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So, hey. Hi! Good to meet you. I have one single story to post, 'Life Hard,' so less about me and more about the story. I've been writing this from approximately 2006 until now. Yeah. 2006-2017, on and off, and still editing/rewriting in 2018. Raised children, changed jobs, changed hair color, watched plenty of other television shows. Just one story, now complete. I posted the first chapter on the 20th anniversary of 'School Hard,' which inspired the title.

Note to Readers: Thank you, thank you, thank you for feedback! You make this story better. I've clarified several things, added line breaks at the end of vignettes, upcoming chapter previews to the end of chapters, fixed Darla's sired-on date, etc. Let me know anytime if I can make the reading experience better for you.

Disclaimer: These characters and the Buffyverse do not belong to me; this is just me bringing my own (sub)text.

Characters: All characters will be treated with respect, all laws of Buffyverse (underdressed male vampires, for example) followed, everything that appeared on screen is canon and all canon will be given its due (even the bits I violently disagree with), and all new characters serve deux ex machina or exposition purposes (I'll kill them off as quick as possible). I started writing before the comics and haven't read them, so canon is what was broadcast. Being far, far less strict than Joss, I want all our heroes to be happy, all of them… but, along with Peter S. Beagle, it’s Spike I worry about most, and he has so very far to travel.

Theme: Spike received no guidance or help in the Buffyverse, just struggled along on his own. If anyone ever would help Spike, though, it would be women.

Prejudices: I liked all the Buffyverse characters with one exception: I abhor Eve, the Senior Partner’s liaison in the fifth Ats season. I’ve tried to write for everyone else from an understanding point of view, even rebound characters Riley and Kennedy.

Weaknesses (known): I can’t write Andrew well, so you won’t see much of him. I hope I do better with the others.

Slash: This is a long work, and there’s plenty of room for B/A, B/S, A/S, and B/other, A/other, and S/other. Other is often Buffyverse.

Author Notes: This is where I'll credit song lyrics and poetry, and also where you'll find content warnings. This is rated M, not just for fight violence and Slayer-vampire sexytime. People read fiction as an escape into another world, so when real-world sadness and badness occurs, I will also give warnings about suicide, miscarriage, racial hatred, and other things. If I miss something, please let me know.

Cast: More diversity, maybe not enough to make Mr. Trick feel like he’s found a haven, but more colors in the crayon box – that’s the one place where the Buffyverse casting directors let me down.

Twenty years into BtVS, and it's still tickling imaginations. How cool is that? First episode I ever saw was the season two finale, Becoming Pt. 2. I'd heard good things, so I watched the last forty minutes or so. I figured the redhead in the hospital gown would pop the soul back in and the cute couple would hug, roll credits, because that's how television worked back then. Yeah, I stood there in front of the television with my mouth hanging open for almost a full minute. I was hooked.

Exceed expectations, much? Most of my career has been in academics, where there are journals dedicated to these crazy high school kids, how they talk, how they feel, how they deal. In pop culture, the ripples of this show have spread so very wide. No other show has ever made me want to write story for someone else's characters. It's kind of presumptuous to say this, but I think it's because Buffy aired just before the golden age of television. The writers pushed against the structure of television at that time, but couldn't get too radical. So many stories had to go untold in canon because of the era in which it was filmed. So, we tell those stories ourselves. These flawed, complex characters are... sticky (hey, they were sticky before I got hold of them). It's both exciting and nerve-wracking to share my work, but it's beyond cool to be in the company of other people who will always dwell in the Buffyverse, too.

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