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So what about me?

I'm 22. I'm a student, lowly , lousy one at that. In (ha ha ha) Teaching French as a Second Language. Yeah, I know, laugh. For more info about me, take a look at my site. Oh, and while you're there, don't forget to take a peek at my Portfolio in @ MyOtaku ... got some pretty nice FF7 wallpapers there. If you go back to the root site, you might find some of my Vincent fanart... And don't forget to review/ leave a comment/ sign my GB! ;-)

I also have an account on fictionpress; I have to date submitted half a dozen poems, mostly angst about life, friendship and love.Visit me!

If you ever want to IM me, I'm on yahoo messenger. Just look for celeste_bloodrayne

I'm learning Japanese right now, all by myself and am still messing about with the Hiragana. But one day, I will go on to the Katakana, and in a galaxy far, far way, I'll do the Kangi :-p

My first fanfic posted here, and my main story, is "After the end".

It is still in progress. Basically, what I want to do with it is show the bits and pieces that AC does not about events preceding, during and after the movie, with a good dose of my insights and intuitions. As for on which character this story centers, it is a bit hard to say. :-p. But since I started with Vincent, you might say that yeah, he is the central protagonist. (man, I love that word). I update every other week, until I have nothing left to say ( which is a bit improbable, according to some... oh well, I still love you guys)

There are to date two main arcs in progress:

the 'Part 1', which is set during the Advent Children period and which has been completed in late december 2006;

and the 'Past Imperfect', which is set before the JENOVA war- WIP.

'Part Two' has been released in early January 2007 and as you might have guessed, it centers around events in Dirge. This should be the last and final 'official' arc (unless there's a post AC+ DOC game/movie/story/whatever coming and I didn't know about) before I move on to telling what will happen during/after the DG war. Call this the 'According to Celeste' arc(s) ;-)

On an even happier note, I have started to make fanart for this story... but only of the scenes/chapters that you guys like and review with raving passion! So VOTE! tell me which one you want to see come to life under my feverish pen and my magical mastery of Photoshop! XD XD

Scenes/Chapters done as fanart to date:

I've posted something for the chapter 'Part 1: Blaze of Chaos' as both a wallpaper AND a fan art... those of you interested in it, just follow the link!

The second fanfic I posted- and which is now complete- is, 'In the Darkness of Creation'; it's the story of someone who's important... but who's so misunderstood.

I didn't like her in the original game, and after the revival of the saga with AC and DoC, I still don't like her, even if I know more of the circumstances that have led her to do what she did. Interestingly enough, I felt the strange need to talk about her, to get her story out of my system.

Hmm. You could say this is some kind of apology I owe this character and my own integrity for having been prejudiced in the first place. You wonder who this is? well, READ ;-)

The third fanfic is titled 'Pillars fo Destiny'. This is the latest that I have released and is rated for LOTS of violence later on -and maybe some adult themes too. There's a manga for it (this is G rated, since it's MyOtaku and I don't want to get kicked out. And from reviews I've already got, it's pretty good), just follow this link! It's not complete yet, so you might want to check it from time to time. I will say when it will be over.

'Pillars of Destiny' is mainly set in parts not covered by the saga, i.e. BEFORE 'Before Crisis' and maybe there will be some kind of crossover later on with 'After the End', since the latter's parts 2 and 3 cover events after 'Advent Children'. This is all I can say here right now, I'll change this as I go along.

"In parallel, I'm working on another fanfic that I will post as soon as I have finished writing some more chapters. It is as yet untitled, but centres this time around Tifa. That's all I can say right now, sorry!"

This is what I wrote some time back... I wanted to post it, but somehow, it has disappeared from my PC's system. o_O)

How this could happen, I don't know. It's just not here anymore /wails/ So I have to type ALL of it again... thankfully, I've got a rather good idea of what I had written before, so I know the main points.

This time round, I will post ASAP, like I do for 'After the End'; and if I have to do major changes whilst advacing the story... well, just bear with me. I'm particular that way. I will warn you if this should happen though, so keep an eye out for my notes at the end.

Enjoy and review!!

Don't upset the Lifestream... I want to share the fun too. Wait for meeeeeeeeeee!

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