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To all those who've made Paperclips & Peanut M&Ms a success:

Thanks so much for your amazing contributions to our forums. What started out as a tiny board for us to bounce off our ideas grew into a place of contemplation, intelligent theorizing and just a teeny bit of obsessive behaviour. ;) We are beyond appreciative of your efforts and friendship.

We apologize for removing the forum, but the fact is, for us, it's time to go. Leaving it up would only serve as temptation, and new responsibilities between the two of us will not allow for a deviation of time. We thought long and hard about giving each of you notice, but decided ultimately, in the end, to be swift and perhaps selfish. We hope that you understand.

Thank you all, Linnie, you especially. (If ever there was a resurrection of the forum to be had, you'd be the one to man (woman?) it)

The family business awaits (saving people nor hunting things are not included in the job description!)
Best of luck to all -- we will still follow our boys onscreen right there along with you.

Most sincerely,