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HI_ I'm JillBelpois, otherwise known as...THE PREP DESTROYER! -rawr- =o.o= Anyways, this is MY profile, and I want you all to know, that I don't care what you think about me, you can die... . ANYWAYS! I am now the owner of 4 stories, My first Story ever, that is...quite popular, is There is Never Any Time, from a Code Lyoko setting. With 26 Chapters, and lotz of bloopers in the end. "Quite funny" My second one, is a st00pid one, Kingdom Hearts, the Dark Side of the story, it has 4 chapters. (Sucks) I gave up on it. My thrid one is gay as well, MY Way of the Ninja. It's gay, don't bother reading that peice of asian shit. AND! The one that as I write this entry, I am working on The Weakest Link In My Chain. It's a NarutoHinata story_ KAWAII! Okay, now that that's overs, . I shall describe my self.


I like Naruto, Code Lyoko, Inuyasha, Fooly Cooly, Bleach, Trinity Blood, Veiwtiful Joe, Simpsons, The Avatar, (Toph Rox)Eurekaseven, Kappa Mikey, and a whole boat load of random shows...o_o

I Like Ramen, GOD SENT! Pizza, and uh...RAMEN!!!!! O_O I also take interest in My Deviantart account... Jill-the-lyoko-freak. I draw...ALOT! O.o I like excersising, I do 400 kicks, 350 punches, 5 laps, 60 crunches, 20 chin ups, I climb 8 tree's, 200 Jump ropes, and I LOVE doing 80 push-ups_ People call me rock lee, and Bushy-brow...=_= However, I have been doing that since I was 8 and I am 14 right now...so...yeah.. . Physical Fitness all the way! o

Now, we get to how I look...Nothing special...I have Dirty Blonde Hair, Dark Blue eyes, I stand 5"3 and I weigh 94 pounds. My quote is. "Squee" and I have one deceased Brother named James. I have one sister Jamie. and I live with my mom and dad. I have a BEST frind named Luke, and I love him. But he ahs a bf...=_= So, I'm going out with this guy named Ethan. I like robin too, but I don't think he likes me back. ;-; BUT! I survive. I Think Anime Guys are hot, but people at my scholl think that's st00pid. _ Kill...all...preps...


I hate the simple things. Preps, Egotsitical Men, (Egotistcal= Full ogf them selves, richous fools.) I hate Petifiles. and I hate people who think Bi-sexuality is weird and wrong. Cause I am Bi-sexual, and it's hurtful. I hate people who use short term typing. Like for instance...(u = you) (your = ur) and so on...uh...I hate kids shows, little kids, and when I have to baby sit without getting payed. AND I hate people who think we are in-capable of manythings.

Favorite Video Games.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Naruto, Clash Of Ninja

Naruto, Clash Of Ninja 2

STARFox Adventures


Sims Bustin' Out


Sims2 Pets

Simpsons Hit and Run

ALL the Sonic Games

Tony Hawk games

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Final Fantasy Games

Zelda: The windwaker, the ocarina of time, and twilight princess

Soulcalibur 2

Fire Emblem, Path Of Radience.



Well, I like Robin Carey at meh school, and knowing that I am in fact a Bi-sexual, I like Stephanie Toth 3 She's hawt! But she hates me, so I guess that's not going to work out so nicely as I would hope...-_-' But anyways, I have a new story, it's a Horror/Romance thing, and Hinata's family is massacred, and who will bring this to justice?! Naruto...duh...=_= He always ends up getting hte damn spot light...But yeah, Don't read it if you like Sakura, cause she dies. o_o' But hey, me and my sister hate her guts so who cares? _ '''''

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