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Before you start, if you are a writer, but can't seem to think of a story, I am giving away story ideas! No joke! Read below if interested in the section labeled, "Free Stories"!

Hello, reader! My name is MasterKnight2142, and I am a writer on the website! I rarely read other's stories, but when I do, I like to give helpful feedback to the writer through PMs or a review if I like what I'm reading! I am currently writing two stories for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (or PMD), and have written one other story for PMD (a really BAD set of prologues called "History of Ganderosa"... Read at your own risk).

I am currently looking for a PMD fanfic with original characters, a lot of mystery, and an original plot! If someone can give me something like this, I will be indebted to you!

I will review and help anyone with a story! Can't assure I'll be on top of it (not exactly a saint when it comes to consistency with my own story, so you get the point), but I will try my best!

I have a policy when it comes to reviews, a policy that I think would help everyone (writer and reader) if it was followed. If you're interested in how I review, check the bottom of my profile!

(Shadows of Ganderosa)

This is the story that I've been working on since I joined the site! My writing at the start is lacking in a lot of ways, but I'm trying to rewrite the chapters to make them more enjoyable! It is, however, the reason I'm here! I sometimes post some sort of promotional art for it on DeviantArt, so if you want to see my characters, go over there (It's MasterKnight214 over there... Had some issues with my original account, so I changed it). Anyways, if you read anything, that's going to be it!

(Another lonely Day)

For those who have come from Ricky's story (Another Lonely Day) and are wondering if it's been cancelled, I don't have an answer for you. I got a couple of reviews saying that my characters were cool and I should continue the story, and that's really inspired me to continue with the story. Then there's the fact that it's butting heads with Dillan's story (Shadows of Ganderosa). What I'm trying to say is that I may continue Ricky's story, but I'm not sure. If I do end up posting another chapter to Ricky's story, I will not be as consistent as I am with "Shadows of Ganderosa". Just not sure if I'm going to continue. Stay tuned, I guess...

So, a friend dared me to: A. write this, and B. post it to my account, so I guess I'll use it to show how I write as of TODAY!!! Anyways, here's Five Gum!

I reach down into my pant legging to retrieve my prize. When my hands meet with the cardboard exterior, I let my fingers wrap around the object. I remove it from my pocket and stare at its outer layer; the blue “Five” shining light in my eyes. Turning the box in my hand, I find the slit at the top and open it up. The case slides out from its paper prison, revealing the silver-like casing of my prize.

As I tear the wrapping from the blue stick, just seeing the treasure is enough to make my mouth water. I quickly remove the rest of the paper-wrapping and place the candy in my mouth.

As my saliva spreads over the sea-colored substance, I feel the numbing cold of its minty flavor washing over my mouth. Relief spreads across my face as I get the fix I had been looking for. I chew slowly, allowing the crystals of flavor to break. I smile lightly as I close my eyes, allowing myself to drift into paradise.

Chew Five Gum

Stimulate the Senses

Free Stories

So this is where I'll post story ideas! I do have some rules I'd like people to follow, but I won't fault you if I find you ignored them.

A) Credit me at the start of the story. It doesn't have to be much, just a "this story iddea came from MasterKnight2142" is cool. And if you'd rather take credit for it, at least point them in the direction of me and/or my story by saying you liked what I put out or something.

B) PM me. If I have more than one person wanting the story, it'll seem strange when there are multiple stories based around the same plot. PN me so I can take the story down. That way no one else can use it.

C) If I don't have any current ideas up for grabs, then I'm sorry for wasting your time. But please don't beg. I've been on other sites where requests have come in, and they sucked because of people hounding me about nonsense. So please don't PM me with complaints.

Other than that, have fun! Enjoy the process! Just be cool about it all, you know? Now onto the story ideas!

1. A human murderer is sentenced to exile, put through some sort of process that warps him away, and instead puts him in the body of a pokemon in a new dimension. This pokemon goes along with his day, sleeps, and wakes up learning about a murder that happened last night. Turns out it was him, but he has no recollection of committing the crime. Story could go whatever way you want. Could be that the murderer later gets accustomed with the pokemon's body and as a result gains the ability to talk with him. Could be the murderer can only take control when the pokemon is at his weakest state of mind: AKA, sleeping. It could be a story about inner demons, only this one isn't natural. Could be abot trying to be rid of the human, or a mystery for the start to think of what is going on. You could even take it in an entirely different direction and make it more like the Venom movie where they have to co-operate in order to save the world. Either way, I thought it was an interesting, great plot and/or starting point for the story.

2. Nothing yet!

(Review Policy)

I think that a review for a story should have a balance between good and bad. Here's why:

If you only focus on the bad of a story, it seems like the story is only bad and no good, you know? It doesn't help the author to get fans (and keep fans when they're focusing completely on the bad).

I find that most "critical" reviews like to focus entirely on what's bad about the story, creating entire paragraphs on what the author is doing wrong. The issue with this is that it losses sight on the "why" part of the review. There are two reasons. A. To inform future readers on what they're getting into; and B. To help the author to grow in their writing (most of the reviews seem to be based off of the second part). Both of these categories rely on pointing out the good as well as the bad. If there's no good, then the author isn't going to know what they're doing right, creating more issues because they stop focusing on what's good with their writing, creating an endless paradox of looping errors. From the reader's perspective, the lack of good in a story means that they're going see all the bad in reviews, meaning they won't read the story and decide for themselves. This means if this story is one the reader WOULD like, it becomes irrelevant based on the view on one person who didn't bother to put in the part that they DID like in a review. That means the person who would have liked the story misses out on it because of that single review. It hurts the reader as well as the author.

Now, there are going to be stories that are lacking in a lot, making the bad outweigh the good, but I think the best thing to do here is to send a PM to help the author improve rather than send it in a review for everyone to see and start ignoring the writer.

The reason I don't ever want to discourage writing is because to me, the keyboard is an extension of the mind and soul. Everyone is creative in their own way whether it is when they create a plot for a story or write in such a way that I can't turn the power off for my device for the sake of the characters, even when the plot isn't very creative. There is some aspect of the human mind that wants to create, and some part of that creative side that is good at it. Maybe the descriptive part of you is lacking while your characters are full of depth. Why would I ever emphasize on your weak point and barely mention your strong suit? It discourages you from writing, and that shouldn't be anyone's intent.

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