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Author has written 2 stories for Maximum Ride, and Halo.

Right, profile...

My name is Green. Or atleast thats all YOU need to know. My name is on a need to know basis, like you really care anyways.

Umm... I like baseball, Halo, anything that explodes (i think its a natural guy thing), Monty python, steve martin movies, South park-family guy-robot chicken-actually everything on adult swim except (and i know I will be stoned because of this) anime.

Dislikes: Anime (i would like to single out Inyuasha right now to quote VGcats: "it is DBZ for girls!") About 90 of anime is like a soap opera with a twist like demons or alchamy and tends to be set in shogun days, when Japan was interesting. The other ten is just random as hell. Not even funny random like robot chicken, its that "college indepent film from that group of goths" kind of random. Like a girl crying while a clown flips a pancake, then everything explodes. I think its due to too much isolation on one island. It seems to be (at least in the entertainment industry) like the south of the world. cough inbreeding cough digital punch in arm from Em. Ow... I guess i deserved that, but it was funny. Okay enough with that rant.

Right now i am working on three stories, but one is just for and the other is something i plan to one day publish, so i won't let anyone here copy it. And the final one is here. Its about Maximum Ride, pretty cool, and a little less PG than the book. It starts at the end of the first book. But around the 23, we'll see if mine is more interesting or not. I don't like to treat my readers like complete idiots so the wrting style is different of course, but i'll make the change gradually

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