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Author has written 22 stories for Lord of the Rings, David Eddings, Silmarillion, and Harry Potter.

I am a recent university graduate who studied Philosophy and Politics at UKC. Amongst all that philosophy and politics is as larger chunk of Classical civilisations and i am presently (rather slowly) attempting to teach myself ancient greek so when i can afford it, i can go back and study Classics at postgrad level.

I am english and an occaisional history buff with an interest in classical culture (see above). By extension of my fondness for history i do Early Medieval Reenactment with Milites De Bec, a group under the unbrella of Regia Anglorum, which usually takes the set up of a military camp belonging to Duke William of normandy (better known as William the conqueror). We cover anything from about 900 to 1200 AD though. If i specifically state facts about the early medieval period, it is this group i get it from as they are somewhat obsessive about historical accuracy. I am presently training to be the camp midwife (just about the only medical job a woman could do at the time). If you want more information on this subject though search Milites De Bec and click the first link.

Fav books, Lord of the Rings, any other book with frequent bouts of magic, David and Leigh Eddings and the later Terry Pratchett books

I am a great fan of the online comic Looking For Group (

The most amzing essay title ever, one i had the joy of writing in my recently finished first year:

"Examine how JRR Tolkien was influenced by Plato's account of Atlantis and myths of sunken islands in his account of the land of Numenor"

That rocks, doesn't it? This was for a module on Atlantis.

Random notes on the relationships of the elfin royalty.

I, who apparently have no life, have just worked this out, using my favourite source site 'Thain's Book' for the infomation. One wonders if this will scare the readers as much as it did me.

Galadriel is Celeborn’s second cousin via maternal grandfather on her side and paternal grandfather on his. Celebrian is therefore Elrond’s third cousin twice removed. Celebrian is her own third cousin as well. Arwen is therefore her own fourth cousin and her own third cousin three times removed. Considering Aragorn is descended from Elrond's brother, can you imagine just how utterly inbred that marriage is? it's amazing none of the kids were deformed with all the inbreeding the elfin royalty get up to.


Here are some links to the stories in the dawnstar universe written by my best friend, co-author and beta, Rumrum. There is also a link to her profile if you want to look at her other stories. - this be her account. - this is a stand alone/prequel to 'Dawnstar and Friend' involving actually telling the whole Thanduil/Myrwen/Adindel story that is only refered to in Dawnstar. There is also a sequel to this called 'Forbidden Fruits' which starts at the end point of this to the point Adindel turns up in 'She, sorry they, will be back' telling the whole story from Adindel's POV, filling much of the stuff missing from the original story with many new incidents involved. - This be the sequel (ish) to 'In the spring becomes the rose' and follows adindel's love of Ginny from his first sight of her till the point he finally does something about it. It severly helps to have read dawnstar, though it is not a prerequisite for understanding the plotline and takes away anyw surprises, it just helps make things clearer. When a direct reference is required then it has been put in brackets as to where to look) Though it is posted on Rumrum's account, we are both writing this, Rumrum doing the odd numbered chapters and i'm doing the even numbered chapters. It probably isn't hard to spot the different personalities there. -a totally unrelated story by Rumrum which is highly amusing, and yes, for all those who know me i definitely had a hand in the thinking up of pranks in this story, as well as the ones in the upcoming sequel. Suffice to say, neither of us would actually do any of this, though we could be sorely ttempted on occasions.


General Notes

Quick note for all LOTR stories i write: Tolkien is a bit ambiguous about exactly who Ereinion Gil-galad's father is. For the sake of making life easy, i have decided that for all my stories, Fingon son of Fingolfin is his father. This is partly because in terms of the royal line, it makes the most sense (to me at least) for that selection and my other main reason is that for the timeline of Middle Earth i use the website 'thain's book' and this website also takes Fingon as Ereinion Gil-galad's father so it all keeps in line with the source material i use to try and keep the story accurate.

This leads into a point one of my reviewers has made about Ereinion Gil-galad speeking Quenya. His father is from Valinor and, even though Ereinion was sent away when a small child (dates not known for how old he was), his father taught him Fingon's native language. Also worth mentioning on this point, the Noldorin Elves also use Quenya for formal documents so it would also be logical for the High King of the Noldor to speak Quenya since it would be a bit of an issue if he couldn't. Thus, in my stories Ereinion Gil-galad speaks Quenya but usually uses Sindarin, as most elves who live in Arda do.

'Nother note, If you hadn't guessed, all wedding details that appear in my stories are invented by me. I have absolutely no idea what elfin (of any variety) wedding customs or any other type are like and i do not know if, and if so where, Tolkien put an information on the subject of getting married so i invented things on the subject, partly pulling from other fanfictions and partly from my own imagination for wedding traditions used in my stories. Sometimes what i do changes a little but people who read my stories will notice i pretty much keep the traditions the same throughout my stories, it makes like easier.

I must point outthat not everything in my stories are accurate and particuarly my knowledge of the first age is lacking so please forgive any mistakes there!


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Yes, i know that title is knicked but anyway...

Sequel to Wrath's Recompense, Riona and Daffyd, as well as the rest of the characters of WR have been hapily living in Valinor when Manwe decides that he needs spys/a way to influence the elves of Arda and so takes Riona and Daffyd's children and sends them to Arda while they are still very young. Elrond fosters Riona's daughter and Daffyd's children are adopted by Galion, the squire of the prince of Greenwood the Great, Thranduil. There they are brought up amdist intrigue and manipulations while also playing thier own games to manipulate the elfin realms.

Meanwhile, in Valinor, Riona is getting revenge for Manwe stealing her daughter, neice and nephew.

All chapters written

Unposted works in progress.

- The as yet unnamed part three of the maia trilogy (WR and TTSS). Our insane maia children are back in Valinor and the Third age is getting into swing. I would say more but i don't want to post any plot spoilers just yet. I shall write this out more fully once i have finished posting TTSS.

- City Under the Waves: A Harry Potter fic, post Deathly Hallows but non-epilogue compliant. After the war the Goblins want recompense from Harry for breaking into Gringotts and so send him to find the owners of four unclaimed ancient vaults. Who are significant enough for the Goblins to send the august Saviour, Chosen One and Boy-Who-Lived after? Why, the heirs of the founders of course. Harry sets off and finds far more than he expected, including an entirely different magical way of life and a complete overturn of the history that is taught to Witches and Wizards.

- A New Light Rises: Another David Eddings fic, this is written post Mallorean by about 15 years. Ce'nedra has taken her children with her to be in the Woods of the Dryads when Xantha finally dies and there Geran discovers one of the best kept secrets of the Dryads. This secret is the Xadari, a small reclusive race apparently only known to the Dryads and that only leave thier own secret realm for the death of a Dryad queen. The race come across as something along the lines of etherial forest spirits, but Geran soon finds that ancient though thier society is, it is also backwards, patriarchal and mysoginistic. This result in them taking a female Xadari with them when they leave, rescuing her from her controlling father and an unwanted marriage. It is at this point that Geran's life gets interesting as Alaea turns out to be far more than he expected.

- Forgiveness of the Valar: LOTR oneshot. Sequel to Etyanárë. Various people have asked for me to add on to this story and since i got a little plot itch, i am writing a short sequel. After several thousand years of living in Valinor, during Silari's third pregnancy, the Valar decided to forgive Maglor and return him to life. Maglor returns to Valinor a changed elf and in need of some serious ajustment. His home is near unrecognisable from when he left before the rising of the sun and the moon, he is no longer the respected prince he was and he has grandchildren to accustom to.

Completed works.

Wraths Recompense

A fairly short romatic fic set during the war of Wrath. I am aware that many things are not explained and it might not fit cannon as well as i would like but it was written over the space of a weekend with no sources available at the time and though i know a fair amount about the first age, i have never actually managed to get all the way through the silmarillion. It was writen on a request of Melody-chii to do an entirely pre-third age fic. (It's and Eonwe/OC fic BTW)

The Reward of the Valar

Sequel oneshot to Daughter of the Sea in which our heroine gets a husband (finally). Just a bit of fluff for the romantics out there, not to mention those who wanted a happier ending to Lord of the Rings.

Daughter of the Sea

Aistanen is a person who has never really known her father and lost her mother several year previously to the start of the story. When she gets home one day she is rushed into running from something and promptly gets shipwrecked, ending up in Mithlond. Some time later she discovers that she has power and begins to learn to use them before finding out that whatever was trying to kill her is still at it. Soon he until now not present father turns up and everything is explained, not to mention she actually finds out about her family in some really surprising ways. Eventually she returns to middle earth though to help out with the odd little problem - like the little fight at the end of the third age.

Entirely a family fic, no romance for once (see reward of the valar if you want that) and i know it sounds a bit suish but i am assured it does not come out like that and that it is actually very good and i once again go trample the old cliches. That was what i was aiming for anyway.

Aphrael Strikes Again

Aphrael, the Child Goddess of Styricum, decided that the three elder single knights left at the end of the Tamuli really need girls. Except there is the little problem, and that is there doesn't seem to be any girls any of the knights in question really want to marry. Not being a goddess to be thwarted by minor little detail like that, Aphrael just goes a little further afield for the girls.

Beta'd by Rumrum


Elladan and Elrohir find an unusual elleth named Etyanárë fighting with them against an orc attack and find that there is a lot she is not telling them. When they try to follow her she shakes them off and leaves them very curous about her. The main questions? Who is her father and why did he name her in Quenya, a nearly dead language in Middle Earth. Why is she so scared of going to Rivendell and why does she fear her own people? What can they do to help her and get her accepted into elvish society?

Just to make life more interesting, Elrond clearly know who she is and is not telling, which of course just adds more questions the twins want answered and so they go on a quest to find her and get thier questions answered. While they are doing this Erestor and Glorfindel are brought in on thier curiosity about her and are also looking. When they do finally find her tragedy strikes in a way no one expected and Etyanárë is in the middle of it, in her own special way.

This leads her on a journey of healing of her own and she is able to get over the demons of her heritage that she has spent two ages hiding from, she even gets a romance with just about the last person anyone expected.

Okay, now that was an unusually detailed summary for me but hey, this is a complicated story that is very hard to describe and summarise without giving away major plot points that i want to keep secret until people actually read the story but anyway.

It is now complete, oh how scary. Me being me it will be a happy ending. Incidently, it helps to have read 'The fate of Middle Earth' for the penultimate chapter as i decided to incorporate stories a little.

Beta'd by Rumrum again.

Dawnstar and Friend

Co-authored with rumrum

Story set in Middle Earth where two university graduates (heavily based on me and my best friend, most of the background (bar the really obviously made up stuff) is made from real events and stuff) get taken to Middle Earth. When they get there, they get a few bomb shells dropped on them, mostly involving the discovery one of them actually was born in ME and got sent to our world. Slighty MSish on occasions, but the characted themselves have digs at this as i am NOT a fan of Mary Sue's. Lots of kicking ass, fighting etc. but also lot of girly things as well.

In chapter ten I tried adding a link to photos of the prety dress. It did not come up properly. If you want to see it either stick flickr before the part of the address that comes up or go onto flickr search Gauis (note spelling mistake) then look in opera garnier set. The dress is the one i am wearing at various parts of the opera house, quite often doing arty farty shots coz i'm a bit of a poser. BTW my bust is NOT as big as it looks in some of the photos

This is now finished. You have no idea how scary that is. Either way, there is a sequel.

In the process of being rewritten, though the rewrite will be posted as a separate fic as we are changing/adding in a lot of things as we have thought of all sorts of stuff to add, not to mention what has been put in later fics in this universe. There is also the factor that on the rewrite, we actually know where it is going before we write the chapters. Anyway, yes, there shall be a new, more detailed, far better written version soonish.

She, sorry they, will be back.

Co-authored with rumrum

The sequel to dawnstar, written at least partly because we couldn't leave the ending of Dawnstar so depressing and that is not the ending in our heads so we came up with an attempt at a story line and are making a sequel. Suffice to say this will have a rather happier ending.

BTW: This story is for slightly older readers as, though we still do not do lemons or limes, there are some rather less subtle sexual references in later chapters and there maybe scenes that are quite close to limes if Rumrum doesn't get all embarrassed on me and lets my evil sense of humour loose enough to write the scenes as i want to.

Now complete, obviously.

In the process of being rewritten, though the rewrite will be posted as a separate fic as we are changing/adding in a lot of things as we have thought of all sorts of stuff to add, not to mention what has been put in later fics in this universe. There is also the factor that on the rewrite, we actually know where it is going before we write the chapters. Anyway, yes, there shall be a new, more detailed, far better written version soonish.

Song in the Woods

This is a oneshot in which another of our single male elves who seemed to be left alone at the end of the story gets hitched. The elf in question is Manasairon, one of our invented characters that any readers of 'she, sorry they, will be back' should be familiar with.

This story is written specifically for my best reviewer, who happens to have the screen name that is the title for this story.

Warning, this is a purely fluffy fic, with no real relation to the plots of the stories from which it is a spin off and is just there for a little bit of romance.

In the story i mention a garden, if you want pictures, either go on and search giverny or just google image search giverny lily garden. It is also the water lily garden painted by Monet, who lived at giverny, and this is what I based the garden on.

As will be mentioned at the end, if any of my readers want one of the other remaining single males in the story, review either this or 'She, sorry they, will be back' nicely with the elf you want mentioned and i will try to write one or alternately get my lovely co-author (screen name - rumrum) for the main two stories to do one instead.

(AN: all the guys are now taken, between Rumrum and i writing these fics. Sorry if you particularly wanted a certain elf, we has now given them girls)

Fire Lily

Here it is, another one shot in the dawnstar universe. This time it is Ainicane getting hitched.

Remember those fire elves from 'She, sorry they, will be back'? Well our lovely prince meets one who has a serious attichude and an injured horse. Of course he tries to be all noble and stuff but she is not really a damsel in distress. Neither of the two want to marry but both thier families want them to and her's is just a little bit insistant. But since this is a romance, well all know what will happen and as usually, i try to do it in my own unique way with as little goo as possible since I'm alergic to the whole 'see each other across a crouded room' type romance, it makes me want to throw.

Anyway, this is set after 'Song in the Woods' and, unlike that piece, it does definitely help to have read the original series as it makes multiple references to all the other fics in the series that i have written. It also makes refernce to an upcoming fic that my co-author for both 'dawnstar and Friend' and 'She, sorry they, will be back', Rumrum that is yet to be written but we working on it. That will probably get further when we are back at university since then we can talk about it together and plot... plan, the story together.

(AN: The 'upcoming fic' is now posted in Rumrum's account if you want to read. On account of Rumrum having written it not me, it is indeed gooey.)

The Fate of Middle Earth.

A little oneshot speculating one what could have ultimately happened to Middle Earth, if it were way back in history. This story's ultimate ending is now told in the story Etyanárë (which is listed above).

One review i got for it suggested that they would like to know where the excavtion site for Minas Tirith is, if any one can find a geographically possible place for it to be, do tell.


A fanfiction starting in the second age, once again a romance with the title character (Ereinion Gil-galad, last high king of the exiled Noldor). It is sort of set in an alternative universe. I don't change the plot of anything Tolkien wrote, just fit my story around what is going on according to Tolkien and what he said works more as a background than anything else.

Now complete

Also, i am now beginning to write a sequel with Rumrum set between the penultimate and final chapters when Mari has left for Valinor and left her children behind in Middle Earth. It is set with what Nyx and Nil are doing while she is in Valinor, me writing for Nil and Rumrum is writing Nyx. On indefinite hiatus as i has no inspiration and, if you look above, i have several fics i am writing, as well as the joys of being a job searching graduate.

Beta'd by but not written with rumrum, my wonderful best friend from university.

Grey Dawn

Starts around the year 100 of the third age (around 9 years before Celebrian and Elrond marry). Main character: Mithiliel who is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, finds out that she is not thier blood daughter (no matter how obvious it is from the fact she is dark haired). She promptly goes to Imladris (Rivendell) to find out who she is but finds many other things, like love along the way. Incidently the ending (which is already planned) is not going to be what you expect at all.


Beta'd by Rumrum

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