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Welcome to the Realm of Hypergraphia

Hypergraphia (noun): the overwhelming compulsion to write

About UltimatePalmTree

I am a fifteen-year-old female with an overactive imagination and hypergraphia. I also draw, but I tend to do my best stuff in school. I am an aspiring author of fantasy and fairy tales and the like and am hoping to break some clichés in the fantasy genre. (No guarantees.) For the meantime, I am writing fanfics. So, here I am now. A hypergraphic teen with two muses: Inspiration and Donovan. Since I promised to write a note ‘bout them a few stories ago, I better start off with my lovely muses.



Inspiration is a pit-bull I share with another author on this site (KuroNekoNya). He showed up one day while I was working on Tamers, bit me, and refused to let go until I listened to his stupid idea. Turns out, his idea wasn’t that stupid, and so I have Inspiration as a full-time muse. Half of my crackfics are inspired by him biting me in the middle of a song I’m listening to, or wondering about something that happened in the game/book/movie/etc. Basically, Inspiration gives me a bit of an idea and then lets me take it from there. Good pit-bull, but he hurts

He’s about five months old, but looks like he’s two… The weirdest things go on inside my mind, I will swear. He was born sometime in January or February while I was working on Tamers. Don’t remember when exactly, but…


My second muse looks and acts disturbingly like a product of a Greed and Dorchette love affair. I really don’t want to know his parentage, do you? Donovan just showed up one day in my math period and decided that he was gonna stick with me and Inspiration. Not ‘cause he likes me or nothin’, just because he’s a greedy little frigg who wants everything in the known world. Yup, Donovan is greedy and easily pissed. When he gets pissed at me, chairs seem to fly towards my head. He likes to hang ‘round Neko’s bar “Demon’s Heaven” and drink martinis with Xemnas. He’s the type of person who’ll point out that Xemnas’s name rearranged is ‘man sex’ and other such fun things. Just because he can. He’s also the type of person who’ll literally stand at the back of my computer chair, whip in hand and start yelling, “Write, dammit!” and applying said whip to my back…

Eighteen-years-old since the ninth of May… We share the same birthday! Yay!



Tamers of the Colossi

Tabula Rasa

Fire Wolf, Water Guardian

Exit Light, Enter Night


Aquatic Dance

A Dog for Roa

Property Of

Kimblee’s Twisted Transistor


Murder in the Lounge

Seventy-Five Munnies


Opera Lessons

Take Two

Drawing Board

Insomnia's Pet

Pending Ideas

The Chimera Trilogy


Carribean Blue (sequel to Aquatic Dance)(working title; may also just be called Blue)


A Prolonged Stay

Searching for Sin

Fourth Wall

Personal Gods

Ghost in the Shell



Fullmetal Alchemist







Kingdom Hearts







Howl’s Moving Castle


Petshop of Horrors

Count D




Phantom of the Opera


Metal Gear Solid

Revolver Ocelot

Thief of Always


Personal Goddesses

Ghost in the Shell


Fullmetal Alchemist



Metal Gear Solid

The Boss

Pairings I Support












Interesting Facts

My favorite movies are ‘When a Stranger Calls’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, ‘Ghost in the Shell 2’ and many more you probably don’t want thrown at you… lest you get confused…

My favorite bands are Metallica, Disturbed, System of a Down, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Vangelis, Peter Gabriel, Tangerine Dreams, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Efterklang, Pink Floyd, Korn, Madonna, Iron Maiden, Shinedown, Renaissance, Enya… I just love music and will listen to anything, really. ‘Specially if I’m bored. This is how the story with Kimblee came about…

My fandoms are Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Shadow of the Colossus, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Black and White and Ghost in the Shell.

My favorite food is bacon and chocolate chips. Yes, you read that right.

I write just about anything (except pornography) and will write whenever I feel the need. Or when Inspiration comes up and bites me or when Donovan takes out the whip and points to the pen/keyboard/etc.

I love wolves. As you can tell from Fire Wolf… Poor Axel-kun… I also call Greed (from FMA) one of three things: Uncle Wolf, Wolf, or the Ultimate Wolf.

My beta is KuroNekoNya.

I enjoy making a fool of myself in public… XD

I love to draw dragons. They’re the only things I really can draw… I’ve drawn Donovan a few times, but that’s about it for my artistic ability.

I’ve been writing since I was three… Ish…

I love reviews! (Who doesn’t? They’re fun!)

I dislike Myspace, gory horror movies, bugs (especially massive ones), people who are full of themselves, people who try and figure out everything about you and manipulate it against you, and ignorant people. I’m also very opinionated about this sort of stuff.

i sometimes write only in lowercase letters, just ‘cause i get bored.

I’d say tha’s ‘bout it. Although, if you wanna contact me (ask a question, help with a fanfic, just wanna talk to me for a while, etc.) you can PM me or e-mail me at ultimatepalmtree@ispwest.com. Palmy no AIM, MSN, etc.

A Last Word

Then I'll let the darkness cover me, deny everything.
Slowly walk away, to breathe again

On my own...

David Draiman, Disturbed, 'Darkness'

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