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Hi! Welcome to my profile and thanks for reading. I'm Joe, aka, Jonohex. As for more about me, I love anime like Soul Eater, Assassination Classroom, Ghost Hound, Ninja Scroll, Death Note, Tekkonkinkreet, Fantastic Children, Naruto (of course), 3x3 Eyes, Avatar: TLA, Kino's Journey, Ghost in the Shell, Captain Herlock; old-school martial arts movies like Five Deadly Venoms, Sword of Doom, The 36 Chambers, Legend of Drunken Master, Zatoichi, all Bruce Lee and Toshiro Mifune as well as newer stuff like Tai-Chi Master, Legend of the Swordsman, the Once Upon a Time in China series, Fearless, Ong Bak, Shaolin Soccer and Kung-Fu Hustle. Oh, and definitely Kung-Fu Panda! I love fantasy and sci-fi too, Liu Cixin, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, Bruce Sterling, Michael Swanwick, Neal Stephenson, Walter Jon Williams, Dan Simmons, Ursula LeGuin, Tolkien, Edison, Morecock, Fritz Lieber, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Gene Wolfe, Vernor Vinge, Yoon Ha Lee, Kij Johnson...any too many more to name.

I'd like to extend a personal thanks and shout out to the few people who actually read some of my fairly sucky stories all the way through. I don't think that the number of reviews in itself indicates how good a story is, but I can't help but feel that it indicates how well a story connects with readers or engages them emotionally. So in that I've pretty much epic failed. Thanks too to those who've taken the time to review and/or add me to their favorites and C2's. I'm interested in any opinions, suggestions or advice on how I can improve my writing and better connect with readers, which seems to be the area I'm lacking in the most.

The Broken Tool -- This story's my attempt to flesh out Haku in an action/adventure with a little good-natured romance too. "My" Haku is a little harder-edged than most I've read, based on the short montage of him from the anime where he's killing other ninja at-will with his senbon. Plus, I figured that Zabuza wouldn't be the easiest guy to stay alive around even if he liked you. Other than that, TBT is meant to stick fairly close to the manga/anime, and is about Haku trying to deal with the drastic changes in his life while fighting a variety of new challenges, temptations and adversaries.

Kirigakure's Shore -- A sequel to The Broken Tool. The summary is: Haku is content with his new home in the Land of Waves. But when a ninja clan thought long dead reemerges intent on destroying the Hidden Mist Village, Zabuza's former apprentice must consider a return to his former life.

Part 1, Mission to Konohagakure -- Haku, now a constable in the Land of Waves, is dispatched to the Hidden Leaf Village to return some very disturbing stolen property. Though the unplanned trip gives him the opportunity to reconcile with Sakura and Kakashi, the former Demon's Apprentice finds himself the target for a group of ninja intent on killing him. If Kiba, who's been assigned by the Hokage to protect him, fails, then the genin's career as a leaf-ninja is over.

Part 2, Snow Angels -- An artifact left at Haku's grave leads the young ninja in a search for the secrets to his ancestry. Wave Country's building boom continues apace, but what exactly is it becoming? Inari and Chuuya continue their training, meanwhile Naruto discovers that Haku is alive.

Part 3, Complicated Shadows -- While a powerful ninja lord from Kirigakure visits The Land of Waves, the patriarchs of Water Country's bloodline clans search out Haku.

Part 4, The Jinchuuriki's Mandate -- Haku and Naruto are on a journey to stop the Hidden Mist Village from being destroyed. But vengeful ninjas possessing forgotten powers turn out to be the least of what the two must face as present-day ambitions collide with Kirigakure's dark past.

Part 5, The Wonders of the Deep -- With his plan failed and Naruto’s fate uncertain, Haku finds himself again a fugitive. Even with aid arriving from an unexpected source, will Haku be able to save the Mist Village from extinction?

Part 6, House of Candlelight -- Kirigakure reels gripped with plague while Mei and a handful of loyal shinobi try to keep it from going under. Haku falls under Lord Hirai's thrall and is charged with ridding the doomed city of the 108 Demons but it's Naruto who might be in far greater danger.

The River of Red -- My first attempt at fanfiction, VERY structurally flawed and based on a dream (yeah, I know it sounds cheesy). The story features an OC named Tomoki, an orphan who ended up in Konohagakure and entered the ninja academy for his own reasons -- to persue revenge against the woman who destroyed his village. It's in the supernatural/horror genre, kind of like Big Trouble in Little China, The Bride with White Hair, and Legend of the Swordsman. Tomoki's plans hit a snag when Naruto, curious about the genin's disappearance, tracks him down.

Five Animals Play -- A sequel to The River of Red. Naruto's gone missing and Tomoki (indebted to him) vows to find him. I just re-edited this one and it's a lot better! FAP owes more to old kung-fu movies (hence the title), The Magnificent Trio, One-Armed Boxer vs. Master of the Flying Guillotine and the book, Journey to the West. Also, a little Inuyasha, kinda. I really liked this story though no one else did.

House of Reptiles -- Hmm. Well. I thought it was good at the time...kind of a spooky story/social commentary/Edgar Allen Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher only with ninjas. I hate to say it, but you should probably skip this one.

10.23.16 FINAL CHAPTER of Kirigakure's Shore is UP!

Wow...chapter forty-freakin'-SIX! That's like three novels or something. I want to thank everyone who read and especially those who reviewed and shared the fun of writing these stories, through the good chapters and the bad ones/overly long ones/should've been edited a lot more ones. It takes a special breed! I really appreciate it!

11.14.17 I'm still surprised that there're still people reading these stories. I really thought that it'd trickle down to zero being that there're so many other stories out there, more current anime titles and so on. It's quite an international crowd too.

Ah, what the heck. One last plea for reviews!! :D Please leave one or many if you feel so inclined :P

If you're looking for mind-blowing science fiction, I'd recommend Cixin Liu's The Three Body Problem and the other books in his trilogy -- The Dark Forest and Death's End.

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Kirigakure's Shore reviews
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