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Author has written 7 stories for Final Fantasy X-2.

I write, poorly at that, and I have a million ideas in my head.

It becomes bothersome when they talk to me.

What can a girl do:

Currently Listening To: the remaining contents of my iPod. D:

UPDATE: So in May, my computer died a wretched little death. XD The 9-year-old electronica had it coming, though. I got a new computer - hurrah! - and lost all of my recognition of my e-mail addresses! YAYAYAYAYA/not. D: I'm sorry to inform you that I lost any saved stories, too. HA, HA. I BET YOU'RE ALL CRYING RIVERS/not. Anyway. I figure, hell, I might as well post my most graphic of stories now that I've decided to randomly rejoin the living here at fanfic, right? Yes, right. I don't really care if you like it or not. I've had it written for WELL over a year at this point, and I was venting for what was going on in my life at the time. I don't expect you to understand, but if you do, major love points from the Tiffany. Yes. THE Tiffany. I'm so stellar. 8D Anyway. Flame me all you want. They make me giggle. ;D

.Story Progress.

Broken Home --Complete/Contemplating Deletion-- Oneshot, post-FFX-2, fluffage, drama, etc. PainexBaralai.

If The Sun Don't Shine --Complete--OneShot. Pre-FFX/X2, fluff, drama, tears, character death. Rikku x Gippal (what do you want from me? xD)

Like A Knight In Shining Armor --Complete-- Oneshot, random fluff, pre-FFX-2. RikkuxGippal.

Running Away --On Hold/Editing -- Multi-chapter, 15 or so more chapters anticipated, AU, highschool fanfic. RikkuxGippal.

Snap, Crackle, Pop -- Complete-- Oneshot, random, Pre-FFX. Rikku-centric.

She Knew -- Complete -- Oneshot. Graphic-ish, dramadramadrama. Pre-FFX-2. hey, dashes! Paine-centric.

Tear You Apart --Complete-- Oneshot, song based. RikkuxGippal.


The Ripple EffectPlanning/Pre-writing-- Multi-chaptered fic, true FFX-3 sequel, RikkuxGippal.

Supernatural Patience --Editing-- Oneshot, extremely short, FFX. TidusxYuna

Like Being Stoned --Editing/Ending-- Two/Three part fic, FFX-3(sort of), angsty dramatic. PainexGippalxRikku, RikkuxBaralai, RikkuxGippal, GippalxPaine, PainexBaralai (Whew!)

Anon Reviewers :333

I love you guys just as much as my signed in reviewers, and I feel the need to express thanks, reguardless of whether I can contact you all and individually thank you or not.

I hate the authors that don't do this, reply with gratitude...It peeves me...

First to Rebecca: I'm glad you like it =D I actually stole a part of your review for my new description of Running Away. Haha, thank you sooo much. I have a feeling you are "bec", who reviewed just hours ago...I think...haha. (If you aren't, I'm sorry...hehe) I didn't plan to update soon, but I do have a chapter almost ready for posting. xD I just need to edit it...

To 'seaweed': I took your review into heart and tried to be descriptive with my newest chapter. I re-did it three times, new ideas coming to mind, making sure to give as much detail as I could. I thank you sooooo much for the confidence boost that came with your review. Your words gave me the warm fuzzies -hugs herself-

For the anon from Broken Home whose name doesn't seem to want to show up...: Thank j00, I actually hadn't though of it before, but you did get me working on a possible sequel to that oneshot...P x B aren't my best couple, but I'm trying to make it work. I didn't think I was going to get another review for that story, and I thank you. =D

And, finally, 'bec' if you aren't Rebecca from earlier. xD: I working on an update now. Editing and then it'll be up.

To Miss Gippalsgirl257: Eep. Hehe. Thank you very much. I love hearing that someone else likes my work. -whee- I hope I'll continue to hear from you. Haha. It's actually because of you that I finally did update. Hehe. Thanks! :D

Naaancy: Aaah! Such flattery. -blushblush- Thank you sooo much! I don't understand one thing though, I've heard constantly that my style of writing is good, but I really don't understand what makes it different than anyone elses! O= Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE hearing it, but... it confuses me a bit. :333 Anyway, Gippal will turn up in the next chapter, if I get my busy/lazy butt to writing. _ Thank you for the reviewwwww. :33

Manda: Yarg! Thank you for the review. -whee- I love reading nice things. I'll try my best to update soon. :3

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