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What started as a random one-off idea (put my MLP OC, who I had done nothing with, into the second EG movie) turned into several full stories and mini-episodes.

My Equestria Girls OCs

Gender: Male
Birthday: June 18
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weight: 156lbs (71kg)
Skin: Light orange (Hex value #FFC271)
Hair: Green-blue (Hex value #22A5A0), short
Regular clothing: Black shirt, blue pants/trousers, black shoes
Pony equivalent occupation: Cloudsdale weather factory worker

An average high school student with four regular friends, Cloudflare wasn't anything to write home about. Nicknamed "Flare", he maintained a B-minus average throughout elementary and middle school, and aside from losing his father at age 6, his life had been rather uneventful. Half a year before the events of the Equestria Girls movie, he befriended a girl who was constantly bullied because of a missing leg, and eventually started dating her. A month before the EG movie, Sunset Shimmer discovered their secret relationship and told the entire school, causing his reputation to tank as well as losing all of his friends.

(If the name looks familiar, it's because that's where I got it from)

Olivia Frost
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 28
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: ???lbs (??kg)
Skin: Light grey (Hex value #C9C9C9)
Hair: Dark brown (Hex value #845237), shoulder length (style identical to Mystery Mint's)
Regular clothing: dark grey shirt, black pants/trousers (during the warmer months, black shorts and black socks that go slightly past her knees), and dark grey shoes
Pony equivalent occupation: Ponyville bartender

As a child, Olivia Frost was somewhat popular. She maintained an A-minus average in elementary school, making honor roll every month and the occasional principal's list. When she got to third grade, almost every student in her grade level knew who she was, and being the elementary school equivalent of a celebrity left her feeling a little uncomfortable. In middle school, her average dropped to a B, and her fame dropped as well. At age 13, her right leg was injured so badly, it required amputation. She now wears a prosthetic lower leg, which she covers with pants/trousers or long socks. The injury made her well-known by almost the entire school, with people either telling her they're sorry she lost her leg or wanting to see what's left of the limb. The unwanted attention kept her from getting her mind off of being crippled, and she became more and more reserved. For the next couple years, she lost all but one of her friends. Once she got to high school, the fame turned into infamy. Although the attention quickly died down, Sunset Shimmer found out about her missing leg and not only ridiculed her for it, but also got half the school to turn on her. Instead of feeling sorry for her, they began teasing and laughing at her. Her only friend quickly abandoned her, and nobody even talked to her for fear of being seen with a "freak". Her grades slipped to a C average. A week before the events of the first Equestria Girls movie, she had all she could take, and she transferred to another school.

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Forgettable reviews
[sequel to "Unforgettable"] A couple months away from the end of the school year, and this one's been a LITTLE better than previous years. SHE still runs things, but nobody bullies me anymore, I have friends, and I'm together with my boyfriend again. So why does something feel... off? [mild language, MLPEG special "Forgotten Friendship" spoilers]
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Olivia and Cloudflare have been through a lot since the start of the school year. Olivia was chased out of CHS, Cloudflare made amends with Sunset Shimmer after months of torment brought on by her, and both were reunited at the Friendship Games. But what if things went a little differently? [Series of one-shots, mild language, Equestria Girls universe]
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Olivia and I are visiting Equestria, and it seems there's no better time than now. Something called the Friendship Festival is being held, with ponies from all over coming to celebrate. Also, Olivia gets to see Songbird Serenade, her favorite pop artist, in concert for the first time! Well, the pony Songbird. [mild language, MLPEG characters in Equestria, MLP movie spoilers]
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A series of one-shots focusing on my OCs, Olivia and Cloudflare, and their adventures at Canterlot High School. [Equestria Girls universe, stories range from K to K-plus]
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[sequel to "Camp Magic-Free?"] You'd figure after the Camp Everfree shenanigans, we'd get some rest from the craziness. Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow us everywhere we go, which can stress ANYONE out. [Mild language, mild violence, spoilers for the MLPEG specials]
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[sequel to "Friendship Games are Magic"] Our school is going on a week-long trip to Camp Everfree. I've never gone camping before, so I'm a little nervous. But also excited. Is there a word for both? Anyway, it's nice to get away from magic for a while. [Mild language, MLPEG:LoE spoilers]
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Friendship Games are Magic - Alternate Take reviews
Since transferring to Crystal Prep Academy, things have gotten slightly better. The students don't tease me, but they don't talk to me, either. The Friendship Games are coming up, and Principal Cinch forced me to take part. As excited as I am to see that boy again, I'm dreading going back to the school that made my life hell. [Language, suggestive dialogue, MLPEG:FG spoilers]
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[sequel to "Dazzling Revenge"] Things have taken a positive turn over the past month. The other students no longer make fun of me, and Sunset Shimmer & I have become good friends. Every 4 years, our school takes on Crystal Prep Academy in the "Friendship Games". Hopefully there aren't any supernatural surprises. Third time's the charm, right? [Mild language, MLPEG:FG spoilers]
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Dazzling Revenge reviews
I hate everybody in this school. Ever since she found out who I was dating, all the students started bullying me. One day, three new students who go by the name "The Dazzlings" showed up and performed a song in the cafeteria. Then, they asked me to join them and help take over the school. And I love it! [Mild language, MLPEG:RR spoilers]
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