if you could." "Really? Just watch me." Sometimes the chains that keep us together are ones of our own making. And if that's the case how do we escape
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