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Author has written 6 stories for D N Angel, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hullo I am DevilsSeriphem I write whenever I am in the mood so any story I write is not only sparatic but then times I update will be too.

I'm a home bound female and have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, curse job searching and then theres soon to be college so my updates may become less frequent when I have more stuff to do but no worries all things will be eventually finished I hate having unfinished business. For those that read my stories yes I have a thing about the male male relations so if you don't like it don't read I just personally like the couplings better then the clingy weirdo femmies they put in the anime and such... Other then this I draw and I am writing my own book... umm yeah and I am psychotic but no worries crazy people don't know they're crazy so I'm just a special crazy Grins CIAO

BTW I like critisism so don't worry about complaining about grammer or subject jumping I need to know these things to fix them right? Right! Comments are loved! It makes my brain work.

Upcoming updates:

! OK an update on snows next chapter, as everyone knows the only chapter that should be left, unless I get a wild hair up my @$$, is the prologue. I will try starting it soon however my sister and her newborn baby moved here for awhile and hectic is a nice word compaired to the house at the time being. Thanks for the understanding and I will try to get that last chapter out for you all!

Muhahahaha ok I've lost it but now its a must... I will officially find a song for each of my favorite anime couples and write a songfic about it -nods nods-

So far in Snow there is Fallen -Satoshi and Daisuke

What Hurts the most- Naruto and Sasuke- After Sasuke Left Konoha in the eyes of Naruto.

Million Tears- will be Riku Sora- 2 years after Kingdom Hearts two and Sora hasn't seen his friends since his mom died 6 months into his return...

Cathy's Clown- willl be 3X4 Gundam Wing- When Trowa looses his memories and Quatra comes to the colony to get him back. Cathy refuses to let Trowa go but in the end what will trowa choose.

Because you loved me: Cloud and Aerith from FF VII- After Aerith's death cloud is comtemplating his life...

It Must have been love: Squall and Rinoa from FF VIII- Squall looses Rinoa when she gets angry because she feels as though she comes in second to his job at the Garden. Now Squall can only look at the picture and wonder what he lost.

Home- Matt and Tai- Matt and Tai got in a big fight before Matt went out on tour. Now all Matt wants to do is return to Tai and take back the aweful things he said before it's too late.

Lets hear it for the boy- will be Duo and Heero Gundam wing- Duo is cleaning the safe house and listening to music while heero is away, but what happens when heero returns from his mission early and walks in on Duo (non hentai)

The Lion Sleeps tonight- Leon and Cloud Kingdom Hearts- Cloud gets drunk and decides to sing a little on the way home...

and thats all for now

DS Ramblings:

Ok I must say I am so happy with all the reviews I have recieved and I thank you all for any input that you have given me. I would like to appologize for some of my fics it seems if they taper off around the end, I have the same problem with my art and such because well I lose interest quickly -sweatdrop- if anyone notices me doing it point it out I have no problem fixing it actually maybe I will be able to prevent myself from doing it in the future lol. Thanks again.

Another thing to speak about I know all of my fics have a high rateing and there is a good reason for this. Though my storys aren't smut most are maleXmale and all the parents I know have no problem letting their kids watch the porno's we call movies but do have issues with a small peck on the cheek if it is gay related so I consider it a more mature theme even if not smutty see? I see said the blind man to the deaf girl, and there is that reasoning sorry if people consider it over-rating.

11/15/2006 Wow it has been awhile since I have gotten away to update this. Things are still hectic, even after my sister left, with the new job that takes up a greater portion of my life. I will continue to try my hand at writing again when I get a chance but at the moment it is not exactly presenting itself and of course when I do get the chance (like right now) my brain totally shuts down and I can't think for the life of me what to write or even get into my writing or drawing. Truth be told it is driving me nuts because I really do want to write and draw again until I can think of something to put on the paper things will still be quiet and I am sorry for those waiting patiently. Thanks though

04/06/07 So I have atleast crawled out from under my rock again as sad as that sounds. I couldn't remember my password last night when I tried to log in that has to be telling me something. Though my job is still taking up alot of my time I am going to try and at least post something new on my site in the next week or two although I have all late nights I think I can I think I can lol so we shall see.

10/06/07 So I decided that it was time I add things to my work load again and writing some of the things on my mind in storys sounds great besides a goal still has to be met on here. It may take me a bit but I will at least get another story up shortly and work with things from there. Until then Ciao

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Teaser to new story
Just like the title says
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