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Well, hello there, universe! How is everyone doing out there? No leaks? Good to know.

Other forms of communicating with me: The best way to communicate with me is through MSN messenger. If you are interested, ask me and we'll go from there!

You remember that weird girl who sat in the back of math class, the really quiet one who always answered the teacher's questions correctly? Yeah, that's me (although I'm finally done with school, and I thank the powers that be for that every day). I started reading manga in about September/November of 2005, at the beginning of my freshman year. I instantly fell in love with the series Angel Sanctuary and I wasn't able to stop my addiction with all forms of manga before it took over my life! X"3 My current manga-in-progress (and obsession) is Vampire Knight.

So, I'm a pretty new writer who has serious perfectionism issues. For anyone who might actually read my work, I beg your forgiveness for that unfortunate factoid. I will do my best to update regularly on any multi-chapter story I actually write, though I can't make promises! I really hope that I can someday rise to a level within the realm of my favorite fanfiction author, Blackened Wing, though I will NOT be holding my breath on that one...

Mostly, I enjoy the series Vampire Knight (Kaname x Zero, Takuma x Shiki, Kain x Ruka, anything with Zero and/or Kaname is pretty much awesome). However, I am also fascinated by MeruPeri, After School Nightmare, Godchild, Alichino, and many, many others! I don't watch T.V. much anymore, but I am in LOVE with the series Criminal Mindsand BBC genius work Sherlock! for books, I will read basically anything fiction (nonfiction is NOT my thing). Vampires are always a plus! X"3 I also REALLY enjoy video games, especially RPGs and survival/horror like Final Fantasy I-XII, Baten Kaitos Origins, The Last Remnant, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill 1-5 (and Origins), Resident Evil (yeah, ALL of these!), etc. However, just so you know, most of what I write will be for Vampire Knight, at least until my obsession relaxes its hold on me a bit...-_-;

About the names: I've seen different spellings for some of Vampire Knight's main characters' names (i.e. Kain and Cain, Ruka and Luca, Kuran and Clan, Aido and Idou, etc.) and I have decided to stick with the versions from the American manga translation, mostly because I am so used to seeing their names spelled like that. I also avoid using traditional Japanese honorifics (-sama, -kun) because I really don't know much about their proper usage...I'm afraid that I would make some horrible mistake and would then have to beat my head into the wall! ;P

Please follow the three R's: read, review, and recommend!!

Thanks for visiting me here! Wish me luck on filling my profile with an abundance of interesting stories!!


05/20/11, 2:50 PM: my life exploded right in my face then dragged me into an alley and beat me. :O I know it has been forever since I did anything on this site and it certainly seemed that I would never return, but here I am and I am currently working on a new work of VK yaoi hotness! :D Will post soon!

07/20/09, 10:59 PM: Just posted some fun little game about choosing characters and answering some questions about them. It's kinda funny!

06/28/09, 2:32 AM: I have officially posted my very first fanfiction! It's called In a Whisper. I hope to get some reviews on it! X"3


Review Responses for In a Whisper:

To mic: Thank you for commenting! I have an unusual style, for sure, and I'm glad you like it! And I will definitely be writing more Kaname x Zero!! ;D

To Knux girl: Thank you for pointing out the "it's" versus "its" and the lack of a subject in "How many times have longed...?"! I think this is an important note also for the rest of my readers; a "quaking aspen" is a tree. No, the aspen is not glowing, it is just a type of tree called a "quaking aspen". And I wanted it to seem as though Zero has been longing for Kaname for a while, but his pessimistic attitude makes him think that he isn't worthy. So, to him, that desire makes no difference. See? I can see what you mean about the ellipses being a bit campy...I've removed both and changed them. Hopefully that helps! Thank you for the critique!!

To aisha4senru: I'm sorry! =( I just wanted to write something angsty...from here on in, I will try to keep my work from being too angsty. That could be hard, since I am a fairly angsty person...but I'll do my best!! I appreciate the review! And more Kaname x Zero is on the way. X"3

To Hanamaru: I am very happy that everyone definitely felt the angst from this one. Thank you for the positive feedback! XD

To YenGirl: 8D I'm pretty bad at poetry, so it's funny that my writing is poetic! (my English teacher always said I should try prose poetry!) I like to convince myself that Zero loves them both even in the manga! Yeah...I'm just lame like that. And I'm sorry that it wasn't enough! They only share one night because I was trying to make it just a wee bit more believable. Not to mention, I am not awesome enough to write a long relationship between them...yet. And I've been prodded by friends to continue this story...and now you have requested it as well. I'm baffled, but at the same time these requests have caused a plot bunny to latch onto my leg and chew incessantly. Perhaps...perhaps I shall continue this story? O.o I'll have to think about it. And, just so you know, your comment made me laugh out loud. Literally. X"3 I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you!!

To run-for-your-life-hikari: Wow!! XD I don't know if I will fit my hats next time I try them on...That's so nice of you to say! Thank you for reviewing!!

To ButterflySparkle: Thank you! Now three people have requested more...Hmmm...XD

To makexyouxbelieve: Oh my! I'm going to be smiling all night because of that! Thank you so much! :)

To Toraudewa: I'm glad that you liked it even past the angsty sadness! Thanks for the review!

To Raging Otaku: XD XD XD I am SOOOO happy that someone liked it that much! My face is so red right now...Thank you for your kind words!!

To Demoness of the Night: Whoo! X"3 I was pretty worried that the OOC-ness would be worse, so it's nice to know that it wasn't! Thanks for the feedback AND thank you for the fave! I really appreciate it!!

To LydiaGoesRAWR: Wow, I wish I could make it into a novel! You are so awesome for making me feel this good about my work. I appreciate you comments! X"3

To dowagerlinks: Oh my god! I have a huge shit-eating grin right now. You have completely made my day! Your review makes me feel so awesome...thank you so much!!

To YuuriCullen: I'm sorry for the lack of amazing lemon! I am really quite nervous about writing that actually...Oh well. I am working on another fic at the moment that will have plenty of lemon. ;D Thank you for you thoughts and I'm sure you'll write some amazing Vamp Knight in the future!

To Sexxy Demon: Thank you, love! n.n I am much better at writing first person, so...I'm glad it worked out! XD Oh, isn't forbidden love just fascinating? I love the idea of it, and I'm glad it made you happy. And thank you for the compliment! XD XD Your review is much appreciated!

To alaa432: ...uh, thanks? O_o I'm not sure what "ffdg" means...I'm going to assume it's good!

To Ichi Kasuma: Wow, thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it so much and I'm trying to do something new...I promise that I'll post something new eventually! :P Thanks for the review!

To Finicia: I'm scared! But thanks!! I don't seem to have any free time anymore, but I'll try to post something ASAP!!

To VanishingLight: :) Thank you! You didn't need to say anything else!!

To Ren: Indeed, I do believe that was it in a nutshell! XD I appreciate the feedback!

To LuanRina: It is a little sad isn't it...:( But I am glad that you still like it! lol I am going to post a new story here soon and I hope you like that one as well. ;D

To DarkButterfly332505: I love loners, too! :} He's my fave character from VK if only because he seems to have so much depth!! And he won't necessarily end up all alone...;) Just keep reading. Hahaha Thanks for the review!

To (anon): I will be putting up a new story in the new little while and it will be longer. ;) Much longer! lol And you are very welcome for the story. Thank YOU for the feedback!

To Pink Bead Girl: Wow, thanks for that! My muse kinda ran away from me for quite awhile...but he came back. ] I hope that I don't let you down next time!

To Destiny.Hope45: Kaname x Zero FOREVER! I love it! And thanks so much!

To PetiteFee24: Well thank you! I will always worry that my stuff is far too OOC...but I am glad that you don't think so! XD And maybe not a sequel, but...;D

To violetkisses: It is...but hopefully you still enjoyed reading it. :O Thanks for reviewing!

To ToraBara: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! X3 You rock so hard! Your review made me smile so huge...I would hug you if I could! lol I will hopefully inspire the same feelings in the future!

To YaoiFangirl: Hmmm, I think the only reason I didn't really get into what Kaname was thinking is just that it was from Zero's perspective and it was very vague. [ Perhaps in the future I will try more of a third person perspective and maybe that will help! :P Thank you for the advice!

To Catlethea: Well thank you much! I have been on this site for years now and I was terrified to post anything, so I am happy to hear that you liked my first story. :3 I will keep all these things in mind as I finish typing my current work and I hope you will honor me with another wonderful review!

To Shadow8790: I would love to help you with a K x Z story! Just get back to me somehow and I will offer you any ideas I have! :D


Felt like having some fun...and I just happened to find this! XD


1. Have you ever read five(Rido)/ten(Kaien) fic before?

Well...O.o I'm not even sure that pairing even exists! It kinda scares me.

2. Do you think three(Kain)is hot? How hot?

You know, I do. He got that mysterious, quiet kind of sexiness! XD

4. Do you recall any good fics about nine(Ichiru)?

I tend to avoid Ichiru fics, but I have read a few interesting ones. n.n

5. Would seven(Shiki) and two(Zero) make a good couple?

Uh...that's a very odd pairing, really. Hehe...I kinda like it!

6. Four(Takuma)/eight(Haruka) or four(Takuma)/nine(Ichiru)?

O_o...WTF?! Neither works at all! I refuse to choose!

7. What would happen if seven(Shiki) discovered three(Kain) and eight(Haruka) in a secret relationship?

lol...Shiki would probably just give them that bored, "Eh" look that he does so well!

8. Make up a summary of at least twenty words for a two(Zero)/six(Kaname) fic.

OMG! OMG!! OTP!! XD Ok. "Zero can't control his urges anymore. Kaname is willing to help, but it has nothing to do with Yuki this time..." Kinda lame, I know. XD

9. Is there a such thing as a four(Takuma)/ten(Kaien) romantic fluff story?

You know, I've read some really, REALLY strange fics, so I wouldn't be surprised!

10. Suggest a title for a one(Aido)/five(Rido) Hurt/Comfort fanfic.

Oh dear lord...I don't think that's possible! How about "A Different Kind of Pureblood"?

11. What kind of plot would you use for three(Kain)/eleven(Asato) fanfic?

This thing hates me! O.o Let me think...Kain and Aido go to check on Takuma when he doesn't return after Christmas break, and Kain finds more than he bargained for...

12. Does anyone of your friends read seven(Shiki) het? What about nine(Ichiru) slash?

That would be a yes to both. XD

13. Would one(Aido) have sex with twelve(Yagari)?

I really doubt it. O.o

14. If you wrote a two(Zero)/three(Kain)/six(Kaname) fic, what would the warning be?

"Warning: This fic will contain enough hot mansex to choke a chicken. You have been warned."

15. What pick up line might eight(Haruka) use on five(Rido)?

XD Wow, I got some incest...I honestly can't see Haruka even using a pick up line, let alone on RIDO..."Get over here and let me show you some brotherly love!" (crack, I know! XD)

16. Challenge: Write a drabblefic for ten(Kaien)/eight(Haruka).

Oh, drabblefics...not my thing. -_-; "Who would have thought that two men loving Juri would find so much in each others' arms?" That's all I got.

17. What would happen if seven(Shiki) walked in on two(Zero) and Twelve(Yagai) having sex?

XD XD XD He'd probably say something like "Hey, have you guys seen my Pocky?" I doubt he'd even care!

18. What kind of plot would you use if you wanted four(Takuma) to de-flower one(Aido)?

Aido's been an idiot again and gotten himself into trouble. Takuma notices how busy Kaname's been and decides to punish him instead. And yet, the punishment isn't quite what Aido had expected...XD XD XD Can anyone say crack?

19. Does anyone on your friends list read seven(Shiki) slash?

Oh, most definitely! I would read it. XD

20 . Does anyone on your friends list read three(Kain) het?

Yep. I am actually pretty fond of Kain/Ruka, myself. XP

21. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw eleven(Asato)?

I really hope not...O.o

22. What might ten(Kaien) scream at a moment of great passion?

Oh my! XP I'd like to think that he'd scream "Ah, Yagari!" but that's just me. XD XD XD

23. When was the last time you read a fic about five (Rido)?

Um...I think the last one I read that had Rido in it was Silhouette Serenade by Clue-sama, and that was about...two weeks ago? Never read one ABOUT Rido, though...

24. What is six(Kaname)'s super-secret kink?

Oh, we all know he has wet dreams about Zero...XD

25. Would eleven(Asato) shag nine(Ichiru)? Drunk or sober?

I always imagined Asato as being kind of a child molester type, so yes. He would definitely shag Ichiru, drunk or not. -_-;

26. If three(Kain) and seven(Shiki) get together, who tops?

I like Shiki as a uke, so definitely Kain!

27. One(Aido) and nine(Ichiru) are in a happy relationship until nine(Ichiru) runs off with four(Takuma). One(Aido), broken hearted, has a hot, one night stand with eleven(Asato) and a brief unhappy affair with twelve (Yagari), then follows the wise advice of five (Rido) and finds true love in two(Zero). What title would you give this fic?

"Be Prepared for the Ultimate Crack Fic!" X"3

28. How would you feel if seven(Shiki)/eight(Haruka) was canon?

...incest? XD You know, I really wouldn't mind that at all!

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