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The 14th chapter of Link's Trials might be up soon. I haven't started writing it yet, but I might in a day or two. I don't wanna make any promises I can't keep, but it would be pretty nice to get another chapter up before Christmas, as one of my readers suggested in a review of the 13th chapter.

Update (24/12/2006)

Well I started the 14th chapter, but wasn't able to get it finished before Christmas (which is tomorrow). Expect it up soon though, and happy holidays to you all!

A bit about me: I'm fairly new to this site. I enjoy anime, video games, reading and writing, music, watching movies, playing keyboard and plenty of other stuff.
About the name: Where did this weird "Tollgatekeeper" thing come from? Ages ago, a friend of mine simply looked up my real name in one of those "what names actually mean" books, and he reported that it meant: "From the crossroads, a toll-gate keeper."
So, he started to call me "Tollgatekeeper", and I used it as a nick-name after that. When you think of the name, please don't picture like...some tollgate on a highway where cars pass by! It is not meant to be a modern term, think of it as more medievil.
Birthdate: 25/02/1986.
Sex: Male.
I have two brothers and two sisters, and am the oldest sibling. Make that three brothers, now.
Location: Australia, Darwin
Personality: Quiet if I don't know you, but I get more talkative if I know someone well. I'm often on the serious side, but also like to laugh and makes others laugh.
Favourite game series: Final Fantasy most of all, but I also like horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and the Metal Gear Solid games. And also the Zelda games, of course.
Consoles I own: Gamecube, Sony 2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii
Favourite music: Whatever. I like mostly rock though, but also easy listening stuff, alternative music, etc...
(new) Currently into the music: Just picked up my first Joe Satriani album, "Surfing with the alien".
(new) Latest movie(s) I've seen: Not much lately!
(new) Am currently playing: GRAW 2
Favourite game genre: RPGs! Love them. I also like Adventure, Action, Multiplayer and Survival Horror.
Star sign: Pisces
Fav drink: Water, Iced Coffee.

Favourite people/authors:

These are people who have helped me out with their reviews, comments, messages, and stories. They help make this site feel like a community, where everyone shares the same interests, and all that. This will probably be updated a lot.

. Neko Musume-Dono: Not only was she the first person to review my first story, but I also really like her writing. She puts a lot into her work, and is especially good at creating Final Fantasy stories.

. Rynada: I "met" her when she started reviewing my Link's Trials story, before she even became an author on this site. When she started writing, I discovered that she creates funny, light-hearted and entertaining stories, and she has a good-natured attitude to everything (or so I've seen so far!). I want to thank her for all her reviews and comments.

. BabyGurl278: Another wonderful reviewer, and, again, her stories are awesome. She mostly writes Zelda and Smash Brothers fan fiction, and her stories are serious, thoughtful, and good to read. I hope she continues writing for a long time!

. Stewey-The insane one: He was the first person to review the My Adventure with Mario story without me actually having to ask, and for that I'm very thankful. He only has one story up at the moment, but it's a funny and crazy read (and stars Mario).

. Robbo the Fantasia '92: You should check out his Zelda story, which is very good, but does not get the reviews it deserves. This guy is only 13, but he is already an awesome writer, so...grr! (Shakes fist) Hehe.

Well, that's it so far. I have not included on this list some people who have reviewed my stories a lot (but I will if they continue to review, because they would deserve a mention). These people are the ones that I have had continual contact with, through reviews, stories, and comments, so that's one reason why they're up there. Plus, they rock. :p
Oh, I should also say that I "borrowed" the idea of a "favourite authors" section from BabyGurl's profile. Her profile is fairly large, and is updated very regularly, so I wanted my profile to have more content in it, like hers.

My current stories:

Note: Like an idiot, I've found myself working on four stories at the same time. So, if one of the stories isn't being updated, it generally means I'm working on another story instead. Be patient though-they should all be updated at one point.

1) Link's Trials-A serious story which focuses on Malon and Link. New!! (Updated 12/12/2006) Chapter 13 has been up for a while, and chapter 14 should be up pretty soon.
Even newer! (6/5/2008): Check the top of the page for word of what's happening with this story.

2) My Adventure With Mario-personally I find this very funny and fun to write, but unfortunately it hasn't received that many reviews, even though five chapters and a skit are up so far. Great for Mario fans or just fans of videogames, and good light entertainment.

(Updated 4/5/2006): Got six reviews for this from Rynada, so ignore the "I've got no reviews" rant. Chapter five is up.

3) A Woman Left Alone-A new story I wrote, and my first Final Fantasy VIII fan fiction, focusing on Quistis Trepe. (Updated 3/11/2006): Second chapter is up, which I think turned out okay-I enjoyed writing the out-takes for it, that's for sure!
(Update): Chapter two recieved two reviews, and it's certainly gotten enough hits to make me want to start the third chapter soon. So, expect that some day soon.
Status: On hiatus. I'll get back to this at some point, but for now I need to concentrate on my other three stories.

4) The New Challengers-A Smash Brothers story. Good light-hearted entertainment, I think. As the title suggests, the original cast meets up with some new characters, and personalities clash. However, these characters are characters that I feel could be in the next Smash Bros. game (all are from Nintendo games), so it's not a cross-over story, or anything like that.
(Updated 6/9/2006): Chapters four and five are up! They were very tough but fun to write.

5) (New!) The New Challengers: Side B- This is a collection of short stories I decided to start (I say "collection", even though at the moment I've only got one story up there). It's like a little extra something for anyone who enjoys "The New Challengers",and reviews would be very much appreciated! Update: the second story is now up, and is a lot more serious than the first.

If you're a fan, or want to help out, submit a review! That way you'll encourage more people to read my stories, and will motivate me to write faster, hehe.

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