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Author has written 17 stories for Warriors, Inheritance Cycle, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Danny Phantom, and Harry Potter.

Last updated- 5/14/2007

Favorite books: Warriors series by Erin Hunter, lost years of Merlin series by T.A. Barron, Inheritence trilogy, by Christopher Paolini, the giver, by lois Lowry, Bartimaues(sp?) trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, any book by John Grisham.

Favorite websites: neopets.com, vmk.com, fanfiction.net (Duh).

Favoritecolor: GREEN!

Favorite song: Chemicals React, by Aly and Aj

Favorite T.V. show: Danny Phantom.

Favorite video game: ThrillVille for PS2

Look at ElvisFan1, she's my little sister. She's a new writer, so please don't flame her!

Note: Forgotten past was co-authored by someone without an account, we must all give thanks to her.

Second note: The co-author now has an account: Check out HazelCloud if you want to see her stories.

Stories I WILL NOT read- Slash of any kind (no offense to people who write it, I just don't like it...) Most DxV stories

Um... Anything that's one long paragraph. That just annoys me.

Stories I WILL read- Just about anything except the aforementioned items... lol, I'll put up with just about anything... for some reason I like OCs more than I shoud... but hey, what fun is it just sticking with cannon characters all the time?

I like really long stories... not a big fan of angst...

My stories I'm working on-

It could never happen: This is pretty much on permanant postponing until I decide to finish it. Could be years.

When no one is watching, the new prophecy: Obviouly I can't write anything else until the next book comes out! Ya, I know, Twilight IS out, I'm just too lazy to write the next chapter right now. Also on hiatus.

A minute to Midnight: I've decided that I'm turning this into a trilogy, because... well, some reasons that won't make a lot of sense until October 31 is published. Which will be probably never, as this is also on hiatus. Sorry, it's summer! I am incabable of writing more than one thing at a time over the summer, and that is currently a huge scary crossover thing that takes place at this summer camp, and... yea, I'm babbling, sorry. Suffice it to say that that story will never in a million years be published, so you'll have to wait before I write anything for fanfiction.

Favorite pairings-

DannyXSam (Danny Phantom) Do I even have to say anything?

RonXHermione (Harry Potter) I used to really hate this pairing, but after reading book six I think that they'd be good for eachother.

Nathaniel and Kitty (Bartimaes trilogy) Ha ha! They would be really funny with eachother... I wonder what their kids would be like... not nice thoughts.

Least favorite pairings-

DannyXValerie/Paulina/Anyone other than Sam (Danny Phantom) Danny and Sam are meant to be together!

SamXGregor/Elliot (Danny Phantom) If you've ever seen that episode, you know why.

RonXLuna (Harry Potter) Sigh can't anyone see that that's just a catastrophe waiting to happen?

HarryXCho (Harry Potter) Cho just wouldn't understand what Harry has to do in the last book, plus she'd proboably go insane if she started going out with Harry and then he died. (Look what happened when Cedric died!)

HarryXGinny (Harry Potter) Firstly, while I like HarryXGinny better than HarryXCho, I just don't like this. I don't really think they have much in commun, and plus J.K. Rowling has always portraied Ginny as 'the maiden in distress' of the HP books, so I think she acts way to young for Harry.

98 of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this into your profile.

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Weird questions I feel like putting in here-

How many pairs of socks did you get last Christmas?

(Hmm... 2... 3... 5... 5 or 6, at least.)

What is the weirdest group of people you have ever seen in an elavator?

(When my mom went to a scrapbooking convention last year my dad, sister, and me were trying to get downstairs for breakfast and every time the doors opened there would be about eight woman- I didn't see any guys, I guess they all took the stairs- squashed in there with huge cases on wheels and bags and stuff. If you or anyone you know scrapbooks you know how much stuff they carry around.)

What is the weirdest gift you have ever gotten?

(For me that's tied between a box of Ritz crackers (From my grandma) and a newspaper (same grandma). Also possibly the graphing paper my friend says she's giving me for my b-day)


"What were you doing buying an air-plane?!"

"I wasn't buying it, I was looking at it!"

"What were you doing, looking at a plane?"

"I can look at a plane if I want to!"

-Richard and Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls, Friday night's alright for fighting)

Cratchit- You seem to have been touched by the spirit of Christmas, Mr. Scrooge.

Scrooge- Spirit of Christmas? Or rather Spirits of Christmas! Indeed, Bob, I am elated beyone conception!

Cratchit- What?

Scrooge- I am exuding benevolence from every fiber of my being!

Cratchit- Huh?

Scrooge- For the love of Pete! I'm really, really, raelly happy!

-A christmas carol (Turned into a play by my reading teacher)

Me- I wonder what the third Eragon book will be called?

My cousin (1)- (Pulling out the poster of Glader they're putting in the back of the Eldest books now and gesturing to it) It's called... Glader.

(1)I do not have permission to foreclose her name. I don't even know why I put that there. It made me crack up laughing. But then again, I had just eaten practically an entire box of crackers, and wheat products make me hyper. No, seriously, they do!

Future stories-

These are stories I'm considering doing (Time passed I'm definitly doing after A Minute to Midnight is done) but haven't decided on yet. If you like/ hate any of them, please tell me in a reveiw. Most of the titles are also working titles until I find something I like better.

Time passed- Prequel/ Sequel to A Minute to Midnight. What was Vlad's life at Hogwarts like? Well constantly getting teased by the other Slytherins, failing pretty much every subject, and his mom sending him home made fluffy pink sweaters makes it pretty hard. Oh, and let's not forget that now he's having visions of the future. Genre- Action/Adventure. Rated- T (To give me some space while writeing) Potential chapters-19 (will probably be eidited) Genre- Action/Adventure. Planned out, half a chapter written.

The seller of dreams- Partially inspired by Something Wicked this way Comes by Ray Bradbury (A book we read in class). A new threat arrives in Amity Park, but this time, it's not a ghost. An old man who claims to sell people their hearts desires, but twists these wishes in a way that instead gives people their worst fears. When they return to him, begging him to take his gifts back, he agrees- on the condition they serve him for a century before he does. With half of Amity under his spell, including his family and freinds, will Danny be able to find the strength to defeat him once and for all? Or is his offer too good for even Danny to resist? Genre- Drama/ Romance Rated- T (For serious themes and possibly gruesome images) Potential chapters- ??? 3 paragraphs written on a post-e note! ;)

The siren- Partially inspired by a dream I had as well as... one of those stories Homer wrote. Don't ask me which one. ;) A new ghost has escaped from the ghost zone, and Danny isn't quite sure what to do about her. In his ghost form she seems like an ugly old woman with bird's claws and a lizard's tounge, with a voice like grateing pebbles, but in his human form, she's a young woman with a red velvet dress and beautifull voice. To add to the confusion, Tucker says he only sees the woman, and Sam can't see her at all. The ghost starts bringing more and more people (All men and boys) under her spell, while girls and woman remain unaffected. By the time Danny notices what's going on, is it too late to destroy her? And does he even want to? Genre- Romance/ Action/Adventure. Rated- K+ Potential chapters- 6 (Planned out)

Project Mars- Partially inspired by the series Mars Diaries by Sigmund Bouwer (The idea of putting it on Mars and telling parts through journal form). For fourteen years, the fifty members of 'Project Mars' have lived more or less happy lives on the Mars base, under the (sometimes over-strict) care of thirty ghost professors and scientists. They were 'born' in test-tubes in an experiment to bind ectoplasm to human DNA. But during an 'Educational Trip' to Earth, experiment #27 (Codename Danny) and the three other members of the trip start to wonder if maybe they don't come from test tubes at all- and then they are asked to do something truly impossible, something that will bring the loyalty of all four of them under suspicion- and what will they choose? To remain loyal to the Mars base they've lived on since birth? Or loyalty to the first people who have ever been truly kind to them, here on Earth? Genre- Drama/ Romance. Rated- T (To give me room while writing) Potential chapters- 14 (Planned out, first chapter typed)

Note- thank you for taking the time to read through my entire profile, and if you got this far, allow me to point at you while laughing loudly and say 'poor sucker!'

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