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Hey you.

The name's Steph, and this is my profile.

It's been nearly three years since I wrote anything! yikes! but I'm here and back!

oh my goodness, people. thank you SO much for the support. It really makes writing this easier and more fun for me.

Do me a favor and keep enjoying it, okay?


I just completed several chapters of "Lost Soul." Go read it!

Hey hey! Do any of you guys have any suggestions for what my next fanfic? please, send me a note to let me know if you have any ideas or requests for me!

if any of you had been guessing, yes, my fanfic directly quotes the anime series. I wanted to make it as true to the anime as possible, so my fanfic is just everything in the anime while my story molded to it.

that's why it takes so long for me to write it- because i have to write down what everyone says and does, put it into a book format, then write my own story on top of it.


1. Kuwabara has the highest level of ESP among the Uremeshi Team. Genkai has the most powers for a human, until Yuuske came along.
2. If you didn't know, the Uremeshi teams consist of Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Genkai and of course, Yuusuke.
3. Kurama hides seeds in his hair.
4. And he is able to control nearly all sorts of plants and use them as weapons.
5. Not only that, he had a girl named Maya who became really attached to him when he was 14. The same age he met Hiei.
6. Yuuske has some demon blood in him. After all, his ancestor (or father?) was Raizen, the S level demon. And if he was Yuuske's father, his mom must've been really drunk.
7. And Yuuske's mother is a partying alcoholic who had him when she was 15.
8. When the series ended, Hiei became Mukuro's heir in the makai, occasionally visiting Kurama in the Nigenkai. (For what?)
9. And when Hiei is not visiting, Kurama is working in his stepfather's shop.
10. All but Kuwabara can transform.
11. Yuuske transformation looks like this: he has long black hair, a really nice build, and distinctive marks on his body. Kinda like Raizen.
12. Hiei tranforms when he wants to using his third eye. He turns green all over (not because he has to puke or anything) and eyes appear all over his body. His ears are pointy and his fangs are clearly bearable. All in all, he looks like a goblin. (Hiei: "You stupid ningen!") Hee hee.
13. Meanwhile, Kurama's much more beautiful. He turns into a 7 ft. tall youko with silver hair, gold eyes, and fox ears and a tail.
14. Kurama's school uniform is pink. Not exactly fitting for a youko.
15. Kuwabara has the hugest thing for kittens (Not to mention girls).
16. Hiei sometimes takes of his top to fight. And it doesn't bother me!
17. Kurama seems partial to taking wounds to the stomach…really.
18. Yuuske is a bit perverted in the beginning of the story. He grabs Keiko's busty chest and looks under her dress.
19. Because of that, he suffers violence from Keiko's hand.
20. Kurama's actual race, youkos, are heard to have many lovers and commits infidelity.
21. Youko Kurama had a partner in crime named Koronue (sp?) who died on a mission with Kurama.
22. Kurama never really did get over that.
23. On thing that aggravates Hiei the most is when Yukina suffers.
24. And she suffered a lot.
25. However her brother always come to her rescue. And Yukina knows that Hiei is her brother.
26. But both are not willing to say anything.
27. Hiei has a really sad past where he was alone for most of his life.
28. And he is truly one of a kind. He is the only Koorime/fire demon alive (or ever lived). And I doubt there will be another one…
29. Koorimes do asexual reproduction (something I learned in biology .) where the can reproduce without sex.
30. Besides those things, Hiei's Black Dragon Wave (Kokuryuha) when not activated, is the mark of a tattoo on his right arm. It is bandaged.
31. And the largest Kokuryuha released was the one that collapsed a skyscraper.
32. Kurama's original hair color was black (in the manga).
33. But he is now one of the rare redhead boys in anime.
34. It is rumored that Hiei is able to cry black tear gems because of his Koorime nature. It is not proven because Hiei never cry.
35. Kuwabara seems to be the most moral one in the group. He respects woman, does not steal, helps out everyone and won't hurt a fly (unless the fly is evil).
36. Kurama didn't get that title because of his past.
37. We have never ever heard anything about the father of Hiei…and I wonder why. (Can anyone tell me?)
38. I think Hiei eats grass for survival in the Makai. (I'm only guessing!)
39. Kurama feels most comfortable in ancient Chinese style-like outfits.
40. YYH has no adult situations or explicit sex (not even partial nudity!) and it's rated YRV (Youth Restricted Viewing) in Blockbuster. But maybe it's because Kurama got naked in Movie 2. But they didn't show anything graphic…
41. Hiei is mostly compared to Vegeta of Dragon Ball. Maybe because it's of their cold exterior, but tolerable interior…
42. Hiei also has a technique similar to Kuwabara's Rei-ken. He doesn't like it because it's similar to Kuwabara's Rei-ken.
43. He also has hair of three colors: black all around, outlined in blue, and a white star-like shape in front.
44. Hiei travels as fast as the speed of light. Maybe not that fast, but really, really, really fast.
45. Kurama might have grown his hair as long as it is now to keep a memory of his youko past.
46. In the Makai Tournament, Karasu (whose name means "crow") keeps on telling how beautiful Kurama is and how he loves him…
47. Then he got killed by Kurama.
48. Hiei crippled his arm when he released his Dragon for the first time. Then he learned how to control it.
49. After he uses the Dragon thing, he needs to rest for a minimum of 3 hours.
50. All in all, the Uremeshi Team rules!!


Kuwabara has lost 156 fights to Yusuke.

The most upsetting loss in YYH fighting history: (does everyone agree?) KURAMA KILLED KARASU, AND STILL HE WAS COUNTED AND LOSER BECAUSE THEY SAY HE WAS DOWN FOR 10 SECONDS. screw that.

Hiei has 20-22 eyes on his body in his demon form (it varies)

During the Dark Tournament, team Urameshi suffered from 6 defeats

Kuwabara vs. Rinku (lost by ring out)

Kurama vs. Bakken (kurama was unconscious before the fight even began..)

Yusuke vs. Jin (ruled a double out- committee claimed Koto took too long when counting Yusuke was out of the ring)

Kuwabara vs. Shishiwakamaru (Kuwabara was caught in Shishi's trap)

Kuwabara vs. Onji/Suzuka (Kuwabara ran into the trap. again.)

Kurama vs. Karasu (Kurama was down for a 10 count, even though Karasu dies)

"Hiei" means "Flying Shadow"

"Kaeko" means "Firefly Child"

"Toguro" means "Coil of a Snake"

"Suichi" means "excellent first"

"Yusuke" means "Ghost Helper"

"Kurama" means "Kept Horse" (WTF?)

"Kuwabara" means "Mulberry field"

Youko Kurama's old bandit friend, Kuronoe, was a bat demon.

Kurama, during his fight with Karasu, was on the ground for 10.28 seconds. (what BS)

No matter what people have said to me, I simply CANNOT see Hiei OR Kurama as being gay. sorry..

These facts are from Chibisensei110787 =D Thanks!

1) Kitsunes are fox spirits and are rather common to Japanese mythology. They are most often portayed as tricksters who have the ability to assume a human form and gain/increase magical power with age, but other folklore also considers them to be faithful guardians, friends, etc. Their personalities vary from story to story
2) A youko is a term used very rarely in Japan to refer to an especially strong kitsune
3) Togashi-san got Hiei's & Kurama's names from mountains since he couldn't think of any good names for their characters _U
4) Togashi-san is married to the creator of Sailor Moon, thus the Sailor Moon reference in vol. 5
5) Murkuro was a sex slave as a child
6) Hiei brings Murkuro her former captor (to torture forever) as a birthday present _U
7) Genki dies again
8) Somehow King Enki could talk to Yusuke over the phone _
9) Yusuke's mother and real father keep in touch with one another behind Yusuke's back since Yusuke would probably kill him for not being in his life
10) Koto tried to interview Yusuke and his team right before they fought the Finals in the Dark Tournament & ended up them off (in bonus footage only released in Japan)
11) Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara (for some reason)fight in the next Demon World Tournament wearing the same outifts they did during the Dark Tournament (in bonus footage)
12) Hiei gave Yukina back the tear and told her that her brother was dead and to stop looking for him. Her reaction made it pretty apparent that she figured out that he was her brother. but she didn't say anything (bonus footage)
13) Kuwabara's dad appears in the last manga
14) Yukina goes to live with Kuwabara and his family, still clueless that Kuwabara is madly in love with her
15) Yusuke admits how much he likes Keiko in an absent-minded comment that he thought no one would hear. Kuwabara does and tells everyone (except Hiei who went back to Demon World) behind Yusuke's back.
16) 3 mini paradoies masked as weird dreams Yusuke had were made as bonuses to the show

Some Things I Believe

1 Kurama is my lover

2 No, I will not share him with you

3 He won't share me with you, either (it's a protection thing)

4 Hiei and I don't really get along 'cause we both got fiery tempers

5 You piss me off, I send you off the face of Earth. Kurama, being the nicer one in the relationship, will plant a flower for you

6 Hiei is jealous of me and Kurama, so he ran off to Mokuro

7 Kuwabara is still clueless about Yukina's brother

8 So is Yukina

9 Me and Shiori are tight, but her son is a pain (he's too protective over my Kurama)

10 Yusuke and Kaeko are soul mates

11 Yusuke thinks I'm a riot; Kaeko doesn't think I'm a good influence

12 Yomi isn't/wasn't all Yaoi-y with Youko Kurama or Kurama; neither was/is Hiei or Kuronue

13 Mokuro is a hateful, malicious whore

14 If I could kill off any character in YYH, it'd be Mokuro (I'm writing a fanfic! why don't I?!)

15 Raizen is a cool dad

16 being a non-human eater, like Raizen, is SO in right now

17 Kurama is over 2000 years old

18 Even in his human form, Kurama will live hundreds of years

19 No girls dare make batty eyes at Kurama while I'm around

20 Everyone, including Kurama when we first met, thinks I'm older than I really am

(example: "are you 18?" me: "No ma'am, thanks for reminding me I'm not a legal adult.")

21 Kurama is MY sexy bishonen; not yours, not the girl who sits next to you in chem's, not the hobo on the corner's, nor the guy who lives down your street and is totaly gay

22 with this list I've probalby pissed off 80,000,000 people, so:

I'll kick them off planet Earth, then Kurama will plant 80,000,000 flowers;

the world will be a better place

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