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Hey peoples! Well, I'm pretty bored right now, and I'm just waiting for my reviews to come from the last chapter I put up, so I decided to update my profile!

Name: You make up a name. I'm not that crazy! There are some total freaks out there(not all of you though:)

Age: Well, I'm not 8, but I'm not 18 either.

Gender: Seriously, do you think someone with the name tinkerbellbt is a guy?

Country: USA

Favorite shows: Code Lyoko (YES!), and American Idol.( Don't you just HATE Simon Cowell?)

All time Favorite couple: GO YUMI AND ULRICH!

Random fact: I have the song 'Bad Day' by Daniel Powter stuck in my head right now. Betcha' needed to know that! lol:)


Right now I'm working on Returning Home which is the sequel to Lost Forever in a Tragedy? I'm hoping to get a series (if you could call it one) going.

I just finished Lost Forever in a Tragedy? This was my first story, and it didn't turn out that bad. And to answer the question in the title, no, nothing is lost forever in a tragedy.

Stories to come:

I've thought up aboutfive more stories. One will be a continuation to my "series", and the otherfour will be just for fun. Well, all of them are just for fun, but you know what I mean.

Here are the names of up-coming stories,

Switched With Evil (Just take a guess on who the 'evil' one is...)

Ulrich's Destiny (I've dicided on this title, thanks to some reviewers, and it will be the third story to my 'series'.)

The Storm and the Last Kiss (Not sure about this title yet. I think it'll change.)

My Friend the Murderer (I know it sounds sad, all of my stories do, but it will turn out to be really good. Promise!)

Those Dark Chocolate Eyes (Finally a happy fluffy story:)

So, if there is a story that seems intresting enough to you, tell me which one you like, and I'll try to get that story up next!

Okay, well I got to go work on my stories. Ciao! ~tinkerbellbt

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Returning Home reviews
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