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January 28, 2010

You see the post right under this one? Yes yes, the one that says "3/2/08." Now, you maybe asking, why is such a thing like that sitting at the bottom of this page of mine?? In good response, I would tell you that it is a testament to my pitiful past existence here on fan fiction.net.

Just look at it though. I was here for more than two years and all I could muster up from my most intelligent mind were two extremely incomplete fanfics. Why, I must simply say that I am far better than that. So, now I return to say that I have a few ideas lingering in my mind for fanfics. Now you must simply be thinking something like...oh...

"But didn't you say that before divinesuperstition? Didn't you say that so many times before just to let down our oh so excited hopes of fan fiction BLISS!?"

And I shall say...why yes...yes I did! But such days are gone. Is it not to be rejoiced for? Anyways, before I begin my next story I must plan it and then formulate it into my schedule that I feel shall become busier and busier as each day passes. And you know what?

That's fine.

Until I write aforementioned fanfic, I shall do my best to read and review whatever fan fictions decide to harmonize with the ambiguous wavelengths of my mind. Let us wait in grand earnest then!

God Bless...Au revoir.


Wow, where does the time go. I just decided to look back on this profile page. It's been over a year since I've been here but it's still here. How about that? Guess it wouldn't be going anywhere. It's just like..WOW! been so long. I stare down to see...nearly 2 years ago, 3/20/06. So much has changed. Haven't even written a fanfic in forever. My main focus has been on poetry and original fiction. This is just interesting, that's all. Been so long...anyways, am I here to tell you all...(those who care) that I' m even going to start another fanfic? Meh, who knows. Not sure what to fanfic. Finished DMC 4, last boss was a downer...Anyways, not much to fanfic, haven't played anything too good in awhile...not much anyways.

But on to life! It's amazing is it not? The smiles, the trials and tribulations, all of this molding us into productive members of society! Ok! Time for Alex to be off peace. Until another day.~