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Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Drawing (I even drew the charaters too!), singing, getting straight As in art, playing video games, watching T.V.

Employment: working in a nail parlor

Favorite T.V. shows: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Bobobo-bo-bo-bobobo, Naruto, Inuyasha, Family Guy, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, Spongebob Squarepants, Full-Metal Alchemist, Blood, Bleach, Tak

Favorite song themes: Alternative rock, Heavy metal, Power rock, and Country ( Got a problem with that ), pop, love

Favorite song writers: Faith Hill, Shania Twain, B5, Aly & AJ, Kelly Clarkson,

Favorite bands: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Dragonforce, Fall Out Boy, Nickleback, Green Day

Favorite color: red

Hated color: pink...

Favorite quotes:

"Please pretend to like me, my friends are watching." - Oliver from Hannah Montana

"I really learned what I learned from you...even if I didn't understand a word..." - Chowder

"Hey, it's a letter from my old pen pal. "Write to you back soon. - Osama"" - Homer from the Simpsons

"I blame the economy." Billy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

' The True Threat' Good Characters


Description: Kayla is very adventurous and sometimes her stubborness can lead her into trouble. She loves to kick some butt (or tail) and enjoys to be accompanied by her friends. But in some days, she's usually distant and becomes really dark. She tries not to show it, but it seem to to make the painful memories of her family's death increase the darkness in her heart. She and Zombie Snake fight a lot and they really don't meet eye-to-eye.

Age: 16

Power: Ice

Gender: Female

Species: Reptilian ice dragon

Attacks: flight, ice breath, control over ice, super strength

Special: Ice shards & Fury Ice Dragon ( ability gained from Terehawken )

Likes: fighting battles, talking to her friends, meeting new people, going on thrilling rides

Dislikes: Terehawken (Strongly), anything tha makes her think of her family, Zombie Snake's teasing

Blue Eyes:

Description: Blue Eyes is a happy-go-lucky dragon and is an eternal optimist. He spends most of his time eating and eating. He can be very childish for his age and is very much stupid at times, but that's why some people love him so much. He really doesn't mind being beaten by everyone since he's turned immortal, but can still feel pain. He really isn't much as fighter, but you can still count on him when most needed. He is strangely highly allergic to love which causes him to swell up like a balloon, turn bright green, and uncontrollable burping and itching. He's the heart and comic relief in my stories.

Age: 43 (28 in appearance)

Power: Invincibility

Gender: Male

Species: Reptilian lunar dragon

Attacks: flight, blue fireballs, can eat anything (spoiled foods, explosives, poison, etc.), invincibility, distraction

Special: Invincible

Likes: eating, fooling around, having fun, spaggetti, be happy!

Dislikes: love, when most attacks go on him (I just like to beat him up), being bored, thinking, fighting, getting his feelings hurt


Description: Luna is an anthropomorphic blue rabbit and is a kind-hearted alien from Corneria and also the only female commander in the Cornerian militia. ( She complains that her job contains too much paperwork) She is best of friends with Kayla and secretly in love with Zombie Snake. She is often shy, but really intelligent. She can be a little deceptive with a cutie-pie appearance, but her beauty attracts a lot of attention from other men. She moved to Reptilia for unknown reasons. Luna loves to travel to new lands and hopes to travel the whole universe. She also enjoys the rain and has a huge fascination of white lillies. Her oversensitive feelings makes her cry a lot.

Power: Telekinesis


Gender: Female

Species: Cornerian Commander/alien

Attacks: levitation, telepathic, can sense danger, occasionally read one's mind

Special: Aeroga

Likes: Zombie Snake, making new friends, rain, explore new land, white lillies

Dislikes: losing something close to her, paperwork, roses, her father

Zombie Snake:


Half-demon; Zombie Snake is an arrogant, self-centered, unreliable, grouchy, violent (must I continue) half demon who takes a long time to trust, but he is the strongest of the group. He denies being sensitive and claims that he can fight on his own without any help of his friends. He is trained by his sister on magic spells, potions, and cures but prefers brute stength. But he is always courageous and never backs down on a challenge. What really ticks him off is when you mock him and call him a lowly-lifeform But the dangerous thing about him is that he gets his strength through blinding rage. He despises his demon brother.

Full-demon; Caused to spontaneously transform because of the bite mark on his shoulder by his brother, Draco. When Zombie Snake transforms as a full-demon, he becomes very violent and deadly enough to destroy the world. He is very blood thirsty and loses control over himself, unable to tell who is friend or foe. He could even attack his own friends and they would cower when he transforms to demon. Each time he transforms he loses more of his light and sanity. The demon can communicate with Zombie Snake in his thoughts for being part of him, causing great tension between the two.

Age: 19

Power: Darkness

Gender: Male

Species: Reptilian half-demon

Attacks: Claws, wounds can quickly heal, dark

Special: Arcana Twister/Black Arcanum

Likes: Beating up Blue Eyes, fighting battles, threatening, showing off, eating alligaters

Dislikes: Blue Eyes, being called a monster, showing kind emotions, his brother


Description: Yakumo is the older sister of Kayla and the most powerful of all dragons in the world. She is very friendly and most understanding dragon to talk to. She has a love for music and plays her wooden flute. She is mostly chased around a lot for her beauty and advice. Yakumo takes the size as a small dragon but her ture form was never revealed. With her pure heart, she had sacrificed herself to destroy Terehawken as a last result. Unfortunately, she had only weakened him and killed herself for only a little progress. Now, nothing can change the fact that she's dead...or is she?

Age: 28 (maybe a thousand years older)

Power: Light/Holy

Gender: Female

Species: Legendary Celestrial Dragon

Attacks: Unknown

Likes: Her friends, playing her flute, tend to wounded and scarred

'The True Threat' Baddies


Description: A malicious dragon who no one can seem to understand. It seems he wants to take over Reptilia, but on some occasions, he helps Kayla and her friends defeat his minions.

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